Chapter 426: The Coup Begins (4)

“Your Majesty, how long do you think you can hide? Kill every one of the Yun family? Today, I will teach you what it means to kill everyone!”

Both Little Fire and Lan Yi unleashed their aura and darted towards the four experts as two streaks of light! Yun Feng opened her hand, revealing the Monarch Level wand that her master had left for her!

The Monarch Level experts couldn’t help but widen their eyes, which were bloodshot when they saw Yun Feng’s Monarch Level wand.
That was a Monarch Level weapon! Only Randal had one of these weapons! Did the Yun family have so many treasures?

“Protect the royal family!” shouted one of the experts.
Yun Feng laughed when she heard that.
“Your Majesty, you think I cannot kill you because they’re protecting you?”

Two Monarch Level experts confronted Lan Yi and Little Fire, and the other two quickly set up barriers outside of the royal palace.
Yun Feng turned the wand in her hand and held it tightly, before she aimed its other end at the royal palace.
“Fire Arrow!” As Yun Feng whispered, fire elements quickly gathered around the wand, forming a Fire Arrow that was multiple times bigger than usual.
It darted right towards the royal palace!

“Go!” Under her instruction, the Fire Arrow flew forward quickly.
Seeing that, the two experts showed their weapons and tried to stop the Fire Arrow.
Yun Feng’s eyes turned cold, and the enormous Fire Arrow split up into dozens of Fire Arrows in front of the two experts, who were both shocked when the Fire Arrows smashed the royal palace like a meteor shower!

“Ahhhhhhhh!” The royal palace was already an utter mess.
The members of the royal family wanted to run, but they feared that they would be killed too if they went out.
Everybody was frightened.
Looking up at Yun Feng who looked like a goddess and the red meteor shower she launched, they had never felt that death was so close.

“Bam! Bam! Bam!” The Fire Arrows, which had turned into a meteor shower, all hit the barriers that had been set up by the experts.
The members of the Karan Royal Family were greatly relieved to see that the Fire Arrows were blocked.
Yun Feng was not frustrated at all to see the Fire Arrows blocked.
She simply wore a cold smile.

“Girl from the Yun family, for your service and contribution to Karan, we won’t punish you for what you did this time.
Just go back home!” Members of the Karan Royal Family were a lot bolder to see that they were unhurt.
They shouted at Yun Feng, with the pride of the royal family again.

The emperor and Kai had been hiding inside the royal palace and listening to the sounds.
They were also relieved to confirm that Yun Feng’s attack didn’t cause any damage.
They slowly walked out.
Yun Feng fixed her eyes upon them the moment they appeared.

“Cowards, you’re finally out?” asked Yun Feng to the emperor mockingly.

The emperor replied ominously, “Yun Feng, for the Yun family’s loyalty so far, I’ll forgive you this time.”

Yun Feng raised her eyes, as if she had heard a hilarious joke.
“Hahaha! You’ll forgive me? Your Majesty, it doesn’t matter whether or not you forgive me, but the Yun family won’t forgive you!”

“Yun Feng! You are a young genius, why do you have to do this? You’re ruining your own future! Let me say it again.
We’ll forgive you!” shouted Kai loudly.

Yun Feng sneered, “For everything the Karan Royal Family has done to the Yun family, you will be punished accordingly!”

“In that case, go to hell!” said the emperor angrily.
Instantly, another few men dashed out of the royal palace.
Yun Feng saw that there were another four Monarch Level experts.
They were all the royal family’s trump cards, not counting Randal.

Qu Lanyi, who had been silent the whole time, smiled when he saw the four experts.
“Fengfeng, it seems that we may begin now.”

Yun Feng sneered.
She couldn’t resolve the trouble once and for all until she lured all her enemies out.
“Little Fire, Lan Yi, show them no mercy!” said Yun Feng telepathically.
Both of her contracted Magic Beasts became ferocious.
Little Fire roared excitedly and opened its mouth.
The expert who was confronting it felt scared, and saw flames darting towards him like a cannonball.
If it approached him, he would be consumed in fire!

The man dodged quickly.
However, when he just regained his balance, there was a flash of light in the sky, and Little Fire’s claws fell like a mountain.
It was too strong and fast as a Monarch Level Magic Beast for the human to dodge!


Under Little Fire’s claw, the Monarch Level expert had been reduced to a pulp of meat! Little Fire was emitting a brutal and bloodthirsty vibe! It had been waiting for this day for a long time!

Lan Yi didn’t show any mercy either.
The wings it unfolded dumbfounded the man who was fighting it.
Revealing the mysterious patterns on its wings, Lan Yi coldly waved its wings and showed the enormous griffin that was depicted on the wings!

“Human, die!”

Lan Yi’s wings shivered, and a storm of Wind Arrows darted towards the man in front of him.
The man’s pupils contracted.
What Magic Beast had the summoner of the Yun family contracted? How could it be… Before the man could figure it out, he had been riddled with holes and fell on the ground.
The other men all held their breath.

“Focus, or you’ll die.” Yun Feng’s casual voice came close.
The remaining six experts all had cold sweat.
When they came back to themselves, they could only see the smile on Yun Feng’s face.
“Water Arrows!” The water elements around Yun Feng’s wand were quickly summoned, and dozens of them floated around Yun Feng, who waved her wand again!


The blue elements that had been flowing as fluid suddenly changed into the hardest ice, making the arrowheads a lot colder and sharper! Seeing that, Qu Lanyi couldn’t help but nod.
Fengfeng’s utilization of the water element showed that she had truly grown a lot.
Qu Lanyi didn’t seem to be helping at all at this moment.
He was best at healing with his light element.
It wasn’t time for him to play his part yet.

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