Chapter 162: Meatball’s Bite (2)

Xiao Ling’s arms flashed and turned into black dragon claws, clashing against Little Fire’s wolf claws.
A Mutated Magic Beast and a level-9 dragon, neither gave way to the other and they were equally matched!

“Fire Arrow!” Yun Feng stood aside and watched Xiao Ling block Little Fire’s attack.
She immediately curled up her lips and smiled as she waved her hand.
An arrow formed by the fire element then shot out of her palm!

“Damn it!” Xiao Ling had to block Little Fire’s attacks, but Yun Feng’s Fire Arrow was already flashing towards her at the same time.
She felt like she was besieged in the front and at the back and she had no power to fight back at all!

This was the difference, the huge difference between a summoner and anyone else!

The Magic Beasts of summoners could be said to be the fundamental reason why summoners surpassed other professions.
Just like Yun Feng’s Little Fire, before it showed up, Yun Feng was almost suppressed by Xiao Ling and she kept running.
However, as soon as Little Fire came out, the perfect impediment from this Mutated Magic Beast and Yun Feng’s level-8 magic made Xiao Ling unable to fight back at all as she was fighting against the two of them alone!

The level-8 Fire Arrow sped towards Xiao Ling in the air.
Xiao Ling wanted to avoid it at first, but Little Fire held on to her firmly, making her unable to move.
She could only watch the Fire Arrow penetrate her body!

“Little friend, please show some mercy!” An old voice suddenly came and Yun Feng’s Fire Arrow clashed with a strong air current, vanishing in the air in an instant.

Yun Feng slightly narrowed her black eyes and looked at the elder flying over in the sky.
That was the big cheese of the Black Dragons, an old man whom Uncle Flirtatious called Old Qi.

Little Fire got Yun Feng’s command and it immediately stopped its attack on Xiao Ling, returning to Yun Feng a bit sadly, like it hadn’t enjoyed itself to the full.
Facing this elder who suddenly showed up, Little Fire was also a little nervous and its body tightened.

The elder flashed in the air and came next to the panicked Xiao Ling, glaring at her reproachfully.
Xiao Ling didn’t say anything and just stood next to the elder obediently.

“Little friend, I’m Elder Qi of the Black Dragons.
What’s your name?” The elder cupped his hand in front of the other and bowed to Yun Feng with a smile.
Yun Feng also answered him politely.

“Elder Qi, I’m Yun Feng.”

The expressions of the elder and Xiao Ling changed after hearing what Yun Feng said.
Yun Feng, the Yun family… The Yun family that once had a summoner! Although the Dragons had always been hidden from the outside world, it didn’t mean that they didn’t know anything.
Everything that happened on the East Continent was captured in the eyes of the Dragons and the Dragons also paid attention to one type of human being, summoners.

Yun Feng felt a little pressured.
She had never thought that the Yun family was well-known even among the Dragons.
Elder Qi stared at Yun Feng and sized her up back and forth with his eyes that were full of the vicissitudes of life, turning into appreciation in the end.

“You’re indeed an early bloomer.
Yun Feng, you changed my impression of humans.”

Xiao Ling pursed her lips gently.
Although she was a bit dissatisfied that her grandpa complimented Yun Feng, it was true that Yun Feng was a talented genius and even Xiao Ling had to admit that she couldn’t compare to Yun Feng.

“Thank you, Elder Qi.
I’m just an ordinary person.” Yun Feng smiled.
She wasn’t proud or arrogant because of Elder Qi’s compliment, which made Elder Qi nod in satisfaction.
He originally thought she was just a human being.
He didn’t expect her to be a summoner.
It seemed that their Young Master was much better than they were in seeing people.

“Elder Qi, why are you here?” A loud, bold voice sounded.
Elder Qi turned around as he chuckled and looked at the person who was rushing over from afar with a smile on his face.

“Young Master.”

Xiao Ling looked at Ao Jin and immediately froze for a second.
After that, she widened the corners of her mouth and showed an unusually sweet smile at Ao Jin.
“Brother Ao Jin…”

Ao Jin didn’t look at Xiao Ling at all, which made her smile freeze completely on her face.
She could only glared at him furiously as Ao Jin strode to Yun Feng.
When he reached his hand out and was about to hold Yun Feng up, he heard Little Fire shout next to Yun Feng.

“You pervert, get away from my Master!”

Meatball, who hadn’t been making a move on Yun Feng’s shoulder, also gnashed its sharp, shiny teeth immediately when it saw Ao Jin and its poor little face also looked a bit ferocious.

“Flirtatious Jin, stay away from me from now on.” Yun Feng looked at the man in front of him coldly.
His soft, shiny golden hair fluttered in the wind messily, making him look wild and unruly.
The square face the original middle-aged man had had already disappeared.
He now had delicate skin and a pair of shiny golden eyes.
His long golden eyelashes even curled up a bit.
His facial features were deeply outlined like they were carved with a knife, as if he was a statue of the God of War of ancient Greece.
His chubby body was also gone and became a slender, shapely body with the combination of power and beauty.

Ao Jin froze for a second and touched his face as he glanced at Yun Feng in confusion, “Kid, do I not look nice like this?”

Yun Feng almost couldn’t breathe.
Looking at Ao Jin’s appearance of a 100% handsome young man, she really couldn’t call him uncle anymore… As Yun Feng thought about him holding her all the way and asking her to call him uncle, Yun Feng’s face couldn’t help but look disgusted.
This man took advantage of her to the fullest!

“Anyway, stay away from my Master!” Even though Little Fire was afraid of the dragon power that Ao Jin released, it must step up before he took advantage of Yun Feng.

“Nana, nana!” Meatball swung its little claws and was very upset about Ao Jin.
Its fluffy body moved slightly, as if it was about to pounce on Ao Jin.

“Get out of my way!” Ao Jin stared at Little Fire with his golden eyes.
Little Fire’s fur all over its body couldn’t help but stand on end, but it still stood in front of Yun Feng, staring back at Ao Jin, refusing to give in.

“Kid, do you like my original appearance?” Ao Jin looked at Yun Feng and asked tentatively.
The corners of Yun Feng’s eyes suddenly twitched several times.
She didn’t know what she should say.

“Young Master.” Elder Qi didn’t know how to react when he watched this scene.
His Young Master finally restored his original appearance.
When he came back to Dragon Valley at first, his look indeed scared them.
He finally looked normal now and he wanted to change it back?

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