Chapter 305: The Fire Society’s Humiliation (6)

Ling Xiaoyun slowly turned around and put on a smile at Kasa.
His white teeth were glittering, which made him look like a canine.
“Who the f*ck are you to boss me around?”

Kasa had been proud of her identity as a member of the royal family ever since she was born.
Everybody had respected her.
Yun Feng was the first person to challenge her dignity, and caused her greatest failure.
This time, Ling Xiaoyun had insulted her in an even more blatant way.
This time, she might lose even more brutally.

Kasa flushed in fury.
Her face was even turning purple.
She clenched her fists hard, and she shivered because of what Ling Xiaoyun said.
However, she didn’t say anything.
She was here to divide the Constellation Society, especially its representatives! She didn’t care even if anyone was going to say that she was unscrupulous.
To that, she would only reply with her head held high, “This is just how the royal family does things.
What do you know?”

Ling Xiaoyun looked at Kasa in disdain.
“Get lost!” He roared, and returned to the tower without looking back.
Kasa was stunned for a moment.
Then, her face turned purple, and she breathed more and more heavily.
“You, you, you…” Kasa stared at Ling Xiaoyun and watched him reenter the Trial Tower.
Kasa breathed heavily and tried her best to retain her grace as a member of the royal family!

Yun Feng, and now Ling Xiaoyun.
Were they blind or stupid? They didn’t have any respect for her, a royal princess.
Did they not have families in the Karan Empire? Were they not afraid that the royal family would attack them in fury? Why did they dare to provoke a royal princess again and again?

Kasa thought furiously.
A lot of students who passed by looked at her curiously.
Kasa managed to regain control of her expression, and strutted away with her head held high like a proud chicken, while everybody looked at her thoughtfully.
Yet, her back was stiff, and she nearly tripped.

Kasa’s operation of divide-and-conquer failed, which made her angry.
The Constellation Society’s representatives were indeed a huge problem for Kasa.
There were Yun Feng, Qu Lanyi, and Ling Xiaoyun whose strength was unknown.
Kasa didn’t know who Ling Xiaoyun was.
Having been in the Masang School of Magic for years, she didn’t even know Ling Xiaoyun.
She wasn’t worried about Yun Sheng or Mu Xiaojin.
She didn’t consider them threats.
Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi were Kasa’s greatest opponents.
There was no way that she could beat them.
It was quite a problem for the Fire Society to win the contest.
However, Kasa didn’t know that Yun Sheng, who didn’t catch her attention at all, would be the most shocking person in the contest.
Also, because of this contest, the Yun family would embrace a completely unknown storm.

Very soon, it was already the night before the social ranking contest, which would officially begin on the next day.
The representatives of every society that participated in the contest were excited, and the audience was even more excited than them.
All the students were heatedly discussing who would win the society ranking contest on the next day.

On this night, when all the students discussed excitedly and loudly, the Vice Principal of the Masang School of Magic received an important message, which widened his eyes and filled them with light.

The Vice Principal immediately summoned Ted, who came right away without any sleepiness.
It seemed that he was somewhat thrilled about the upcoming society ranking contest too.
Opening the Vice Principal’s office, Ted saw him seated on a chair in front of the window with the moonlight shining over his face through the glass.
The old man who always seemed relaxed and comfortable appeared rather mysterious on this occasion.

“Vice Principal,” said Ted softly.
The Vice Principal didn’t turn around, but simply chuckled.
“Ted, you’re having trouble sleeping too?”

Ted was dazed for a moment, and then put on a smile.
“You too, Vice Principal? It’s already late.
Do you want someone to talk with you?”

The Vice Principal chuckled again.
“You’re too old to be so excited.
That girl must’ve been a great surprise to you.
I, on the other hand, am not as excited as you are.”

“Then why did you…” Ted frowned suspiciously.
The Vice Principal turned around slowly and looked at Ted with a smiling, wrinkled face.
He waved his finger, and a tiny fire element leaped from his finger to the lamp, illuminating his face and making him look rather mysterious.

“Our Principal, who’s far away in the Gamen Empire, finally sent a message back.” Ted’s eyes widened the moment the Vice Principal said that.
He looked at the Vice Principal with disbelief and panic.
Then, he suddenly laid his arms on the Vice Principal’s table.

“Our Principal?”

The Vice Principal nodded with a smile.
“That irresponsible old man is like a ghost.
Ted, we’ve got things to do.”

Ted frowned.
The Vice Principal waved his hand, and threw a letter to Ted.
Ted quickly grabbed the letter, and slightly frowned at the messy handwriting on the envelope.
Then, he smiled helplessly.
The Principal was as wild as before.
Was he not afraid that other people couldn’t read his handwriting?

As he read the letter, Ted became serious and furrowed his brows harder and harder.
In the end, after finishing the letter, Ted raised his head with gloom all over his face.

“So to speak, we’ve really got things to do…” Ted mumbled in a low voice.
The Vice Principal chuckled and leaned back against the chair.
“I’m not too worried this time.
After all, too many surprising kids have shown up this year.
For them, this will just be an easy task.”

Ted put on a smile, as the Vice Principal was absolutely right about that.
Remembering Yun Feng, Ted was less gloomy.
With her here, the Masang School of Magic would probably distinguish itself this time…

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