Chapter 474: It’s Mine (3)

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Yun Feng was quite grim.
She was no stranger to that face.
She had seen the man outside of the auction house in Park City.
He was here too! “Who are you? How did you come in?” The cracks on the ground were spreading.
The man winked.
His black short hair made him seem rather mysterious.
He said with a smile, “This is not a forbidden place.
I can come here just like everybody else.”

“Boom…” An even more deafening noise echoed, causing yet another earthquake.
Not far from Yun Feng, the ground suddenly fell apart, and countless stones and grains of sand flew towards them.
“Earth Shield!” Earth elements gathered in front of Yun Feng and blocked the stones.
The man agilely jumped behind her Earth Shield.
“Beauty, let me borrow your shield.”

“You…” Yun Feng punched him without another word.
At this moment, Qu Lanyi’s anxious roar came.
“Yun Feng, behind you!”

Yun Feng suddenly turned around.
The Earth Shield in front of her had already been shattered.
She narrowed her eyes and jumped back at an unbelievable speed.
Then, an enormous glittering fist smashed into the ground where Yun Feng was standing!

There was a huge pit on the ground after the smash.
Yun Feng dodged the attack, and had no time to care about the stranger anymore.
Taking out the Monarch Level wand, Yun Feng roared, “Fire Arrow!”

Powerful fire elements were gathered into an arrow that darted to the gargantuan creature.
Yun Feng seized the opportunity to move back and keep her distance from it.

“Hoooo…” There was a furious roar and a deafening noise.
The Fire Arrow was shattered into smithereens and dispersed under the punch of the gargantuan creature!

Qu Lanyi quickly pulled Yun Feng to her.
Little Fire and Lan Yi stepped up and protected Yun Feng behind their backs.
Finally, Yun Feng was able to see what was in front of her.
It was a mountainous creature that had glittering ultimate ores all over its body! It was a creature made of ultimate ores!

The ultimate ores in this area must’ve been gathered by this creature.
The Divine Essence Grass had an associated beast, so it was not unusual that the ultimate ores had an associated beast when so many of them were gathered! No wonder no ultimate ores could be seen around here.
It must’ve collected all of them!

“It’s a rarely seen Ultimate Crystal Ore King,” said Yao Guang in stealth as he sized up the Ultimate Crystal Ore King.
“Its ultimate ore density is very high.
Girl, if you subdue it, you will have an inexhaustible mother lode of ultimate ores.”

“An inexhaustible mother lode of ultimate ores?”

Yao Guang cackled in a nasty voice.
“Don’t you know? The Ultimate Crystal Ore King not only attracts ultimate ores, but is also capable of producing them.”

Yun Feng became excited.
An inexhaustible mother lode of ultimate ores! If she had that, she would receive an infinite supply of ultimate ores, and the Yun family would rise to a higher level! She would have the Ultimate Crystal Ore King!

“It won’t be so easy to be subdued.
First of all, your magic attack is useless against it,” said Yao Guang unhurriedly as he observed the Ultimate Crystal Ore King.
“I can’t help you.
My attack is useless as well.”

Yun Feng clenched her fists.
So in conclusion, she could only finish it off with physical strength?

Yao Guang glanced at Yun Feng, and suddenly laughed with great amusement.
“When did I tell you that physical attacks will work on it?”

Yun Feng was quite angry.
The guy was just like before.
He loved making fun of her, and adding to her trouble! Yun Feng clenched her fists and recalled her wand.
Magic attacks were useless.
Physical attacks…

She had to find out if they were effective! Yun Feng’s eyes glittered and she made up her mind.
“Little Fire, Lan Yi! Magic attacks don’t work on it.
Use physical attacks!”

At Yun Feng’s order, Lan Yi had assumed its original form as a griffin.
Although griffins’ greatest advantage was their speed and wind element spells, they had sharp claws too!

“What an eye-opener.” The man who had peach blossom eyes was rather surprised at the scene.
“I thought it wasn’t so hard to subdue this creature.
It seems that I overestimated myself.
Never mind.
Beauty, I’ll just give it away to you.”

The three guys who were excavating high-level ores not far away were attracted too.
They had already dug a lot of high-level ores, and had made a fortune, but when they saw the enormous creature, they were dumbfounded.

“Ultimate ores…” Carson’s eyes turned bloodshot.
His body shivered too.
He almost wanted to dash forward and claim all the ultimate ores on the gargantuan creature! However, rationality soon got the better of him.
He knew that it wouldn’t be easy to fight that thing.

“How… is this possible?” Xiaoxiao couldn’t quite believe what she saw.
Muqing was quite excited too.
They had just started exploring the gods’ relics, but they already found it special and mysterious.

“Don’t think about the ultimate ores.
They’re all Yun Feng’s,” said Muqing casually.
Xiaoxiao nodded.
They knew themselves very well.
Carson silently put on a cold smile.
Yun Feng’s? They would be his sooner or later! He clenched his fists.
Yun Feng could keep them for now, but he would get them.

“Bam…” A huge noise of collision burst out.
Little Fire and Lan Yi had already launched an attack.
They lunged forward, and showed their glittering claws!

“Hooooo…” The Ultimate Crystal Ore King let out a furious roar, and hit Little Fire’s claw with power energy waves of the ultimate ores! A few ultimate ores dropped, and Little Fire’s claw only left a shallow mark on the Ultimate Crystal Ore King’s body!

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