Chapter 170: Well-Deserved (2)

Xiao Ling looked at the positions where Yun Feng’s Fire Arrows attacked and the spots she forced Yan Yu to go to.
She couldn’t help but smile wryly.
That human was going to use that trick…

As expected, after Yan Yu avoided another one of Yun Feng’s Fire Arrows that whizzed by, he laughed wildly all of a sudden.
“Human, you should have had enough!”

The eyes of the Red Dragons all brightened.
Yan Yu’s fighting energy was restored! It seemed that the human was out of luck!

The Black Dragons couldn’t help but boo a few times, while Xiao Ling shook her head and looked at Yan Yu in pity.
“Yan Yu, you’ll regret this.
You’ll definitely regret this…”

Yun Feng stopped waving her wand and Little Fire also stopped attacking and stood next to Yun Feng obediently.
This human and beast both gazed at Yan Yu a bit weirdly, as if Yan Yu was a trapped animal and that anything he shouted wouldn’t help at all.

“What are you laughing at? I’ll make you pay!” Yan Yu was frightened by Yun Feng and Little Fire’s gaze.
The embarrassment and anger he had when he avoided their attacks earlier burst out all at once and the spear in his hand buzzed again!

“Yes, that’s enough.
I’m done playing.” Yun Feng’s red lips slowly curved up.
The smile on that little face made Ao Jin space out again.
He only saw Yun Feng gently raise her wand, pointing it at Yan Yu.
Yan Yu grunted and snickered.

“Why? You still want to play?”

Yun Feng didn’t answer him.
She just opened her lips gently.
“Fire Field.”

Yan Yu’s body was completely frozen.
There was no time for him to react at all before his entire body had already been surrounded by the red, raging fire element!

“See? What did I say…” Xiao Ling crossed her arms in front of her chest and curled her mouth in disdain, looking at Yan Yu who was completely trapped by the Fire Field.
She had also been in that position before.
She wouldn’t have been able to resist the raging fire element inside even for a second if she didn’t turn into half-dragon! She hoped Yan Yu wouldn’t try to save face, otherwise…

The moment the Fire Field appeared, everyone was astonished! Yan Ting stood up from his chair immediately and his old face darkened.
The Fire Field, this human could use such high-level magic.
Was her mental strength endless? She could still use the Fire Field after performing so much magic.
What was this about?

Yan Yu was trapped in the Fire Field and had no way out at all.
The raging fire element surrounded and rolled around his entire body and many heat waves came right at him, as if they were going to devour every part of him!

“Argh!” Yan Yu let out a furious shout as he waved the spear in his hand abruptly.
However, all of his moves in the Fire Field were useless! He wouldn’t be able to break through this elemental space unless he reached the Commander Level!

“Xiao Yu, don’t overexert yourself!” Yan Ting immediately yelled.
Yan Yu was a talent among the Red Dragons and also their greatest hope.
He thought he could give humans and the Black Dragons a lesson this time and wanted to embarrass Ao Jin.
Who would have thought things would turn out this way?

Yan Yu found that it was useless no matter what he did inside.
He bit his lips hard as blue veins appeared on the back of his hands.
Yun Feng’s behavior seriously provoked his dignity and pride! He, who was known as the talent of the Red Dragons, was forced to dodge a human’s attacks and was trapped in such a space.
His pride and dignity didn’t allow him to yield.
He would never yield!

Yan Ting saw that Yan Yu wasn’t moving at all and knew that Yan Yu was stubborn.
His old face turned even darker.
That boy could be stubborn and disobedient, but not Yan Yu!

Yan Ting turned around and looked at Ao Jin as he cupped his hand in front of the other gently.
“Young Master, we’ve all seen the strength of this little friend up till now.
We won’t have any other questions again.
This battle can stop, can it not?”

Ao Jin glanced at Yan Ting lazily.
“That kid picked a fight himself.
I didn’t make him.
If you want to beg for mercy, you should go to that little girl.
I can’t make a decision!”

Yan Ting’s face twitched a few times after hearing that.
He couldn’t make a decision? Who would believe that the Young Master of the Dragons couldn’t make a decision for this matter? What Ao Jin meant was very obvious.
Didn’t the Red Dragons want to provoke Yun Feng? Didn’t they want to pick a quarrel? So, he let them.
And when things ended up like this, they wanted him to stop everything with his words? No way! He wouldn’t be Ao Jin if he didn’t tear their skin off!

Yan Ting froze there.
The faces of the members of the Red Dragons darkened a little, while the Black Dragons looked like they were enjoying the drama completely and they were provoking the Red Dragons with their eyes.
Beg for mercy! If you don’t, Yan Yu may die inside.

Yan Ting looked at the stubborn Yan Yu in the Fire Field and he finally gritted his teeth secretly as he bowed to Yun Feng with his hand cupped in front of the other.
“Little friend, things have come to this point.
Can you let him go? The Red Dragons will be extremely grateful.”

Yun Feng smiled.
It was already quite good that this old man was willing to yield and apologize.
She believed that today’s battle had given the Red Dragons an unforgettable lesson.
Even the person whom they thought was a genius was tortured in every way in Yun Feng’s hands.
Then, this genius wasn’t really a genius.

“Well, then, I’ll just put this behind me.” Yun Feng smiled.
She knew that she couldn’t go too far no matter what and she had to leave some room.
After all, she was in the territory of the Dragons.
She should be a bit more careful.

She waved her wand and the Fire Field disappeared immediately.
If it weren’t that there were still some heat waves remaining in the air, the Dragons would have doubted if the space formed by the fire element really appeared just then.

Yan Yu stood there messily and suddenly took a few deep breaths.
When Yan Ting saw Yun Feng take down the Fire Field, he was also relieved.
He glanced at Yan Yu with an exasperated look.
“Why are you still standing there? Get back here!”

Yan Yu gritted his teeth tight and gazed at Yun Feng deeply.
When he walked past Xiao Ling, Xiao Ling chuckled and whispered, “Yan Yu, it must be nice to experience the Fire Field.”

Yan Yu stopped walking and slowly turned around.
“Don’t you be too cocky.”

Xiao Ling pursed her lips indifferently, while Yan Yu walked back to the Red Dragons, looking bad.
The Red Dragons couldn’t say a word anymore.
They all stood there a bit uncomfortably.
When Ao Jin saw this scene, he finally burst into laughter.
After that, he glanced at every one of them with fierceness in his golden eyes.

“Now, do you still have other questions about this spot?”

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