Chapter 527: Yun Feng Accepts a Disciple (5)

Xia Qing didn’t want to cause trouble for Yun Feng.
It was lucky enough for Xia Qing that her teacher took her in as a disciple.
Xia Qing was unwilling to cause her any trouble from the bottom of her heart, even if she was anxious in her mind and even if she was insulted.
Xia Qing obediently took a step back and planned to leave, but Yun Feng held her hand.

“Master?” Xia Qing raised her head and glanced at Yun Feng.
Yun Feng smiled at Xia Qing and said solemnly, “Today, I’m going to teach you your first lesson.
Don’t back down in front of your opponent.”

Tears welled up in Xia Qing’s eyes and she nodded at Yun Feng fiercely.
Xia Xiaomin heard Xia Qing calling Yun Feng by her ears and she cried out, “Master? You said she’s your teacher?”

Xia Qing turned around and looked at Xia Xiaomin.
“That’s right.
She’s my teacher, Yun Feng!”

Xia Xiaomin smiled in disdain.
In her eyes, Yun Feng was just a few years older than her.
What right did she have to be someone else’s teacher? Unlike her teacher, who was a summoner that the Xia family hired from a big city with a lot of money!

“Since she’s your teacher, why don’t you let my teacher compete with your teacher?” Xia Xiaomin raised her voice and smiled at Xia Qing in disdain.
“If your teacher loses, kneel down and kowtow to me, call yourself a bitch and your mother a bitch!”

“You’re already so vicious at such a young age.
You’re a freak,” said Yun Feng coldly.
Xia Xiaomin blushed.
“If you have the ability, fight with my teacher! Can you beat a summoner?”

The perverted man also burst into laughter, but it was too dry.
Yun Feng smiled and stroked her chin with her finger.
“If your teacher loses, you have to do the same thing.”

Xia Xiaomin was stunned.
“Hm! We’ll talk about it after you win!”

Xia Qing held Yun Feng’s hand, and Yun Feng patted her head.
“Don’t you believe me?”

Xia Qing nodded fiercely.
Of course, she trusted her teacher.
In Xia Qing’s eyes, even though Yun Feng hadn’t really attacked, she was already extremely powerful to be able to contract two Magic Beasts!

“Where’s your Magic Beast?” Yun Feng raised her brows and looked at the man opposite her.
The man laughed weirdly and shouted, “Come out!” A ball of yellow light flashed out of the ring.
It was a long-shaped sandstone lizard.
The lizard landed on the ground so obediently that its ferocious look was gone.

Little Fire and Lan Yi both sneered when they saw that.
Yun Feng also completely understood.
Looking at the pet-like lizard on the ground, coldness flashed through her eyes.
“I see.”

“I’m a summoner! It’s not too late to admit defeat!” The man laughed and looked at her proudly.
When he glanced at the ring on Yun Feng’s hand, he suddenly burst into laughter.
“You’re a summoner too? Where’s your Magic Beast? Summon it! Don’t tell me that the ring is just a decoration?”

Xia Xiaomin suddenly became nervous after hearing that.
That bitch’s teacher was also a summoner? How was that possible?

Yun Feng didn’t say anything.
Little Fire walked over from the side and stood next to Yun Feng.
It stared at the man in front of it with its eyes that were as black as polished stones.
“Your doom is right in front of you.
Are you blind?”

The man laughed even more crazily as he looked at Little Fire in front of him.
This little boy was laughing so hard that he was a bit out of breath.
“Hahahaha! You call yourself that? You’re just a kid and you call yourself that? It’s already good enough that I didn’t say I’m a grandpa! Hahahaha!”

Killing intent flashed through Little Fire’s eyes.
It suddenly opened its mouth and let out a deep wolf howl.
The man who was still laughing suddenly stopped laughing.
To be exact, his body and expression were both frozen.
Xia Xiaomin’s face suddenly turned pale as she stared at Little Fire.
Did she hear it right? That boy let out a wolf howl just then.
Did she hear it right?

“Did you hear my voice clearly?” Little Fire raised the corners of its mouth slightly.
The lizard on the ground had already been frightened by this roar and kept dodging backwards.
The man’s mouth opened and closed a few times, but he couldn’t make any sound.
The man became a mute, but Xia Xiaomin didn’t.
“Magic… Magic Beast!” A piercing scream sounded.
Little Fire let out another wolf howl, scaring Xia Xiaomin to the ground.

“The rings of some people are indeed just for show,” said Yun Feng lazily.
The man immediately turned pale.
Oh god, he had met the real deal this time! He only wanted to pretend to be a summoner.
After all, there was almost no difference between a tamer and a summoner.
He just wanted to make a living.
The Xia family gave him so much money.
It would be a waste if he didn’t get the money! He had been living like a fish in water in this small village.
He thought that this little girl was just like him.
They were all the same kind of people.
He didn’t expect that he would be so unlucky to meet a summoner in such a small village! And a summoner that he couldn’t afford to offend!

Magic Beasts that could transform were all above level 7!

“My Lord! Lord Summoner! I was wrong, I was wrong!” The man immediately knelt on the ground and kowtowed continuously.
Xia Xiaomin’s face turned red and pale when she saw this.

“What are you doing? You’re a summoner too.
Do you need to be afraid of her?” Xia Xiaomin shouted angrily.
The man kowtowed as he said, “Miss Xia, I just want to make a living.
I’m not a summoner.
I’m just a tamer!”

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“What?” Xia Xiaomin widened her black eyes.
The person the Xia family spent a lot of money to hire was actually an imposter!

“There’s nothing else I can do to make a living.
I thought I wouldn’t be discovered, but I ran into the summoner today.
Lord Summoner, I have nothing to do with the Xia family!”

Xia Xiaomin sat there with a pale face and couldn’t say a word.
This farce was truly embarrassing! “Lord Summoner, you’re a magnanimous person.
Please forgive me!” The man kept kowtowing and pretending.
Little Fire curled its lips in disdain.

“Nana!” Meatball shouted.
Little Fire nodded.
“You’re right.
What an idiot.”

The man’s facial features twisted for a moment, but it was more important to keep his life.
Yun Feng waved her hand and signaled that he could go.
The man immediately thanked her and ran away without caring about what would happen to Xia Xiaomin.

“Master, you’re awesome!” Xia Qing chuckled.
Yun Feng was a bit helpless.
The man couldn’t hold on anymore even before she attacked.
Even if he was an impostor, he had to act more convincing.
She glanced at Xia Xiaomin and raised her brows..
“Do you remember what you said just then?”

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