Chapter 532: How Dare You Touch Someone I Protect (4)

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Yun Feng didn’t say anything else.
It was none of her business that Xia Xiaomin refused to accept reality.
Xia Qing, who was practicing alone on the side, suddenly changed a bit.
When Yun Feng saw this, a kind of joy burst out of her eyes.
Qingqing’s Array of Contract was about to be formed!

Xia Xiaomin turned around and saw the array that gradually appeared on the ground where Xia Qing was.
Her eyes turned red and she clenched her fists hard.
Little Fire was a bit surprised, and a hint of admiration flashed through its eyes.
Lan Yi nodded.
“Qingqing’s comprehension speed is so fast that she might be able to catch up with Master.”

Xia Qing suddenly opened his eyes and the array underneath him disappeared.
Seeing Yun Feng’s approving expression, Xia Qing smiled happily.
“Master, I’ve understood!”

“Very good.
As expected of my disciple,” said Yun Feng approvingly.
Little Fire grunted lazily.
“I didn’t expect you to be so smart.”

Xia Qing chuckled.
“Teacher, what should we do next?”

Yun Feng patted Xia Qing’s head.
“Increase your strength to a level I approve.” Xia Qing nodded as Xia Xiaomin rushed over.
“I want to increase my strength too.
Teach me! I want to be stronger than her!”

Yun Feng glanced at Xia Xiaomin and smiled.
“Sure.” Then, she flipped her hand and a crystal clear ore appeared in her hand.
Xia Xiaomin widened her eyes.
“This is…”

“A high-level ore.
Absorb the energy inside, and your strength will certainly increase greatly.” Yun Feng handed the high-level ore to Xia Xiaomin.
Xia Xiaomin looked at Xia Qing delightedly.
“With this, I’ll be stronger than you!” Xia Xiaomin turned around and left with the stone.
Xia Qing looked at Yun Feng, who shook her head.
“You don’t need this.
If the foundation isn’t strong enough, even the tallest building will collapse easily.
Qingqing, you must walk down the road step by step.
Only then will you go far.”

Xia Qing remembered what she said at the bottom of her heart.
Her slightly impetuous mind also calmed down.
She wasn’t hasty or greedy.
Just as her teacher said, she would take one step at a time.

The Sound Transmission Jade that Yun Feng put into her bracelet suddenly flashed a few times.
Yun Feng immediately took out the jade and the jade flashed a few times.
Then, a voice that Yun Feng was extremely familiar with came.

“Fengfeng… come and save your husband…” It was Qu Lanyi!

“Tell me where you are!” Yun Feng roared at the jade pendant.
The jade pendant glittered and Qu Lanyi’s intermittent voice came.
“Wind… Moon… City.”

The jade pendant didn’t shine anymore.
Yun Feng’s face was completely gloomy.
Qu Lanyi’s voice sounded weak just then.
What exactly happened to him? He asked her to save him.
He was too strong to ask for her help.
He must have encountered a strong enemy!

“Damn it!” Yun Feng cursed in a low voice.
Xia Qing blinked and said to Little Fire next to her in a low voice, “Master is married?” The corners of Little Fire’s mouth twitched a few times, but it didn’t answer.

“Qingqing, where is Wind Moon City?” Yun Feng asked in a hurry.
Her heart was inexplicably anxious.
Thinking that something might happen to Qu Lanyi, she felt indescribably uneasy.

“Wind Moon City? That’s… That’s where one of the branches of the Bright Moon Hall is located.”

“How far is it from here?”

“It’s not far.
If we take a carriage, we’ll be there in two or three days.”

She should be able to arrive in half a day with her speed if it took three days on a carriage! Seeing Yun Feng’s anxious look, Xia Qing also understood something.
“Is teacher leaving?”

Yun Feng patted Xia Qing’s head with a smile.
“I’ll be away for a while.” Xia Qing suddenly looked lonely.
Even though Yun Feng had only been with her for a dozen days, Xia Qing admired her from the bottom of her heart and Yun Feng treated her very well.
After all, she was Yun Feng’s first disciple and she taught her with all her heart.

“I’ll be back.” Yun Feng smiled.
Xia Qing immediately smiled happily after hearing that.
“Lan Yi will come with me.
Little Fire, stay here.” After Yun Feng said that, Little Fire widened its black eyes in disbelief.
Meatball on its head was also quite surprised.

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“Why do I have to stay?” Little Fire roared.
“Because I’m concerned about Qingqing.” Yun Feng looked at Xia Qing, her first apprentice, this talented kid.
“The Xia family is very smart.
Plus Xia Xiaomin, if I leave, Qingqing won’t be in a good situation.
This is such a rush.
I wanted to take you with me, but it wasn’t appropriate.”

Tears welled up in Xia Qing’s eyes.
Her teacher was so concerned about her! “I’ll definitely work hard and make sure that my teacher is satisfied before he comes back!”

Yun Feng smiled in relief.
Little Fire stood there with a complicated expression and didn’t say anything else.
Since it was an order from its master, it could only obey.
It was just a bit angry in its mind.
Lan Yi went to fight with its master.
He could only stay here and accompany this stupid girl!

There was no time to lose.
Yun Feng and Lan Yi immediately got up.
After they left, Little Fire heaved a helpless sigh and glanced at Xia Qing with disdain in its black eyes.
It put its arms behind its head.
“Stupid girl, let’s go!”

Xia Qing followed Little Fire.
Little Fire looked like a boy in human form, but the vicious nature of the Magic Beast didn’t change.
A murderous aura surrounded it, but Xia Qing wasn’t afraid at all.
She walked next to Little Fire very naturally.

“Little Fire, when can teacher come back?”

Little Fire secretly gritted its teeth and made creaking sounds.
“Don’t call me Little Fire!” It growled angrily.
Xia Qing was stunned for a while and finally asked tentatively, “Then… Then Brother Little Fire?”

Little Fire’s entire body stiffened and its handsome little face was completely entangled.
It walked forward without saying a word and Xia Qing was left behind.
“Brother Little Fire, wait for me!” Little Fire walked forward without looking back.
Brother Little Fire? She was indeed a stupid girl!

Xia Qing returned to the Xia family, and Little Fire disappeared in a flash.
The Xia family then learned that Yun Feng had left.
Master Xia didn’t feel sorry at all.
He knew that it was impossible for a summoner to stay in this small town for a long time.
When Xia Xiaomin came back, she was holding a high-level ore that delighted Master Xia.
That summoner wasn’t bad either.
High-level ores! After absorbing this high-level ore, Xia Xiaomin’s strength would definitely rise several levels! Xia Qing and her mother couldn’t possibly stay in the Xia family either!

The Master of the Xia family stayed put and was very cautious, fearing that Yun Feng would come back at the last minute..
After more than a month, the Master of the Xia family finally confirmed that Yun Feng had truly left.
Xia Xiaomin also worked hard to absorb the energy of the high-level ore and directly advanced to level 6!

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