Chapter 335: The Summoner’s Dignity (3)

Yun Feng’s lips curled.
“Indeed, and I’ve been well welcomed on my return.”

Randal’s expression was frozen.
“Hehe… They’re ignorant of the rules.
Don’t feel offended by them, alright?”

“Lord Randal…” The short-tempered man opened his mouth, but Randal simply turned around and snapped, “Shut up!”

The two men immediately kept their mouths shut, not daring to say another word.
They stood there, so puzzled that their heads were almost exploding.
Even if that girl had a special identity, she was a tamer at best.
It’s not like she was a summoner.
The Karan Royal Family had other tamers.
Why did Lord Randal speak to her so respectfully?

Yun Feng raised her brows, and put on a sarcastic smile at Randal.
Randal stiffened again, and mumbled to himself, if you weren’t a summoner, I wouldn’t have demeaned myself by talking to you so obsequiously at all!

Yun Sheng pulled his sister’s arm.
“In such a case, Feng certainly wouldn’t feel offended.
Thank you for your help, Lord Randal.”

Randal finally looked better at this moment, as Yun Sheng had shown him some respect.
Yun Feng smiled and said, “Now that my brother put it that way, I’ll just let them go.
Ask them to get out of my way.” Yun Feng glanced at the two men coldly.
If they thought she was arrogant, she might as well be!

Both men looked rather gloomy.
With their identity, they had ever encountered such a situation, and felt too ashamed to give in.
Randal clenched his fists and shouted at them, “What are you waiting for? Get out of her way!”

Both men raised their heads in surprise.
Randal looked quite awful too.
The two men reluctantly moved away, making way for Yun Feng.
Yun Feng patted Lan Yi’s back, and Lan Yi flapped its wings after glancing at them in disdain, causing such a strong wind that the two men were almost blown to the ground.
After Lan Yi flew away, both of the men cursed.

“F*ck, Lord Randal, why did you treat the girl so courteously?”

Lord Randal, you’re so honorable that she wasn’t even qualified to clean your shoes for you!”

Randal enjoyed their adulation, and the two men were even more motivated.
“Which family is she from? Let’s find an excuse and teach them a lesson!”

“That’s right! She embarrassed Lord Randal so badly, and deserves to be killed!”

The two men were no fools, and knew that they were probably too weak to deal with Yun Feng.
Randal, however, was different.
As the emperor’s bodyguard who had received some of the most honored titles, he could probably kill Yun Feng easily with a snap of fingers, if Yun Feng was just an ordinary person.

The two men peeped at Randal, and tried to sound persuasive.
However, Randal was a top expert anyway.
Although he enjoyed all their adulations, he wasn’t so stupid as to be instigated.
He coldly glanced at the two men who were still talking.
They immediately shut up.

“Keep your distance from her! Whenever you see her in the future, just avoid her.
Don’t bother whatever she’s doing!”

The two men looked at each other in bewilderment.
W-What’s going on? The short-tempered man couldn’t hold it any longer.
“Lord Randal, I know that the Karan Royal Family has been recruiting elites, but that girl is just a tamer anyway.
My lord, you know that the tamers all need to be disciplined! We cannot vent our fury unless we find the opportunity to teach her a lesson!”

Randal changed his expression and narrowed his eyes.
“Who told you that she’s a tamer?”

The short-tempered man was stunned.
“She reined a Magic Beast without a Ring of Contract.
What else could she be?”

Randal looked even more sullen.
“Who told you that summoners must wear the Rings of Contract?”

The two men trembled hard upon hearing that, and fell to the ground from midair, making a lot of soldiers exclaim in surprise.
After hitting the ground, the two men could only think of one thing: had they pissed off a summoner? They looked at each other with a bitter smile.
Lord Randal was right.
They had to keep their distance from that girl in the future.
To offend a summoner was no different than to court death.


Lan Yi flew all the way to the south of the capital, raising rounds of exclamations on the streets.
Very soon, the news spread out in the capital that a mysterious gigantic Magic Beast was flying in the sky above the capital.
Some speculated that the Magic Beast was under control.
Everybody else agreed with the speculation.
Most people guessed that the Karan Empire had just recruited a new tamer.
However, a small proportion of people proposed a theory that excited everybody: a summoner was here!

Instantly, the possibility of a summoner was discussed heatedly in every corner in the capital.
The profession that had been gone in the Karan Empire for hundreds of years ever since the passing of the last summoner thrilled the residents.
How fantastic would it be if a summoner had come? That would bring such honor to the Karan Empire!

The south of the capital was the territory of the nobles, where a lot of famous families of the Karan Empire were based.
Two of them were most popular among the noble families.
They could even compare to the royal family.
They were connected to the royal family closely through more than one arranged marriage, so they had completely melted into the circle of the Karan Royal Family.

De was one of the two families.
It mastered most of the Karan Empire’s political connections and military powers.
It was quite close to the royal family by blood.
It was said that the leader of the De family hundreds of years earlier was the then emperor’s cousin.
The De family became even closer to the royal family during its development.
Most members of the De family were in important posts in the army, and some others were politicians that provided powerful support for the Karan Empire.
The Karan Royal Family relied on the De family more than it relied on the other family.

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