Chapter 477: Yun (2)

“Tsk, tsk.
You sound so righteous.
Is this place yours? Why are you yelling so loudly?” The man with peach-blossom eyes smiled.
Carson blushed.
Muqing and Xiaoxiao didn’t say anything.
In the end, Muqing said, “Never mind.
It’s useless to argue.”

Carson was a bit reluctant after hearing that.
One more person meant one more competitor.
Did they not understand this? Carson was about to say something, when Muqing glanced at him coldly.
“Xiaoxiao and I are not as dissatisfied as you are.”

Carson wanted to say something, but he could only stand there with a red face.
He deeply understood that he was only here because of Muqing and Xiaoxiao.
If he pissed them off, he would probably be the next one to be expelled.
Carson had obtained a lot of high-level ores, which weren’t enough to satisfy his appetite.
He believed that there would be even more precious treasures here.
He couldn’t be kicked out! Carson glared at Yun Feng angrily and didn’t say anything else.

The man with peach-blossom eyes smiled and gave Yun Feng a standard gentleman’s bow.
“Thank you for your kindness, Beauty.
I can’t possibly repay you…”

Qu Lanyi’s face darkened, and so did Yun Feng.
She immediately interrupted him.
“No, I didn’t help you.”

The man with peach-blossom eyes straightened his body and looked at Yun Feng with a smile.
“I was just kidding.”

Yun Feng turned around and looked at Meatball, who was eating happily next to the hill.
When Carson and the other two saw that the ultimate ores were all in Meatball’s mouth, their expressions were really indescribable.
“That’s… ultimate ores! How can it?” Carson’s eyes were red.
He wanted to rush over, but luckily, he stopped himself.
Yun Feng looked at the creature made of ultimate ores, one third of which had already been eaten by Meatball!

A third of the ultimate ores entered Meatball’s stomach!

“Aren’t you afraid of exploding?” Yun Feng stepped forward and picked up Meatball’s body with one hand.
The little guy was eating happily with an ultimate ore in its claws and it was stuffing it into the mouth.
Yun Feng glanced at Meatball’s little body.
Its body didn’t change at all after eating so many ultimate ores.
Was it the same as Yao Guang? Was its body like a bottomless pit?

Yao Guang once swallowed dozens of boars and Meatball swallowed so many ultimate ores.
Although their food was fundamentally different, it was food anyway.
Yun Feng glanced at the remaining ultimate ores.
Meatball had probably eaten hundreds of ultimate ores.

“Are you that hungry?” asked Yun Feng.
Meatball nodded again and again.
Yun Feng shook her head helplessly.
“Even if you want to eat more, you can’t.” She patted Meatball’s body gently and picked up a ultimate ore to observe it carefully.
Some ultimate ores were better than others.
The purity of these ultimate ores was first-rate and they were the most precious.

Yun Feng smiled at Qu Lanyi and Ao Jin.
“We found them.”

Both of them put on a gratified smile.
Qu Lanyi walked forward and picked up a few pieces.
“It’s useless to ask for more.
It’s better to be down-to-earth on the path of cultivation.
These can be exchanged for a lot of money.
Maybe we can get something good.”

Ao Jin also walked forward and rubbed Yun Feng’s head with his big hand.
He bent down and took a few pieces too.
“That’s enough.
Just these few pieces.
I don’t lack these.”

Ao Jin wasn’t unreasonable.
He was the Young Master of the Dragons.
How would the Dragons lack rare ores when they were so greedy for treasures? Perhaps the wealth they accumulated was unimaginable for humans.

Yun Feng smiled helplessly.
The two of them only took a few pieces of the ultimate ores, but they left her an astronomical amount of money.
Carson was so jealous that his eyes were bloodshot.
Please give it to me if you don’t need them! Although he thought so in his mind, he didn’t dare to say it out loud.
Xiaoxiao and Muqing didn’t feel good either.
They thought that the high-level ores they got were already very good and they were already satisfied.
However, they felt very disappointed and dissatisfied right now.
They only felt that it was a drop in the bucket.
There would always be something better ahead.

Meatball’s eyes glittered as it stared at the pile of ultimate ores.
Yun Feng put some effort into collecting the ultimate ores on the ground.
After a rough estimation, there were already two thousand ultimate ores.
Two thousand ultimate ores… Perhaps Yun Feng was the only person on this continent who could be so rich.

The man with peach-blossom eyes looked at Yun Feng with a smile and didn’t show any interest in the ultimate ores.
After Yun Feng packed up, he approached her with a smile.
“Beauty, it’s fate that we meet.
Why don’t you take me with you?”

Yun Feng glanced over.
This man was suspicious in the way he appeared and the place he appeared.
His identity and intentions were unknown.
However, she was certain that he was the one who lured the Crystal Ore King out.

“You can follow her, but stay away from her.” Qu Lanyi walked over and stood in front of the man with peach-blossom eyes, separating him from Yun Feng completely.
He glanced at Qu Lanyi and suddenly smiled.
“Sure, no problem.
I don’t want to get too close to a transvestite either.” He stepped back as he spoke.

Yun Feng’s temples throbbed.
“Let’s go.
If you want to stay here any longer, feel free to do so.” After saying that, Yun Feng walked forward.
There was no longer any value for her to explore this place, so the few of them kept moving forward.
Carson and his companions glanced at the high-level ores on the ground reluctantly.
However, they couldn’t arouse any excitement at this moment.
In the end, the three of them followed her in a hurry.
As long as they saw the best, they would be unwilling even if they couldn’t get it.
They would also resent what they had.

“Beauty, it must be God’s arrangement for us to meet again.”

“Beauty, do you like transvestites? What’s so good about them?”

“Beauty, don’t you think I’m beautiful?”


“Shut up!” Yun Feng’s voice came coldly, and her face was already covered in dark clouds.
She closed her mouth obediently with a smile at the corners of her peach blossom eyes.
Qu Lanyi was gloating on the side.
Ao Jin didn’t look happy either.
This man was too talkative!

“I’m not a beauty.
If you keep calling me that, you’ll be gone!”

The man with peach-blossom eyes chuckled.
“In that case, I’ll call you Yun Feng..
How does that sound?”

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