Chapter 299: Yun Feng’s Return (2)

Yun Feng’s red lips curled.
It was fairly easy to infuriate Kasa.
When one was angry, it was easy for them to lose control of themselves, make insensible judgments, and say things that they would regret.
Kasa’s naked running was inevitable.
The key was to let it happen in a skillful way, so that Yun Feng could take all the advantage.
For example, she could make use of Murong Yuntian, whom Kasa had always liked.

Yun Feng remembered the connection between the Yun family and the Murong family that had been cut apart a long time earlier.
Kasa couldn’t possibly know that, as even Murong Yuntian was unaware of it.
The Karan Royal Family didn’t have time to investigate everything the Yun family did either.
So, the intelligence that nobody else knew would be valuable.

Yun Feng had already made up a plan.
She spent the rest of the two days in Park City with her father.
Her father asked about Yun Sheng, and she simply replied that everything was fine.
They didn’t talk much even when they were together.
When Yun Jing did his things, Yun Feng simply stayed aside without disturbing him.
Spending two days in peace, it was time for them to return.
Yun Feng and Yun Jing said goodbye to each other.

Yun Jing was returning to Chunfeng Town.
They were leaving through different city gates.
Everybody in the Yun family was decisive and determined.
The father and daughter never looked back after they said goodbye.
Yun Feng remembered the Sound Transmission Jade she gave her father.
It would be very easy for her to reach out to him later.

Coming to the suburbs of Park City, Yun Feng saw the Masang School of Magic’s bat waiting for her.
She jumped on its back, and considered what she must do after she returned to the Masang School of Magic.
The society ranking contest was starting… She had the feeling of being peeped at again, and suddenly looked down from the bat’s back.
As the bat rose higher and higher, it became impossible for her to see the ground clearly, but she kept gazing at one place, until the bat took her away.

A long time after Yun Feng left, someone appeared in the place that she had been gazing at.
He was none other than the handsome young man whose face was half covered.
He stared at the direction where Yun Feng left and mumbled, “It’s impossible for me to chase her to the Masang School of Magic… But that’s fine.
We’ll meet again.”

Ever since the forms for the society ranking contest were submitted, the Masang School of Magic had been caught in a heated atmosphere.
Everybody in the school was excited.
They passionately discussed which would be the best society this year.
Naturally, the war between the Constellation Society and the Fire Society attracted most students’ attention.

The Masang School of Magic had been divided into two factions.
Originally, the members of the Fire Society didn’t consider the challenge a big deal.
After all, the Constellation Society was too weak.
They didn’t know Qu Lanyi’s participation or Yun Sheng’s sudden advancement, so they thought the Constellation Society was as weak as before, and would only embarrass itself.
However, to their surprise, the Constellation Society had a huge number of supporters!

Chu Kuangren had been feeling awful for days, because of the recurring conflicts between the Fire Society’s members and the Constellation Society’s supporters.
“Bam!” Chu Kuangren hit the table heavily.
“It’s just the Constellation Society.
Are they blind? How can the Fire Society possibly fail? What a bunch of idiots!” After Chu Kuangren mumbled that, someone broke into the Fire Society’s office.
“Deputy leader! Something happened! They’re fighting again!”

Chu Kuangren looked even more awful.
He rose and stormed out in fury, gnashing his teeth.
He had been furious for days.
He didn’t know what the princess was concerned about, or why the Constellation Society had so many supporters! The Fire Society was under unprecedented pressure because of the insignificant Constellation Society, whose supporters should be taught a good lesson!

Chu Kuangren dashed out in fury, and saw two groups of people furiously confronting each other in the square before the society building.
One of them had a wounded arm, and the others were applying bandages to it.
Someone shouted, “Why did you hurt him?”

“Why did we hurt him? You should feel lucky that only his arm was hurt! If you announce that the Fire Society will fail next time, you’ll be mutilated!” A guy from the Fire Society roared furiously.
After the roar, the Constellation Society’s supporters became angry.
“Just wait for it.
The Constellation Society will surely beat you!”

“You…” The guy was about to attack, when someone dragged him.
He looked back, only to find that it was Chu Kuangren.
“Deputy leader!” Chu Kuangren smiled and looked at the group of people on the opposite side.
He suddenly burst into laughter, and pointed his finger at them.
“It will beat us?? Great! Where is Yun Feng? Do you know where she is? I haven’t seen her in days.
She didn’t flee because of fear, did she?”

What he said made the Fire Society’s supporters burst into laughter, and the Constellation Society’s supporters looked at each other in bewilderment.
It was true that Yun Feng hadn’t been seen on campus for days.
Many people of the Fire Society had been spreading rumors, and the Constellation Society’s supporters couldn’t argue.

“Y-You’re lying! How can Yun Feng possibly flee?”

“She didn’t? Then let her come out! Just let her come out.
I would love to meet her!” declared Chu Kuangren provocatively.
The people behind him all laughed crazily.
However, before their laughter came to an end, a cold voice had come close.
“You want to meet me?”

The Constellation Society’s supporters, hearing the voice, all turned their heads and looked at its source in delight.
Chu Kuangren was so shocked that he nearly bit his own tongue.
He stared at the beautiful girl who was walking closer.
Wasn’t she supposed to be missing?

While everybody watched, a slim girl walked closer.
Her pretty face was covered in frost, and coldness glittered in her black eyes.
Her clothes were fluttering in the gentle breeze.
Her long hair tumbled down her back, as smooth as a waterfall.

Yun Feng walked close unhurriedly and gazed at Chu Kuangren coldly.
She had heard everything the man said.
It seemed that a deep misunderstanding was caused when she left without saying goodbye.

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