Chapter 240: What Is So Special About a Double-Element Mage (4)

Yun Feng raised the corners of her mouth and glanced at the stone of mid-level 5 very indifferently as she lifted it up effortlessly as well.
The audience around was truly thrilled when they saw that!

The cheers were even louder than before.
The battle between two geniuses made the audience extremely excited.
They could no longer predict who would be the champion anymore right now!

“Alright, you got balls!” Mi Lingli gritted her teeth and blurted out.
Yun Feng only glanced at her indifferently.
Mi Lingli closed her eyes again as the stone of the final stage of level 5 slowly floated, stopping in front of Mi Lingli steadily in the end!

The final stage of level 5!

“She has already reached the final stage of level 5?” The few magic teachers mumbled with more joy in their eyes, looking like the audiences who were watching the show.
Excitement was truly difficult to control! The jaws of the other candidates watching the battle between the two of them in the exam venue also dropped!

Let alone being a double-element mage, her strength had also reached the final stage of level 5! Many envious, jealous and resentful eyes instantly gazed at Mi Lingli, while Mu Xiaojin looked at Yun Feng with a smile.
In her heart, Yun Feng would definitely get first place no matter how strong Mi Lingli was!

Mi Lingli glanced over with a provocative and sarcastic gaze.
Bumpkin, I don’t believe that you can lift the stone of the final stage of level 5! However, Yun Feng was destined to let Mi Lingli down!

The stone of the final stage of level 5 slowly stopped before Yun Feng in front of everyone’s extremely surprised looks.
It was so stable without stopping at all.
Yun Feng also lifted the stone of the final stage of level 5 successfully!

The smile in Mu Xiaojin’s eyes became deeper, while Mu Canghai also had a beaming smile on his face.
Mu Xiaojin’s face immediately turned pale.
How was that possible? She lifted the stone of the final stage of level 5!

“Bumpkin, did you play any tricks?” Mi Lingli gritted her teeth and said.
Yun Feng only answered her coldly, “Pretentious girl, when exactly are you going to cut the crap?”

Mi Lingli’s face turned green and pale.
She thought carefully about what tricks she could play under the supervision of so many mages.
Was Yun Feng’s strength truly at the same level as hers? She couldn’t believe it!

Mi Lingli gritted her teeth and stared at Yun Feng like her black eyes were burning.
Yun Feng was still smiling calmly.
Comparing the manners of the two of them, Yun Feng had the kind of real elegance that belonged to geniuses.
On the contrary, Mi Lingli was too petty.
Using her own words, she herself was at the level of a bumpkin.

Mi Lingli closed her eyes again as her mental strength slowly explored the stone of the peak of level 5.
She originally thought that she would be able to humiliate the bumpkin after reaching the mid-level 5.
Unexpectedly, she had underestimated her! And yet, it didn’t matter.
Her real strength was at the peak of level 5! She didn’t believe that this bumpkin could surpass her!

When the stone of the peak of level 5 slowly stopped in front of Mi Lingli, even Ted couldn’t help feeling shocked.
He had never thought that this double-element mage had already reached the peak stage of level 5.
The thing was, he was only at the peak of level 6 at this age!

With the identity as a double-element mage and having such an astonishing level at this age, these glorious things of Mi Lingli were indeed amazing, despite all of her hateful factors!

Mi Lingli listened to the crazy cheers of the crowd around as she felt the envy that burst out of their eyes and the gasping sound that came from the candidates next to her.
She smiled.
She smiled very proudly and very arrogantly.

Mi Lingli slowly turned around.
Before she spoke complacently, before this complacent smile lasted longer, the scene in front of her made her arrogance freeze completely on her face!

There was a small smile at the corners of Yun Feng’s mouth.
The stone of the peak stage of level 5 slowly floated in front of her.
Mi Lingli widened her black eyes abruptly and watched the scene before her in disbelief.
Everyone was completely stunned at this moment!

Ted couldn’t help but swallow as well.
For some reason, Yun Feng was like a bottomless pit to him.
How powerful exactly was this kid? This test probably wouldn’t be able to find the limit!

The crowd was stirred, truly stirred.
The battle with four level-5 stones still hadn’t got a result.
Both of them successfully lifted all four stones.
Two geniuses at the peak of level 5! This exam was fucking exciting!

Mu Xiaojin couldn’t help but shout with a deep voice, “Xiao Feng, good job!” The other candidates only felt completely breathless.
The faces of some kids, who thought they were talented, darkened at this moment.
What were they in front of these two people?

However, things hadn’t ended yet.
The two of them are still tied right now.
The exam had to continue!

Mi Lingli gritted her teeth in her mind.
She knew the level of her strength clearly.
The peak of level 5 was already her limit! However, Yun Feng successfully lifted the stone up like she did.
The two of them were comparably strong!

Yun Feng smiled and looked at Mi Lingli with her black eyes.
“Pretentious girl, do you still want to increase the difficulty?”

She said this casually, but it made Mi Lingli so furious that she gritted her teeth! Her face flushed.
What else could she say? If she pushed herself too hard and continued increasing the difficulty, she wouldn’t be able to lift the level-6 stone at all.
Wouldn’t she be laughed at by everyone else by then? She originally thought that she could shine and steal the limelight during the admission exam.
And yet, this bumpkin who came out of nowhere took the advantage!

“If you don’t increase the difficulty, I’ll not wait for you.” Yun Feng’s voice came again.
Mi Lingli only felt like she was so enraged that her lungs almost exploded!

“Bumpkin, I don’t believe that you can have reached level 6!” Mi Lingli was also betting right now.
She had always thought that Yun Feng was actually pretending to be calm.
She had always thought that Yun Feng had already reached her limit after lifting the stone of the peak of level 5 successfully.
She had always thought that Yun Feng was only doing something beyond her abilities to look impressive.

“Haha, don’t forget that whoever loses will have to slap her own mouth,” Yun Feng said as she suddenly turned around and looked at Ted, who was already a bit shocked.
Ted, have you prepared a level-6 stone?”

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