Chapter 416: Imminent Battle (5)

“You think you can stop me with a space blockage?” Brutality flashed in Randal’s eyes.
He waved his hands, where the fighting energy had turned concrete, breaking the space blockage Yun Feng set up! The Yun house and everybody in it were surrounded by a daunting vibe! “Everybody of the Yun family, listen up! You are sentenced to death for committing treason! Surrender, or you will be executed!”

His voice echoed in the quiet night sky and the space that Randal locked up.
The space where the Yun house was located had been locked up by Randal.
Until it was broken, nobody from the Yun family could leave!

“Swoosh…” A person rose to the sky from the Yun house and stood in front of the seven assassins.
Randal narrowed his eyes, and the guess that had been making him uneasy was confirmed.
“Yun Feng, you are truly alive!”

The other six people were all slightly nervous to hear the name Yun Feng.
They had seen the double-element mage born in the Karan Empire with their own eyes!

“I’ll be alive as long as you are,” said Yun Feng with a smile, staring at Randal.

Randal sneered and replied, “Yun Feng, the Yun family is already doomed! If you pledge your loyalty to the Karan Royal Family, I may be able to ask His Majesty to spare your life.”

Yun Feng laughed.
“Save it! The Yun family won’t do anything for the bulls*it royal family any longer, and I won’t become a dog instead of a human!”

All the seven assassins seemed embarrassed and infuriated.
“Yun Feng, you should know better! The Karan Royal Family is only sparing you because you are a summoner!”

“So what? I’m not interested in that worthless royal family, and neither is the Yun family!”

Brutality flashed in Randal’s eyes.
“If the Yun family is so unwise, don’t regret when you see the bloodshed in this place!”

Yun Feng smiled coldly.
“We’ll find out who the unwise people here are.”

“Do it!” Randal gave the order grimly.
The six men behind him split up quickly.
Yun Feng roared, “Little Fire, Lan Yi!” Two streaks of light darted out.
Yun Feng smiled coldly.
“Kill them all! No mercy!”

Little Fire was excited to hear the command after it came out.
It instantly howled, with a light of excitement in its black eyes.
“Kill them all! As you wish!”

Randal’s pupils contracted.
The two beasts had already reached the Monarch Level! The two Commander Level assassins, who had split up, were killed by Lan Yi and Little Fire respectively with one attack without being able to defend themselves at all!

“What?” The Monarch Level assassins were all shocked to see that!

“Prepare to die, humans!” Little Fire was emanating the ferocious aura of a Magic Beast.
Two Monarch Level assassins looked at each other and confronted Little Fire and Lan Yi respectively.
The rest seized the chance to charge at the Yun house!

The two Commander Level experts were supposed to finish off the other members of the Yun family, but they had been killed in one strike.
Yun Feng’s powerful contracted beasts made the experts of the royal family further realize the formidableness of a summoner.
Any of them could be killed in a duel with Yun Feng!

“I didn’t expect you to grow so much stronger.” Randal saw what happened, and seemed even more determined than before.
This girl couldn’t be left alive.
If she continued growing, she would be a major problem for the Karan Empire!

I must thank the Karan Empire for your assistance,” said Yun Feng sarcastically.
Randal frowned.
“You’re too weak to fight me.
Yun Feng, your talent is surprising, but nothing more! You think you can resist three Monarch Level experts on your own? In your dream!”

Yun Feng was not intimidated.
She stood in front of Randal.
Little Fire and Lan Yi had stopped two Monarch Level experts.
The other two assassins had been blocked too.
“I never dream; I speak with my action.
Today, I’ll teach the Karan Royal Family a lesson.
You’ll know the consequence of pissing off the Yun family.”

Thanks to the Divine Essence Grass, Yun Feng had risen to the mid stage of the Monarch Level, skipping the early stage.
Randal was one of the strongest men in the Karan Empire, and had been at the peak of the Monarch Level for years.
He simply lacked an opportunity to break into the Lord Level.
In terms of level, Randal had a great advantage!

“Yun Feng, you are a summoner, yet your Magic Beasts are not by your side.
How strong can you be?” roared Randal loudly in disdain.

Yun Feng laughed.
“I’ll let you know that you will suffer even if I don’t use my Magic Beasts.”

“Little girl, let’s find out who’s going to suffer!” Randal narrowed his eyes, and darted towards Yun Feng in a streak of light.
Yun Feng put on a smile.
All her cells were excited at this moment.

A battle was about to burst out!

The space around the Yun house in Chunfeng Town had been locked up.
No matter how fiercely people fought inside, nobody would notice anything wrong from the outside.
At this moment, a fierce battle was going on inside the space.

Randal didn’t conceal his strength any longer.
He unleashed all of his abundant fighting energy.
Yun Feng vividly detected the mountainous pressure, and knew that Randal was stronger than her! He must be in the final stage or the peak of the Monarch Level!

Releasing his abundant fighting energy, Randal became much more intimidating than before.
As one of the strongest men in the Karan Empire, he was definitely not weak.
He had been stuck in the peak of the Monarch Level for decades, and accumulated a lot of strength.
He just never found the opportunity for a breakthrough.
Once he accomplished the breakthrough, he would rise to the Lord Level!

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