Chapter 265: Rules of Studying (1)

“Hey, is this your favorite color, Fengfeng?” asked Qu Lanyi, holding Yun Feng’s underwear.
Yun Feng blushed and took it from her.
“Let me take care of my own stuff.
Thank you for your help.”

Qu Lanyi chuckled and stepped aside as instructed.
“You get shy very easily, don’t you?”

Yun Feng didn’t reply.
She didn’t have a lot of stuff, and soon unpacked all of it.
When she looked back, she saw Qu Lanyi staring at her while leaning against a table.
She looked around and asked, “Why are there only two students in this dorm?”

Qu Lanyi raised her brows and gazed at Yun Feng.
The mole between her brows seemed to be getting brighter.
She approached Yun Feng and didn’t speak in a low voice until she came to Yun Feng’s side, “Do you really not know?”

Yun Feng raised her brows suspiciously.
What should she know?

Qu Lanyi giggled and pointed at herself.
“Because of me.
Nobody dares to share a room with me except for you.”

Yun Feng felt that a dark cloud was growing right above her head.
She looked at Qu Lanyi and asked, “What else have you done except for the craziness just now?”

Qu Lanyi curled her lips and put on a smile.
“I’ve done plenty of things.
You’ll know about them sooner or later, Fengfeng.”

Yun Feng chuckled.
She had seen all sorts of people.
While Qu Lanyi’s behavior was rather perplexing, she didn’t seem to be a bad person, and her way of greeting was very special.
Yun Feng believed that she would learn a lot if she lived with a genius who was as gifted as herself.
Besides, her roommate majored in light, and might know mages who majored in darkness.

Yun Feng shook her head and lay on her bed, which was soft and elastic.
She slowly closed her eyes.
The next day, her life as a student would officially begin.
She wasn’t sure what she could acquire from the Masang School of Magic yet.

Qu Lanyi was surprised to see Yun Feng laying on the bed.
After a long time, she finally asked in confusion, “Are you not going to move out?”

Yun Feng unhurriedly opened her eyes and glanced at Qu Lanyi.
For some reason, her red mole always caught Yun Feng’s attention.
“Why would I? You’re not a ferocious beast.
I’m not scared of you.”

Qu Lanyi stood there, astonished, as if it was hard for her to understand what Yun Feng said.
Yun Feng then closed her eyes and rested again.
Qu Lanyi stood there for a long time, before finally smiling.
She gazed at Yun Feng’s closed eyes for a long time, and found her new roommate rather interesting.

The night went by just like that.
Yun Feng had a good sleep, only opening her eyes when sunlight embraced her.
She rose and looked around, only to see that Qu Lanyi was completely embedded in the sunlight as if she were a glowing cocoon.
She was rather astonished.
She had never seen a light element mage before.
Was that girl a glowing entity?

Qu Lanyi opened her eyes with laziness all over her face.
She was like an elf that had just woken up from a gigantic cocoon.
Her mole seemed redder and more appealing than ever.
Yun Feng casually moved her eyes away, and Qu Lanyi smiled at her.
“Fengfeng, good morning.”

Yun Feng said good morning back, and immediately freshened herself up.
After she was done, she found that Qu Lanyi was still on her bed.
“Why are you not getting up?” asked Yun Feng.

Qu Lanyi lay on her arm unhurriedly.
Her clothes didn’t fully cover her, and revealed her naked shoulder.

“Fengfeng, you’re unaware of the Masang School of Magic’s rules, right? They’re rather complicated.
Let the old guys tell them to you.
I’m going to sleep for a while longer.
Talk to you later.” After that, Qu Lanyi lay on her bed again.
Yun Feng thought for a moment and decided to ignore her.
She opened the door and walked out.

Hardly had Yun Feng opened the door when she saw Mu Xiaojin standing in the corridor.
She was quite surprised to see her.
Mu Xiaojin happily walked to Yun Feng.
Yun Feng smiled.
She was about to hold Mu Xiaojin’s hand and leave, when a voice came from behind her.

“Fengfeng has abandoned me for a new girlfriend.”

Mu Xiaojin immediately looked at the source of the voice, only to see Qu Lanyi, whose clothes were still sloppy, at the door.
She blushed, and found it awkward even though she was a girl too.
Yun Feng suddenly turned back, and looked at Qu Lanyi in the eyes.

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Yun Feng couldn’t help but roar.
Why did that woman have to make everything so weird?

“I’m not talking nonsense; it’s the truth.” Qu Lanyi looked at Yun Feng with a smile, her red lips curved.
Yun Feng would rather not talk to her.
She pulled Mu Xiaojin away, and Mu Xiaojin couldn’t help asking curiously in a low voice, “Xiao Feng, who is she? She’s so pretty…”

Yun Feng’s eyes twitched.
“She’s a pervert.
Just ignore her.”

Mu Xiaojin was slightly surprised, and couldn’t help but look back.
Qu Lanyi was still gazing at Yun Feng from the door.
There was no telling what she saw.
Mu Xiaojin turned around and said in a low voice, “Xiao Feng, she’s still looking at you…”

Yun Feng snorted and quickly took Mu Xiaojin downstairs.
What an uncanny roommate! They quickly left the dormitory building, and saw the new female students gathered together.
Seeing Yun Feng and Mu Xiaojin, one of the girls shouted, “Yun Feng, gather here!”

Yun Feng joined them with Mu Xiaojin.
When they saw Mi Lingli, Yun Feng asked in a low voice, “Did she bully you?”

Mu Xiaojin shook her head with a smile.
Yun Feng smiled too.
Soon, the boys walked there too.
When the hundred students were gathered, they waited and chatted with each other in smaller groups.

“I heard that there are a couple of celebrities in the Masang School of Magic!”

“I’ve heard that too! I also learned that there’s a rank in the Masang School of Magic.
A contest is held twice a year to renew the rank, but the top students on the rank have never changed!”

“Where did you learn that? Is it true? Then are you aware of the current rank?”

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