Chapter 285: Yun Sheng’s Transformation (3)

It was truly lucky for Feng to find such a strong master!

“Big brother? Big brother!” Yun Feng’s voice echoed on the tenth floor, and he instantly replied with a smile, “Feng, don’t worry.
Everything is fine.
The elemental density here is indeed multiple times greater than that in the Trial Tower.
Your master is truly extraordinary!”

Yun Feng chuckled in the outside world.
“Brother, just focus on cultivation there.
In half a month, you’ll probably jump to level 7.
It’ll be time to sign up for society ranking contests.
You’ll astonish those who have always despised you!”

Yun Sheng chuckled and sat cross-legged, closing his eyes and devoting himself to cultivation.
He would find out whether or not he had a special phase body and could jump to level 7 as long as he cultivated here!


In a corner of the Dragon Palace, a pair of gray eyes slowly widened with confusion.
A level 3 man had entered the Dragon Palace? Did the girl let him in? What was she up to? The young man moved his body.
Thinking for a moment, he closed his eyes again.
He was too sleepy to care about what the girl was doing.


Now that her big brother started cultivating in the Dragon Palace, Yun Feng was finally relieved.
She threw the dragon-shaped pendant into her bracelet and was about to withdraw her mental strength, when the fuzzy creature inside the bracelet stopped her.
Was it… Meatball?

She took Meatball out with a thought.
After it appeared in her hand, it slowly opened its eyes first, as if it had been sleeping for a long time.
When it saw Yun Feng, it suddenly became energized, and extended and waved its paws at Yun Feng, with obvious fury in its big eyes.

Was it angry? Yun Feng looked at Meatball in confusion.
Meatball’s cheeks were puffing because of fury.
Yun Feng found it adorable and couldn’t help but flick at Meatball’s forehead.
Meatball cried pitifully, and patted Yun Feng’s hand with its tail, as if it were protesting.

“What’s the matter?” With a teasing smile, Yun Feng grabbed Meatball and shook it.
She had been missing the little creature.
There were too many students in the Masang School of Magic, and Meatball might cause trouble if it was released.
So, she had to keep it a secret.
She finally had the time to play with it at this moment.
Her life would be boring if she couldn’t “torture” Meatball!

Meatball’s plump body shivered nonstop, and it kept patting Yun Feng’s hand with its tail.
It was obviously unhappy, but it didn’t bite her.
It seemed to be indulging Yun Feng.
If anyone else had done that to her, it would’ve bitten them already.

“Nana… Nana…” Meatball cried in a low voice lethargically.
Yun Feng examined it carefully, and finally reached a conclusion.
“Are you hungry?”

Meatball’s black eyes glittered, and it nodded its little head and wriggled its body nonstop.
It even waved its claws excitedly.
Yun Feng’s thought was confirmed.
It was truly hungry.

She took out an ultimate ore, and Meatball almost lunged towards it.
It gazed at the ultimate ore with its grape-like eyes without blinking at all.
Yun Feng heaved a long sigh.
“Take it easy.
I only have limited ultimate ores.”

Hearing that, Meatball cried pitifully.
Yun Feng’s lips curled.
Just keep playing cute… She loosened the ultimate ore from her hand, and Meatball immediately caught it with its claws and put it in its mouth, chewing with great satisfaction while wagging its tails.
It seemed ecstatic.

Yun Feng watched for a long time.
Meatball’s mouth that was filled up by the ultimate ore finally became empty again.
It burped with great satisfaction, and patted its tail on the back of Yun Feng’s hand.
Yun Feng smiled and let it go.
Meatball jumped to her shoulder and nuzzled her cheek to please her.

How obsequious…” Yun Feng mocked Meatball with a smile, and Meatball chirped happily.
She suddenly thought of something, and grabbed Meatball again.
Meatball made a sound obediently, and looked completely innocent and cute.

Yun Feng narrowed her eyes.
If she remembered correctly, this little creature could enter or exit the space in her bracelet.
So, could it enter her master’s ring? Considering how gluttonous it was, it was completely unreasonable that none of the ultimate or high-level ores were missing!

“Did you consider entering that ring?” Yun Feng narrowed her eyes and observed Meatball questioningly.
Meatball shook its head, but gave in to Yun Feng’s determined eyes.
It nodded in the end.

Yun Feng’s lips cramped.
Just as she expected.
Fortunately, it was her master’s ring.
If it were someone else’s, this little thing would’ve emptied it already! Yun Feng glared at it and dragged it close to her face.
They looked each other in the eyes.

“If you dare to eat the ores, I will never talk to you again.”

Meatball seemed dazed.
Then, it seemed to be struggling against itself.
Finally, after a fierce inward debate, it finally made a sound and patted Yun Feng’s hand with its tail.
Yun Feng heaved a sigh of relief.
Fortunately, between the ores and her, she was the winner.

“Please hang in there for another while.
I’ll remind myself of the time and won’t starve you again,” said Yun Feng softly.
Meatball brushed Yun Feng’s arm with its tail.
Yun Feng loosened her hand, and Meatball flashed into Yun Feng’s bracelet.
Yun Feng shook her head helplessly.
That creature was fundamentally a gourmet.
She might go bankrupt because of it someday…

Canceling the mental strength that blocked the space, she saw that there were few people at the periphery of the Masang School of Magic, and that the many lights in the dormitory building had been turned on.
Yun Feng touched her belly, and decided to go straight back since she wasn’t hungry.
She would also check up on Xiaojin along the way.

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