Chapter 291: Yun Feng’s Decision (2)

Qu Lanyi raised her brows.
“You’re indeed smart, Fengfeng.
But what are you going to do now? You’re the one who challenged her, which puts you in an awkward position.”

Yun Feng became even more sullen.
Unlike when other people challenged her, she was the one who challenged someone else this time, and it was hard for her to resolve the trouble.
Qu Lanyi heaved a sigh and leaned back.
“In my opinion, you should just forget the Karan Royal Family.
You can always fight it if you don’t have a choice.
Isn’t it great?”

Yun Feng became even gloomier.
Did that woman not have a better solution? Could she fight the royal family? The Yun family was still in Chunfeng Town.
How could she fight the royal family? She couldn’t, not until she found a more powerful supporter!

“So, this is really a tricky situation.
Kasa will surely lose, and run around the campus naked.
The Karan Royal Family will surely be infuriated.
What will you do, Fengfeng?”

Qu Lanyi slowly turned around.
Yun Feng was still frowning.
What could she do? The challenge was inevitable.
However, she should’ve reconsidered the naked-running deal…

“I suggest that we run away together before the Karan Royal Family is enraged.
What do you think?” Qu Lanyi seemed quite excited about this proposal.
However, Yun Feng simply glared at her.
“No.” She declined quickly.

“Fengfeng, you’re truly cold-hearted.
Never mind.
You’re still considering how to turn this disadvantageous situation into an advantageous one, right?” Qu Lanyi complained and then rose, before she looked back at Yun Feng.
Yun Feng’s eyes glittered.
Could this disadvantageous situation turn into an advantageous one?

The Karan Royal Family learned of Yun Feng’s challenge from Kasa very soon.
The emperor changed his expression after learning the news.
Although he knew it was just a competition between two young people, the Karan Royal Family’s honor was at risk.
It would be humiliating if Kasa lost and ran naked in front of so many people!

Kasa spent a few days in uneasiness, before she received the response of the Karan Royal Family, who asked her to win whatever it might take, or she would have to brace for the consequences! Hearing that, Kasa became quite gloomy.
She didn’t know Yun Feng’s strength very well, but Yun Feng wasn’t the only member of the Constellation Society.
Qu Lanyi was there too.
How could her society possibly defeat the top-ranking genius?

Kasa had thought that the Karan Royal Family would impose pressure on the Yun family and force Yun Feng to withdraw the challenge.
However, the Karan Royal Family simply ordered her to win! That was so hard!

The society ranking contest of the Masang School of Magic finally began in this strange and anxious atmosphere.
When the participation forms were submitted, good news came from inside the Dragon Palace: Yun Sheng had finally jumped to level 7!

Yun Feng was quite excited at the news.
She took out the jade pendant and released her big brother in a secret position.
When Yun Sheng left the Dragon Palace, the pair of gray eyes in the Dragon Palace opened again with infinite surprise.

“What happened? A level 3 kid has risen to level 7 in only one month? What kind of cultivation speed was that?”

The young man thought for a moment and shook his head.
“Never mind.
They’re all weirdos.
I’m just going to bed…”

After Yun Sheng came out, he actually had evolved significantly.
Having risen to level 7, he was already one of the strongest geniuses of the Masang School of Magic.
He was even a level higher than Kasa!

Yun Feng informed Yun Sheng of her deal with Kasa the moment he came out.
Yun Sheng frowned after he heard that, but didn’t blame Yun Feng for her recklessness.
He simply said, “Feng, you know very well that the Karan Empire would attack the Yun family sooner or later.”

Yun Feng nodded and grabbed her big brother’s hand.
“Let’s seize this opportunity and let the Yun family break away from the Karan Empire!”

Yun Sheng was stunned for a moment.
“Break away from the Karan Empire?”

Yun Feng nodded.
We’ll break away from the Karan Empire.
The Yun family is nobody’s slave.
We’re our own masters! Once the Yun family becomes independent, I’ll announce to the East Continent my identity as a summoner.
Then, even if the Karan Empire wants to attack the Yun family, the other countries won’t let it!”

Yun Sheng was completely shocked when he heard that.
He never knew of his sister’s plan.
Once the Yun family broke away from the Karan Empire, it would surely try to annihilate the Yun family! However, if Yun Feng publicized her identity as a summoner, the entire East Continent would be thrilled! The other three empires would rush to make friends with the Yun family, and there would be nothing the Karan Empire could do!

If the Karan Empire wanted to attack the Yun family despite everything it had done for the empire, why should the Yun family care about the bond in the past? It was better to take the initiative and push the empire into a dilemma, where it could only watch the Yun family grow without being able to do anything!

“Feng, have you told your idea to our father yet?” asked Yun Sheng.
Yun Feng shook her head.
“Not yet.
So, I have to return to Chunfeng Town someday and tell our father what I’m planning.
Kasa will surely lose.
I won’t go easy on her! However, the Karan Empire won’t be able to hurt the Yun family either!”

Yun Sheng took a deep breath.
Had it not been for his sister, the Yun family would’ve been destroyed by the Lin family a long time ago.
Had it not been for his sister, he wouldn’t have been admitted by the Masang School of Magic, and would’ve been killed in the trap.
The Yun family owed its rise to his sister!

“Go for it.
Whatever you do, Feng, I’m always on your side.
Whether you decide to break away from the Karan Empire or move to another place, I’ll always support you!” Yun Sheng petted Yun Feng’s head, with gentleness in his eyes.
Yun Feng nodded heavily.
It was quite a risky decision not just for herself, but also for the Yun family including her father and brother.
She had made a decision and judgment in a self-willed way, yet her brother supported her unconditionally.
Yun Feng felt warm.
She decided that she wouldn’t let the Yun family be hurt at all no matter what she had to pay!

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