Chapter 339: Revelation (2)

“Master, s-s-she…” The young man, looking at Little Fire which appeared out of nowhere, wanted to say that she was a tamer too, but he could not say that aloud, as this Magic Beast was completely different from those subdued by tamers.
There was obvious ferocity and thirst for blood in the wolf’s eyes.
It was not a tamed Magic Beast; it kept the nature of Magic Beasts!

The Cloud Splitting Cloud and the Rock Lizard both collapsed when Little Fire appeared.
The Cloud Splitting Leopard moaned and trembled constantly, whereas the Rock Lizard erected the stones on its skin, using them as shields to protect itself.

“Master, are these two my opponents?” Little Fire looked at the Rock Lizard and the Cloud Splitting Leopard, with mockery in its wolf eyes.
Why were its opponents so cowardly? It didn’t even want to fight them.

“No, they aren’t worthy enough to be your opponents.” Yun Feng walked to Little Fire and squeezed the wolf’s ears.
Little Fire pricked its ears in discomfort, but simply let Yun Feng move.

“Who… are you?” the middle-aged man suddenly asked, while recalling the two Magic Beasts on the ground.
He would be humiliated if they were still kept in the open.
They were obviously different from hers.
He was no match for the girl.
Even her Magic Beast was much stronger than his! “Which Tamers’ Union do you belong to?” asked the middle-aged man again.

Little Fire looked at him as if he were a moron, “Tamers? Is there something wrong with your head?”

“You…” The middle-aged man was infuriated, but he was too intimidated by Little Fire to talk aloud.
Seeing that, the young man, perhaps because of hot blood, or maybe due to brain problems, shouted, “Bi*ch! You think you’re really a summoner? Stop being pretentious!”

Little Fire’s eyes glittered again.
It dashed forward, and its silver claws drew glowing lines in midair.
After that, the young man screamed, and he was smashed away.
The crowd fell silent again.
The middle-aged man could not utter another word after seeing that.
It seemed that he could hardly breathe.

Little Fire’s black eyes were brimming with fury.
“Brat, you dared to disrespect my master.
I’ll destroy you if you do that again!”

“S-S-Summoner… You are a summoner!” The middle-aged man raised his head and looked at Yun Feng stunned.
When he saw her ring, he trembled violently again.
He thought that the ring was just an ornament.
Many tamers had such rings just to be cool, or to fool their opponents.
They could subdue Magic Beasts, but couldn’t let the Magic Beasts fight for them.
However, summoners were different! They could really be Magic Beasts’ partners!

Yun Feng raised her brows and touched Little Fire’s dark red body.
“You didn’t know?”

The middle-aged man became pale, and the audience were completely astounded.
One of them pulled the arm of the person standing next to him.
“Hey, did you hear what they just said?”

The person replied in disbelief, “I did.
He said she’s a summoner.”

“Really? Did he really say that she’s a summoner?”

“Yes,” the answerer nodded numbly.
Then, he raised his head and roared, “F*ck! A summoner! A summoner in the flesh!”

Everybody was excited! They exclaimed, pointing at Yun Feng and staring at Little Fire.
Their eyes were almost popping out.
“Summoner! She’s a summoner!”

“Is there finally another summoner in Karan?! She’s such a young girl!”

“That’s a real Magic Beast! My life is absolutely worth it now that I’ve seen a summoner!”

Their exciting exclamations all came to Yun Feng’s ears.
Little Fire was slightly surprised at their reaction, wondering if those human beings were reacting too strongly.
Were they crazy?

“Lord Summoner! Lord Summoner!” There was no telling who cried first, but many others followed.
The central area of the capital was at this moment an ocean of exclamations.
Cheers were echoing so loudly that the entire capital was almost shivering.

“Lord Summoner! Lord Summoner!” The people’s enthusiasm was beyond Yun Feng’s anticipation.
The middle-aged man on her opposition side looked at her with complicated feelings that were a mixture of envy, jealousy and hate.
A tamer wasn’t a summoner anyway, no matter how similar they were.
They weren’t the same after all!

“What’s going on outside?” A few bigshots who were having a nice conversation in a fancy place all frowned unhappily when they heard the wild cheers and exclamations.
Although soundproof measures had been taken, the noises on the street were simply too loud to be blocked.
It was hard to distinguish what the cheers were about, but they were quite annoying.

“Brother Yun, please forgive us.
This happens all the time.
Someone will take care of it soon.” A man raised his cup and nodded at the man seated next to him with a smile.
The other smile, on the other hand, frowned and listened to the cheers attentively.
After finally recognizing what the cheers were, he became solemn.

“Brother Yun, what’s the matter?” the man couldn’t help but ask after seeing Yun Jing’s expression.
Yun Jing rose abruptly and pulled the curtain, seeing the view of the street.
A tremendous number of people had gathered on the street.
They were all exclaiming excitedly.
In the center of the crowd was a human and a Magic Beast!

Yun Jing slightly narrowed his eyes.
Why did that Magic Beast look so familiar?

Another conflict between Magic Beasts? What a bunch of snobs.
Magic Beasts are just tools for them to show off.
Brother Yun, if you like this Magic Beast, I’ll definitely have them offer it to you as a gift.” The man walked to Yun Jing and patted his shoulder.
He looked at the Magic Beast with obvious disdain and mockery.

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