Chapter 211: Going Home (4)

“Feng, you’re back.” Yun Jing moved his body and slowly got up.
Yun Feng smiled as she rushed forward abruptly, running into the arms of her extremely awkward father.
She put her arms around his wide chest and her entire body snuggled into this absolutely warm and safe harbor.

Even though she wasn’t the real Yun Feng, she had become Yun Feng and this was her father, her serious, rigid father who always thought about her!

Yun Jing’s body trembled abruptly and froze right there, as he felt his daughter run into his arms.
Yun Feng buried her little face in her father’s wide chest and whispered, “Father, I’m home.”

A smile slowly appeared on Yun Jing’s rigid and serious face.
Yun Feng didn’t see it.
She only felt that her father was caressing her hair slowly with his huge hands with extreme warmth.

When the old butler outside the door saw such a warm scene, tears welled up in his eyes and he carefully closed the door to give the father and daughter some space.
Once the old butler turned around, a servant ran over quickly and whispered in the old butler’s ears.
The old butler frowned slightly.
Even though he didn’t want to interrupt the sweet moment of the father and daughter, there was nothing he could do.

“Master, members of the Murong family are here.”

Yun Jing’s body froze slightly and Yun Feng was also a bit furious.
Such a rare moment of warmth was interrupted by someone just like that… Yun Feng moved her body away from her sullen father’s chest and saw that her father’s expressions didn’t look quite good.

“Again?” Yun Jing mumbled softly, while Yun Feng frowned.
She thought the Murong family was just here to try their luck this time.
She didn’t expect that this wasn’t the first time already? Thinking of how she embarrassed the Murong family in Ge Yuan last time, Yun Feng also understood that the Murong family still didn’t seem to have given up.
A disdainful smile appeared on Yun Feng’s lips.
Didn’t the Murong family say that they didn’t want anything to do with the Yun family at first? Great, they wanted to be thick-skinned and eat their words now?

“Father, since they’re already here, it’ll be our problem if we refuse to meet them.
Let’s see what they want.” Yun Feng said softly.
Yun Jing looked at his fully grown daughter deeply.
What else did they want? They definitely wanted to bring the cancelled marriage arrangement back to life!

When Yun Jing was about to speak, the butler’s voice came again.
“Master, members of the Mei family are also here, waiting outside the door.”

Yun Jing and Yun Feng were both shocked after hearing that.
Alright, it was fine that one family was here, but now, two families came together for the fun.
Yun Feng didn’t have any good impression of the Mei family either.
During the Yun family’s most difficult time, the Mei family had always acted like they were moral and neutral.
And now, it would be too thick-skinned of them if they wanted to climb onto this tree of the Yun family.

After hearing this, Yun Feng chuckled softly.
“Father, just let the two families wait outside for a while.” Yun Jing frowned slightly.
“It’s not so good.”

Yun Feng smiled as she grabbed her father’s arm and shook it affectionately.
“We’re finally reunited with each other.
Father, don’t you miss me?”

Hearing this, a hint of embarrassment flashed through Yun Jing’s old face.
He wasn’t really good at being tender.
He replied with a “hm” and froze there, not knowing what to say.

When Yun Feng saw this awkward, sullen father, her heart was filled with warmth.
Her father must have missed her in these three years.
Compared to her big brother who went to study at Masang School of Magic, she, who went out to experience alone, should be the one her father missed the most.
Yun Feng also started talking to Yun Jing about some things she had gone through over the last three years.
As Yun Jing listened, he forgot about the two families waiting outside the door.

The courtyard of the Yun family was very small, countless times smaller than the one in the Mei family, the large family in Chunfeng Town.
However, the most important economic lifeline in Chunfeng Town was in the hands of the Yun family.
The more money they had, the more capable people who came to work for them.
They didn’t come for anything else, but for the Young Lady of the Yun family, who rose to fame in the Mercenary Union.

Most people who worked for the Yun family wanted to meet Yun Feng.
That mage, who had already become a legend in the Mercenary Union, made the Yun family shine even brighter and more glorious.

Meanwhile, there were four people, two groups with two people each, outside the door of the Yun family.
They were looking at each other with a slightly unfriendly gaze of deep exploration.
The members of the Mei family who came here were their leader, Mei Ran, and the talented young man they were most proud of, Mei Bing.
And those who came from the Murong family included their leader Murong Shuli and his eldest son, Murong Yuntian’s father, Murong Ze.

“I never thought the leader of the Murong family would come visit in person.
Haha, what a pleasure to meet you.” Mei Ran looked at Murong Shuli with a smile and said very peacefully.
Murong Shuli also gave a slightly stiff smile, looking very uncomfortable.

After losing the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group, the Murong family’s business suffered a drastic decline and their status in Park City also kept falling.
In the past, the Murong family was one of the top families in Park City, but now, they couldn’t even speak in Park City.
They thought they could establish a relationship with the sleeper, the Red Maple Mercenary Team in the Mercenary Union, but who would have thought that the real leader of the Red Maple Mercenary Team was Yun Feng?

After that, someone, who had a misbehaving mouth, dug out the marriage arrangement between the Murong family and the Yun family.
Everybody in Park City knew about it right now.
Some people even said that the Murong family took the initiative to cancel the engagement.
This behavior was ridiculed by countless people.
Everyone in Chunfeng Town also knew that this wasn’t the first time the Murong family came here.
They visited the Yun family to make their relationship better and see if they could establish a marriage arrangement again.
However, they had never thought that Yun Jing would be so stubborn.
The Murong family still hadn’t succeeded after coming a few times.
So this time, the leader of the Murong family came in person.

“Haha, why is the Mei family here this time?” Murong Shuli glanced at Mei Bing behind Mei Ran.
Mei Bing had already grown into a handsome young man over the last three years and his facial features carried an energetic temperament, which made people feel delighted.
In these three years, his strength had also increased.
At eighteen years old right now, he had already reached the level of a level-6 warrior.

“What else can we do here? The Mei family is here at the Yun family for the same purpose as the Murong family.” Mei Ran glanced at the two members of the Murong family with disdain in his mind.
The Murong family did this to themselves, and now they wanted to turn the tides.
How would it be so easy?

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