“Each type of element can only contract with one Magic Beast, but not permanently.
If summoners encounter a more powerful Magic Beast, they can rescind the contract and tame another stronger Magic Beast of the same element.
This is also the fundamental reason why summoners can constantly be powerful.
And yet, the consequences of the termination of the contract are different.”

“Once a master-servant contract is terminated, the summoner will suffer huge damages and it’s very possible that the Magic Beast, which forcibly terminates the contract, may eat its master.
However, the equality contract won’t cause any harm to the summoner and there won’t be a situation where the Magic Beast eats its master.
Kid, do you get it now? Being a summoner is actually a dangerous and powerful path.”

Yun Feng nodded.
People in the world only saw the power and mystery of summoners, but they had no idea what price the summoners had to pay.
Summoners tend to sacrifice their lives to contract with a Magic Beast.
This profession could be said to be one on the verge of death.

“Kid, when you tame a Magic Beast, think carefully which type of contract you want to use, or it’ll be too late to regret afterwards.” The ancestor said with sincere words.
Summoners might seem glorious, but they also suffered the most hardships that were difficult to let go of among all the professions.
It was a common thing for them to lose their lives if they were careless.
There had always been very few summoners, so summoners also had some kind of sympathetic feeling for one another.
When a summoner dies, the other summoners will also be devastated.”

“When you contract with a Magic Beast the first time, you better choose one that’s more gentle, so it won’t harm you if you terminate the contract in the future.” The ancestor was a little worried.
How would Yun Feng be willing to contract with a gentle and harmless Magic Beast with her strength? Then, that Magic Beast would only be a decoration.
However, she would need to pay a huge price to tame a more powerful Magic Beast, most possibly, her life!

“Don’t worry, ancestor.
I’ll definitely not mess things up.” Knowing that her ancestor cared about her, Yun Feng felt her heart warm.
Apart from her father and brother, the ancestor was the only person who truly cared about her.

“Good! Next to Chunfeng Town is the Foggy Forest that connects to the Beast Ridge.
It’s the place in Chunfeng Town and the entire East Continent that doesn’t lack Magic Beasts.
Take some rest today and we’ll go to the Foggy Forest tomorrow.”

Yun Feng’s mind moved and she felt an inexplicable excitement.
She had realized the Array of Contract and she would contract with a Magic Beast that belonged to her tomorrow!


The Martial Arts Institute, a small-scale school that taught children to be warriors , and was owned by the four empires on the East Continent was normally located in small towns.
For the few important large cities and the Imperial Capital, there was the well-known School of the God of War.
The four largest Schools of the God of War in the four empires were the dream places for all the children practicing to become warriors.

The Martial Arts Institute was a place that reserved transport talents.
If students got good results at the Martial Arts Institute, they would have the opportunity to directly be recommended to the School of the God of War.
Once they got this chance, they would succeed and rise to the top!

Of course, the empires also issued an order, saying that only one student of the Martial Arts Institute in each town could be recommended so students would fight for this spot in the graduation exam every year through a battle of strength.
Whoever got the first place would have this opportunity.
Everyone had a chance no matter if they had a superior status, if they were rich, if they were poor people or if they were children of the government officials.


This was also a very obvious feature of the East Continent.
Even if you were a civilian, you could step on those nobles if you were powerful enough.
If you had a superior background but accomplished nothing, you could only be a trash for people to step on.
For the royal family or the civilians, the East Continent cared only about one thing, power! Your power determined how much respect you could receive!

So, there was an unwritten rule in the Martial Arts Institute.
For any battle of force between students, as long as both parties agreed, they could exert themselves.
Even if one party was injured or died, the other party didn’t have to be responsible for it.
One of the rules of survival on the East Continent was that winners lived and losers died!

There were always battles in the Martial Arts Institute all year round.
When someone hated someone or when one party found another party to be an eyesore, they could challenge one another.
As long as the other party agreed, both of them could fight until they died.
And even if somebody died, both parties couldn’t pester each other, or the Martial Arts Institute wouldn’t just sit there and watch.

Although the Martial Arts Institutes seemed to be fair, they were also inhumane.
However, it was survival of the fittest; only the strongest would be selected.
When students, who overrated their strength or were weak in martial arts were defeated or severely injured, the overall strength of the Martial Arts Institute would have a certain improvement.
Teachers at the Martial Arts Institute were also thrilled when they saw that.
The thing was, each Martial Arts Institute had only one recommendation spot so they had to choose the strongest to send to the School of the God of War.
That student would represent the face of the Martial Arts Institute!

Nobody wanted the student they sent out there, who they thought was the strongest, to be stepped on underneath someone’s feet.
If this spread, the world would laugh at them!

In the Martial Arts Institute, students were all practicing hard.
Every one of them had an energy in their hearts.
Their minds were all running after the only recommendation spot.
Stronger people certainly had bigger ambitions.
The average students had already given up fighting for the spot a long time ago.
After all, the graduation exam was a battle of life and death.
Even if they were beaten to death up there, nobody would care about them.
They would be a fool if they still forced themselves to go there knowing that they wouldn’t be able to get the spot.

A few teachers of the Martial Arts Institute were strolling in the courtyard, watching the students practice martial arts with a very stern look and a bit of satisfaction in their eyes.
The teachers were all surrounded by strong energy and their pace was steady.
They even left shallow footprints on the slates along the way.
Looking carefully, four of them were level-5 warriors and one had reached level 6.


“Who do you think will be recommended this year?” A middle-aged man asked.
The others looked at one another and had someone in their minds.

“I guess Lin Meng from the Lin family may be able to get it.” A middle-aged man smiled and said.
The others all glanced at him with their own thoughts.

“Although Lin Meng has become a level-3 warrior, Mei Bing has already reached level 4.” A beautiful woman said with a hint of joy in her black eyes.

“What? Level 4! That kid reached level 4!”

The woman chuckled and nodded.
A glint of excitement flashed through the eyes of the others immediately.
A level-4 warrior! Mei Bing was just thirteen this year, which was two years younger than Lin Meng.
His talent was indeed astonishing! Every year, the spot in the Martial Arts Institute of Chunfeng Town was obtained by a student at the peak of level 3.
They had never thought there would be a level-4 warrior this year!


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