Chapter 228: Ripping Them Off Again (3)

Tuoba Gang was about to speak so Leng Siaose glanced at him as he said with a smile, “After being gone for three years, you have become quite impressive, Yun Feng.”

Yun Feng smiled and finally gazed at Leng Siaose.
“Thank you for your compliment, Commander Leng.”

Leng Siaose smiled.
The four of them didn’t come to visit her, but wanted to settle the scores with her! “Since Mr.
Zheng Ran is here, we also have something to talk to you about, Yun Feng.”

There was a smile in Yun Feng’s black eyes.
She knew that they didn’t come with good intentions, but she would roll with the punches! “Commander Leng, what do you want to talk to me about?”

“My Lady!” A shout came.
Yun Feng turned around slightly and saw Zhao Mingqi rushing down the stairs quickly.
When Zhao Mingqi saw Yun Feng, he ran over with an excited look and even forgot that Zheng Ran was on the side.

“My Lady, you’re back.” Zhao Mingqi said to Yun Feng with a slight tremor in his voice.
When he saw the four Commanders, he smiled.
“Commanders, why are you here?”

Tuoba Gang waved his big hand as a level-9 fighting energy flashed towards Zhao Mingqi abruptly.
Zhao Mingqi became anxious and his strength as a level-8 warrior immediately burst out.
The scene three years ago happened again!

Zheng Ran narrowed his eyes and stood aside, looking at Yun Feng with a smile.
A glint of coldness flashed through Yun Feng’s black eyes abruptly as she twisted her wrist gently.
Her mental strength then blocked in front of Zhao Mingqi completely and destroyed Tuoba Gang’s level-9 fighting energy silently.
Zhao Mingqi wasn’t injured at all!

The four Commanders couldn’t help but feel shocked after seeing this scene, while Zheng Ran showed a smile at the corners of his mouth.
Zhao Mingqi gazed at Yun Feng with a thrilled look.
His Young Lady blocked an attack for him three years ago and it was still the same today three years later!

“Commander Tuoba, you made an attack in the territory of the Red Maple Mercenary Team.
What exactly do you want? Are you dissatisfied with the Red Maple Mercenary Team? If you are, you can just tell us.
Why do you have to use these tricks?” Yun Feng’s face turned completely cold.
She didn’t have the strength to challenge him three years ago.
However, three years later today, he could never hurt anyone of the Red Maple Mercenary Team in front of her!

Tuoba Gang’s face flushed.
He knew that his attack was completely resolved by Yun Feng and that he wouldn’t be able to get any advantages from Yun Feng.
He was even at a loss for words because of what Yun Feng said.
He only stood there with a flushed face, unable to find a way out of the embarrassment.

“Yun Feng, Tuoba Gang just got anxious.
He didn’t hurt anyone, did he?” Leng Siaose said as Yun Feng grunted coldly.
Leng Siaose was extremely thick-skinned.
She didn’t want to argue with them anymore.

“Commanders, just tell me what you want to talk to me about.” Yun Feng said indifferently and the good-tempered look she had just then was already gone.

Leng Siaose and the other Commanders looked upset when they thought about the anger they had been repressing for three years.

“If you want us to talk about it, then let’s talk about it.
Zheng Ran, please do us justice.” Leng Siaose bowed to Zheng Ran and Zheng Ran nodded with a smile.
When Leng Siaose saw that Zheng Ran agreed, he looked at Yun Feng coldly.
“Three years ago, Yun Feng completely ripped us off.”

Zhao Yan was enraged after hearing that.
When he was about to speak, his father stopped him.
Yun Feng pondered for a while when she heard what Leng Siaose said.
She finally understood what the four of them were talking about.
“What do you mean by ripping you off? Did I force you? You did it voluntarily and you signed the agreement at the notary office of the Mercenary Union.
If I remember correctly, your dragged me there, Commanders.”

“That’s because we fell into your trap!” The Commander of the Raging Fire Group shouted furiously and the Commander of the Waning Moon Group also said in rage, “Yun Feng, you know clearly in your mind that the mineral vein is just a low-level mineral vein.
There are no ultimate ores at all!”

Yun Feng curled up her lips and smiled.
“No? How would I know… You’re the ones who insisted on having the mineral vein back then.
I couldn’t do anything about it.”

Leng Siaose smiled coldly.
“Yun Feng, we’re not going to talk nonsense with you.
The agreement three years ago will be invalidated.
We won’t provide you with any mid-level ores anymore and we’ll give you back the low-level mineral vein!

The other members of the Red Maple Mercenary Team couldn’t help sweating after hearing that.
Without the huge amount of mid-level ores, the Red Maple Mercenary Team would suffer great losses!

“Sure! You’re the ones who wanted that mineral vein at the beginning, and you’re also the ones who don’t want it anymore right now.
If that’s the case, the agreement shall be voided!” This was out of the expectation of the four Commanders.
They had never thought that Yun Feng would agree so quickly, so it caught them off guard instead!

“You…” Tuoba Gang was about to say something so Yun Feng looked at them.
“Why? I’ve already agreed.
Do you still want to say anything about me?”

Leng Siaose frowned in doubt.
What was going on? Why did he feel like he was being manipulated in the hands of others? Nobody knew if the mineral vein had ultimate ores or not.
Yun Feng was the only person who knew about it! If she had ultimate ores, it would be enough to prove that the ultimate ores once appeared in that mineral vein! And now, after they canceled the agreement, Yun Feng didn’t have any expression at all on her face and she even looked very happy.
Perhaps they were being fooled again?

Leng Siaose frowned and pondered again and again in his mind.
No matter how he thought about it, it was impossible for him to guess if this mineral vein was worth it or not.

Zheng Ran, you heard her.
The agreement will be voided.
The Red Maple Mercenary Team has to return the four mid-level mineral veins they got from the four Commanders and the low-level mineral vein will be returned to the Red Maple Mercenary Team.”

“Wait!” Leng Siaose shouted.
Tuoba Gang then yelled furiously, “Leng Siaose, what the f**k is wrong with you?”

Leng Siaose rolled his eyes at Tuoba Gang.
“Yun Feng, the suggestion I made just then was indeed a bit rash.
What about we have a discussion?”

A hint of coldness flashed through Yun Feng’s little face.
“A word spoken is past recalling.
Commander Leng, as the Commander of a five-star group, it isn’t good to always change your mind.”

What Yun Feng said made Leng Siaose’s entire face flush, but thinking of the ultimate mineral vein, Leng Siaose was suddenly unwilling to give up.

“Fuck, I’m done playing with you.
Our agreement with you is canceled!” Tuoba Gang said as Yun Feng nodded.
“Commander Tuoba indeed has a distinguished bearing.
Alright, our agreement is canceled.
Your group doesn’t have to send us mid-level ores anymore.”

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