Chapter 323: Yun Feng, the Summoner (1)

“Damn it, someone is going to die if you don’t stop burning!” cursed some of the audience.
Everybody tried to resist the terrifying heat that had already twisted space.
Yun Sheng immediately invoked water elements, hoping to protect every student at the arena, only to discover, to his surprise, that his level 7 water elements couldn’t compete with Kasa’s fire elements!

Yun Sheng stared at Kasa, whose gigantic mass of fire elements was already roaring.
Kasa stood aside and watched the development of the fire elements proudly.
The fire elements, whose temperature and size had soared, were finally taking shape as an enormous wolf standing next to Kasa.
It stared at Yun Sheng with its fiery eyes, spouting out such scorching hot air that it seemed about to burn everything to the ground.

Yun Feng keenly noticed the anomaly of the fire elements.
Kasa was in level 6, so why were her fire elements in level 8? They were two levels more powerful than herself!

“It’s the Fire Potion,” said the ancestor solemnly in Yun Feng’s head.
“It’s a potion that can empower fire elements for a short amount of time.
Considering the power of her fire elements, her Fire Potion is definitely of a high quality.
Kid, there’s no need to explain.
Don’t underestimate your opponent.
As a royal princess, she isn’t easy to deal with.”

Yun Feng nodded and waved her hand, forming the cold water elements into a huge blue serpent, which had a pair of sapphire eyes and vertical pupils that emitted infinite wickedness.
The serpent suddenly opened its mouth, spouting a cold stream towards the fire wolf.
The fire wolf’s temperature was lowered, and the beast made an impatient roar.

“Has the princess violated the rule?” When the heat was finally under control, someone asked, “She used a potion.
Isn’t it obvious cheating?”

“Shh… Do you want to get killed? Potions aren’t forbidden in the rules.
Yun Feng is free to use them too if she has any.”

“Humph, that’s so unfair.
Can everybody afford the Fire Potion? Even if they can, it’s not always available on the market.”

The princess is clearly taking advantage of her!”

The members of the Fire Society glanced at the student who just talked, and he immediately shut up.
Everybody watched the confrontation of the two magical beasts.
Kasa smiled.
“Yun Feng, there’s still time to surrender.”

Yun Feng responded with a mocking smile.
The serpent next to her opened its mouth and roared, “Right back at you with those exact words.”

Kasa turned pale, and without further ado, took out another bottle of Fire Potion.
This time, everybody at the arena exclaimed, “Goddamn it, she has another bottle!”

“As expected of a royal princess.
She has everything!”

“Oh my god, two bottles of Fire Potion.
I only want one drop!”

The referee felt ill at ease and moved back a little bit.
He wondered if he should call out to the Vice Principal and Mr.
Ted, as this game was getting out of control…

Bright red fluids were flowing in the bottle of Fire Potion that Kasa was holding.
Although they were shallow, Yun Feng knew that they could empower the fire elements by two levels! That was an invincible boost for any mage!

Yun Feng narrowed her eyes.
Right now, the fire was level 8.
How powerful would it be if another bottle of Fire Potion was added to it? Level 9? Or maybe, the Commander Level?

“Kasa, this is the Masang School of Magic!” said Yun Feng coldly.
That woman seemed to be adopting any means possible for the victory.
The fire elements were always brutal.
This place would be ruined if she lost control of the fire elements that were beyond her level!

“Get the hell out of here if you don’t want to die!” roared Kasa.
The audience was dumbfounded.
What was going on? Kasa glared at them.
She didn’t care about other people’s safety.
She was determined to win, and she could not afford a failure.
It had to be the Yun family that got humiliated!

The fire wolf howled at the crowd, launching another hot wave at the students, who were all panicking.
Some of them had fled immediately because they were too frightened.
Seeing the wolf’s terrifying posture, the students realized that Kasa wasn’t kidding.

Murong Ran changed her expression and left in a hurry.
Mi Lingli followed her closely.
The other members of the Fire Society retreated as quickly as possible.
The other teams, though dumbfounded, evacuated in a hurry too.
Very soon, the auditorium, which was crammed with people a moment earlier, became almost empty.
Yun Feng looked back at her brother and companions.

Yun Sheng nodded at Yun Feng, and helped Mu Xiaojin to her feet.
Qu Lanyi, on the other hand, winked at Yun Feng.
“Fengfeng, we’re all leaving.
You don’t need to hold yourself back anymore, you know?”

Yun Feng was rather surprised.
She put on a smile, and Qu Lanyi blew her a kiss and then walked away.
“Xiao Feng, be careful,” said Mu Xiaojin concernedly.
Yun Feng nodded.
Yun Sheng, on the other hand, said practically, “I’ll be waiting for you outside.
Get out sooner.”

Yun Feng couldn’t help but chuckle.
All of them retreated.
Kasa turned around and said to the referee, “Sir, you may want to get out first.
You’ll know the result of our battle very soon anyway.”

The referee swallowed hard, and quickly left.
All that he could think of was that he must inform Mr.
Ted and the Vice Principal immediately!

The auditorium of the Masang School of Magic became empty.
Nobody was around except Kasa and Yun Feng who were still in the arena.
Outside of the auditorium, it was surrounded by people.
All the students were craning their heads and watching, but they didn’t have the courage to draw any closer, because the wolf that Kasa released was too horrifying.
Besides, there was another bottle of Fire Potion.
If that Fire Potion was used too, then the consequences would be…

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