“Hm… Just leave first.” The principal touched his chin and asked the student to leave.
He then sighed gently and said a bit speechlessly, “This kid is quite outstanding.
She’s just been admitted and has already caused such trouble.”

“Trouble? Are you talking about Wang Youcai?” Mr.
Huang asked in confusion.
The other teachers couldn’t help but roll their eyes at him.
The most tactless one among them was definitely Mr.

“Even though Wang Youcai is nothing, he’s kind of related to the Lin family.
Lin Meng is his cousin according to seniority.
Wang Youcai is also the only son of the Wang family, so they’ll definitely go to find the Lin family.
Although the Lin family may not care about such a small family, this is about their dignity.
Besides, Yun Feng was the one who killed Wang Youcai this time.
How would the Lin family just let her go?”

His words made the teachers there ponder.
The Lin family wouldn’t just let Yun Feng get away.
The most direct thing they could do was to ask Lin Meng to find Yun Feng, but with Yun Feng’s strength, she wouldn’t be afraid at all.

“That girl’s strength will only make Lin Meng hit a snag.
The Lin family will have to swallow a bitter pill,” Mr.
Huang burst into laughter and said indifferently.
Compared to the girl’s power, Lin Meng, who was at the peak of level 3, was nothing!

The principal pondered for a while as he frowned slightly and touched his chin with his fingers.
“What I’m worried about is that kid.
You may not know this, but she was severely injured by Lin Meng before.
I heard that she was already dead, but somehow, she came back to life.”

The teachers gasped.
The Martial Arts Institute didn’t care about things that happened in Chunfeng Town.
All the wheeling and dealing between families had nothing to do with them, so the Martial Arts Institute was kind of a detached existence in Chunfeng Town.
No family could get the slightest benefit from them and nobody would be discriminated against because of their identity and status.
Many people in Chunfeng Town knew what happened to Yun Feng.
However, people at the Martial Arts Institute had no idea about it.
If it weren’t that the principal was interested in Yun Feng and did some research on her, it would be very hard to believe that this kid died once, even at Lin Meng’s hands!

An eye for an eye.
A debt of blood must be paid in blood, let alone if it was a life! It was true that Yun Feng was dead.
Even though she was alive now, she couldn’t forget that Lin Meng killed her once.
Lin Meng wouldn’t be able to avoid this debt no matter what!

“No wonder.
Wang Youcai is truly unlucky.” Mr.
Huang frowned and looked at the principal.
“Lin Meng will come to find that girl, and she’ll not miss this opportunity as well.
If the two of them fight…”

The principal’s eyes gazed far away softly and he said, “If someone’s hurt, make sure Yun Feng’s safe!”


The teachers immediately understood what he meant after hearing him.
Between Lin Meng and Yun Feng, the principal determinedly chose Yun Feng.
Anyone would do the same.
It wasn’t even necessary to consider which one to choose, a genius who had powers that even a level-6 warrior couldn’t detect or a talent who reached the peak of level 3 relying on herbs.

Among Lin Meng and Yun Feng, if Lin Meng died, then let him be.
After all, it was a battle, and life and death lay in the lap of fate.
If the Lin family wanted to make trouble with Yun Feng because of that, the Martial Arts Institute wouldn’t just turn a blind eye.
Yun Feng was the hope of the Martial Arts Institute.
How could they let anyone hurt their hope?

The principal shook his head and smiled in frustration.
They were a little crazy.
The Martial Arts Institute had been established in Chunfeng Town for a few centuries, but they had never been involved in any family disputes before.
Even if a talent of the Martial Arts Institute died because of that, they wouldn’t interfere.
However, they became mad this time, for Yun Feng, for this monstrous genius that appeared out of nowhere!

“Ah, I’m already this old now.
It doesn’t make sense if I don’t go crazy for once…” The principal mumbled casually as the corners of his mouth curled up slowly and gave a smile.


When Yun Feng came home, Yun Jing only asked her some simple questions and Yun Feng answered them briefly one by one.
She knew that her poker-faced father didn’t want to ask her these things.
What he truly wanted to know was if she was bullied or looked down on by anyone.

Watching her sullen father beat around the bush and ask her questions, Yun Feng’s heart felt warm.
She held her father’s arm and said with an affectionate voice, “Father, don’t worry.
Everything’s great.”

Seeing how Yun Feng reacted, Yun Jing finally let down his hanging heart slightly.
Even though he didn’t know why Yun Feng insisted on going to the Martial Arts Institute, for a kid that had damaged Qi meridians, that might be a place she most yearned for.
So, how could he not let her go? It would be great for her to feel the atmosphere there, even if she would be sent back.

Yun Jing stretched out his large hand and caressed Yun Feng’s little head.
He couldn’t stop feeling sad and powerless in his mind.
It was a good thing for his daughter to be an ordinary person.
All matters of the Yun family would be left to him and Yun Sheng to deal with.

“Father, I made a new friend today.” Thinking of Ze Ran, Yun Feng couldn’t help but smile.
That pure boy made her feel close.
After hearing this, Yun Jing pondered for a while, but he still couldn’t remember which family Ze Ran came from.

“Ze Ran is a boy from a normal family.” Yun Feng’s reminder made Yun Jing understand.
A kid from a normal family? That was great.
Yun Jing nodded.
“Hm, it’s a good thing for you to have a friend.”

The Yun family had always been like this.
They never flattered and fawned over people and they never oppressed the good ones, just like a selfless and just judge.
The Yun family represented justice, justice! This also made the Yun family a lot of enemies.
After all, such a stubborn large family would stand in many people’s way of getting rich and promoted.

Yun Feng smiled.
The upright Yun family and that righteousness in the bones of the members of the family were things that she was proud of.
No matter who it was, as long as you are sincere to me, I will also treat you with my heart, unbiased, only justice in my mind!

She talked to her poker-faced father about things at the Martial Arts Institute.
Yun Feng didn’t mention that she didn’t have a teacher.
Maybe she understood that she was the only person who knew the real reason behind this, apart from the few teachers and the principal of the Martial Arts Institute.
Telling her father about it would just make him more worried.

After saying goodbye to her father, Yun Feng returned to her room and took out Meatball from the bracelet.
Once Meatball was taken out, it snarled at Yun Feng fiercely, showing the sharp teeth hidden in its chubby mouth.
It seemed a little ferocious.
Yun Feng was shocked.
She casually threw Meatball away.
Meatball’s rounded body spinned agilely in the air and landed on Yun Feng’s legs gently.
It lifted its head and stared at Yun Feng with its black, grape-like eyes full of anger.

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