Chapter 317: Fight (1)

The Water Arrow darted towards the Beast, who laughed and dodged easily.
Mu Xiaojin was too weak to keep up with the Beast’s speed.
The wind element was famous for its speed and among the most popular elements.
Once a wind element mage controlled the pace and speed in a battle, then their victory wouldn’t be far away.

The Beast easily dodged Mu Xiaojin’s Water Arrow, and then flashed again.
Mu Xiaojin held her breath, as she felt that her back was cold.
She quickly stepped back.
Then, the Beast returned to where he had been a moment earlier.
He licked his blade with the most salacious expression on his face.

While everybody was watching, Mu Xiaojin’s clothes cracked again on her back, which made her even paler.
Yun Feng was infuriated.
If she had known that such a pervert would be sent to the arena, she would’ve definitely fought and beat that guy up without letting Mu Xiaojin replace her!

Seeing how humiliated Mu Xiaojin was in the arena, Yun Sheng couldn’t have looked more awful.
There were more and more tears in Mu Xiaojin’s clothes.
Although she tried to catch up, she was too slow for the Beast.
There were so many openings in her clothes that they were just some rags that barely covered her.

“Little girl, you’ll be prettier without your clothes.
Let me help you take them off!” The Beast stared at Mu Xiaojin’s half-naked body, and her fair skin that had been exposed.
He put on a twisted and crazy expression again, and swallowed with bloodshot eyes.

Mu Xiaojin stood there and didn’t bother to cover herself anymore.
She actually calmed down at this moment.
To be attacked by her opponent in such a way in the arena was definitely an insult to a girl.
Seeing how embarrassed Mu Xiaojin was, Kasa burst into laughter.
“It seems that the first naked running member of the Constellation Society is here.”

Her voice wasn’t too loud, yet everybody at the arena could hear her.
The members of the Fire Society all burst into laughter, and those of the Constellation Society were silent.
They thought even more poorly of the Fire Society, which apparently would just take in any kind of person.
No society would’ve possibly accepted such a disgusting man as the Beast except the Fire Society!

Hearing that, Qu Lanyi smiled and combed her hair with her hand.
“Don’t jump to any conclusion yet, or it may be a slap in your own face later.”

Kasa changed her expression and glanced at Qu Lanyi, who didn’t even bother to look back at her.
She bit her lips angrily and shouted at the Beast, “Finish her off already!”

The Beast nodded, and seemed about to launch the final attack.
Was Mu Xiaojin really going to be humiliatingly reduced to nakedness in the arena? Yun Feng stared at Mu Xiaojin.
If the Beast dared to do that, she would definitely beat him into smithereens even though it violated the rules!

Mu Xiaojin suddenly smiled.
Her red lips curled upwards, and she didn’t appear as submissive as she did a moment earlier.
Although she didn’t do anything, her vibe was changing and she seemed unstoppable!

Xiaojin… Yun Feng mumbled to herself.
Qu Lanyi chuckled.
“It seems that the situation will change.”

“Little girl, are you picturing the scene where I caress you? Haha.
Don’t be hasty.
I’m coming!” shouted the Beast, while opening his mouth and extending his long tongue from which drool was dripping.
He dashed towards Mu Xiaojin, only to be stiffened the next second.

The Beast’s eyes widened.
He raised his head and looked at Mu Xiaojin in disbelief.
Mu Xiaojin smiled.
Feeling the coldness that was spreading from the arena, Yun Feng knew exactly what she had done.

When faced with an opponent who was too fast, the first thing to do was to suppress their speed! Yun Feng recalled her battle against Lan Yi.
As a wind element Magic Beast, Lan Yi was much faster than this person.
She came up with the idea of disrupting Lan Yi’s pace with the thunder element, so that it would have to protect itself.
Unlike the Beast, Lan Yi flew in the sky and was more challenging.
However, they were both wind element opponents.
Mu Xiaojin was doing exactly the same thing as Yun Feng did earlier.

They were suppressing their opponents’ speed!

Once their opponents’ speed was lowered, their greatest advantage would be gone, and they would only get beaten up!

“What’s going on?” Kasa looked at the Beast, whose speed had dropped significantly and whose limbs seemed stiffened, puzzled.
Murong Ran, who was standing behind Kasa, was frightened, and instinctively shivered.
Mi Lingli narrowed her eyes and gazed at the Beast in the arena.
Mu Xiaojin simply stood there without moving.
Mi Lingli stepped up and reached the arena.
Hardly had she touched the floor of the arena when a swallowing stream of coldness spread along her finger like electricity!

“Tsk!” Mi Lingli suddenly retreated her hand, and covered her frozen finger with her other hand.
She was quite shocked.
Seeing that, Kasa realized what happened too.
She gazed at Mu Xiaojin, who had been humiliated, but was smart enough to find a way to suppress her opponent’s advantage.

Seeing Mi Lingli’s reaction, Murong Ran suddenly crossed her arms.
When the coldness surrounded her, she remembered her days back in the hospital.
That experience was a nightmare.

“Do you feel cold?” asked one of the students who were watching the game.
He couldn’t help but rub his arms.

“Now that you mentioned it, it’s truly getting colder and colder…” The other students all echoed with him.
It was still the warm season.
Where was this uncanny coldness from?

Yun Feng looked at Mu Xiaojin who was on the stage and put on a smile.
Xiaojin had grown a lot.
Despite the humiliations, she was able to think calmly and act decisively.
Battles could truly facilitate growth! Also, Mu Xiaojin was making use of the water element in another form.
Yun Feng was very proud of her.
Xiaojin was so smart!

The Beast’s limbs were numb.
His speed that he had always been proud of had been sealed by the cold air.
He even felt that his blood was flowing at a lower and lower speed.
He could almost hear it freezing.
“Damn you, bi*ch, what have you done?”

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