Chapter 234: Acting Pretentious (4)

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“You!” Mu Canghai suddenly flushed.
The young man who was talking arrogantly just then turned out to be a woman! The huge part on her chest and the obvious curve of her body showed that the person in front of him was surprisingly a woman!

“Just wait, bastard, bitch, and you son of a bitch who played dirty! Remember, don’t leave Park City if you can.
I’ll make you die while suffering!”

Mu Canghai suddenly couldn’t say anything cruel and he couldn’t attack her anymore.
Facing such a woman, he still upheld the idea of ​​not hitting women, as a half-grown man.
Even though what this woman said was snarky and mean, he could only stare at her and couldn’t do anything.

“Oh? It turns out you’re a tomboy?” Yun Feng suddenly appeared on the side.
Mu Canghai wasn’t paying attention.
He thought Yun Feng had always been standing there, but Mu Xiaojin blinked a few times.
“Xiao Feng…” She whispered.
Mu Xiaojin was very confused.
Why did Xiao Feng show up all of a sudden?

Yun Feng smiled at Mu Xiaojin and winked.
She didn’t know if Mu Xiaojin understood or not.
Mu Xiaojin gave a sweet smile and didn’t talk anymore.
Yun Feng walked over and came to the person, who was kneeling with her head knocking on the ground at this moment.
Seeing how embarrassed she was right now, there was coldness in Yun Feng’s eyes.

“As a woman, you speak without any morals at all.
You only deserve to be a tomboy.” Yun Feng said coldly.
Mu Canghai couldn’t help but glance at Yun Feng.
He had never thought Yun Feng would have such a sharp tongue!

“Bitch! Don’t be so nosy! Are you with them? Haha, kill me if you have the guts, or just wait!” Huangzu Yelian barely supported her body and her face was covered in dirt.
She was smiling ferociously.
This person’s mind had already been distorted severely.
The blood flowing in her was also black vicious blood.
There was no humanity in her anymore!

“Kill you? I’m afraid I’ll get my hands dirty.” Yun Feng laughed contemptuously.
“Canghai, you don’t need to talk much to such a person, or you’ll lower your worth.
Let’s go back.”

Mu Canghai nodded.
In an argument, he wouldn’t be able to be at an advantage no matter how hard he tried, but Yun Feng was different.
What she said hurt people like an invisible blade!

“Just wait! Just wait!” Huangzu Yelian, who was kneeling on the ground, shouted reluctantly.
However, since her kneecaps had already broken, she could only kneel there embarrassedly and watched Yun Feng and the others leave.

The onlookers at the entrance of Park City automatically gave way.
Many people looked at Yun Feng worriedly.
Then, someone suddenly grabbed Yun Feng.
“Young lady, you should leave Park City as soon as possible.”

Yun Feng and the others stopped.

The speaker carefully glanced at Huangzu Yelian, who was kneeling nearby, and said softly, “Huangzu Yelian is the most arrogant one among the younger generation of the Huangzu family.
The Royal Mercenary Group in the Mercenary Union is even under the command of the Huangzu family!”

The others also nodded one after another.
“Right, I heard that it’s a two-star mercenary group!”

“Young lady, the three of you should go quickly!”

Yun Feng knew that these people only said this out of good intention, but what did she have to be scared of? A two-star mercenary group was nothing! How could they be compared to the Red Maple Mercenary Team? And this Huangzu family.
She had never heard of such a family.
They must have just risen in these three years.
Otherwise, why didn’t she see this arrogant Huangzu Yelian three years ago? If the Murong family didn’t decline, how would they be able to climb up? Do they really think that they were truly invincible in the world and nobody could offend them just because they were the top family in this small Park City?

“Thank you for your concern.
I’ve never heard of the Huangzu family and we won’t care about them.” Yun Feng smiled and said as she walked into Park City with Mu Xiaojin.
Mu Canghai also followed them inside.
Some people who spoke just then shook their heads and sighed directly.

“Ah, this young lady is a bit too arrogant…”

“Yeah, indeed.
Why doesn’t she listen to other people? Fine, just let her be.
When she suffers, she’ll know if we’re right or not.”

What these people said certainly went into Yun Feng’s ears without missing a word.
Yun Feng smiled.
She really had nothing to be afraid of.
As for now, even the Karan Royal Family couldn’t make her yield, let alone the Huangzu family that abused their power in the small Park City.

It would be fine if the Huangzu family knew their limitations.
Once they pissed her off, the Red Maple Mercenary Team might not be able to do anything, but how would the Yun Army of the Yun family let anyone provoke their Young Lady?

Yun Feng quickly put this episode behind her.
The three of them walked on the street of Park City and also forgot about those few flies from earlier.
Mu Xiaojin’s face soon became ruddy again.
“Xiao Feng, you haven’t signed up yet, have you? Sign up quickly!”

Yun Feng nodded as Mu Xiaojin grabbed Yun Feng and ran towards the place for the registration for Masang School of Magic.
Mu Canghai looked at his sister’s delightful back as relief gradually appeared in his eyes.
Xiaojin hadn’t been so happy for a long time.
Ever since what happened to their family, she barely smiled.
And now, she was smiling so joyfully.
This was truly wonderful…

Mu Canghai calmed his emotions and followed them.
Coming to the registration counter set up by Masang School of Magic, there were still a dozen people in the registration queue.
Yun Feng and Mu Xiaojin stood at the back hand-in-hand.
The two of them whispered softly and laughed very happily from time to time, looking extremely delighted.

“Can you be quiet?” The girl in front of Yun Feng suddenly turned around and muttered a few words to Yun Feng in dissatisfaction.
Mu Xiaojin quickly replied, “Sorry.”

The girl glanced at Mu Xiaojin, then looked at Yun Feng.
She turned around and mumbled, “Two bumpkins, like someone from the countryside going into the city.”

Mu Xiaojin’s face flushed.
She bit her lips and didn’t say anything else, standing next to Yun Feng quietly.
Yun Feng looked at the teenage girl in front of her with coldness in her eyes.
The girl was wearing luxurious clothes.
It seemed that she was the daughter of a rich family.
However, after what happened just then, it looked like she was the kind of arrogant person who had her nose in the air.
Yun Feng didn’t bother to waste her energy on such a person..
Since they were all going to Masang School of Magic, she would have a chance to get back at the girl.

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