Chapter 127: All in Seconds (1)

“Uncle Wang! Show them what we’ve got.
They’re just a group of clowns!” Zhao Yan shouted down the ring, which made the expressions of the five warriors of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group on the other side change slightly.

“If that’s the case…” Wang Ming mumbled as he rolled his wrist and a long sword suddenly appeared in Wang Ming’s hand.
Wang Ming slightly infused his fighting energy into it and the blade of the sword let out a soft buzzing sound.
The level-6 warrior of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group opposite him had already looked right where he was and his eyes widened so much that they couldn’t get bigger!

“Six holes… Six crystals!” The level-6 warrior shouted.
Everyone went silent for a few seconds at this moment and they all widened their eyes to look at the weapon in Wang Ming’s hand.
Six Magic Beast Crystals were inserted on one side of the blade of that long sword!

“Red Maple!” Enthusiastic cheers burst out again in the crowd.
Six holes and six crystals, only the four Commanders of the five-star groups had weapons with six Magic Beast Crystals.
And now, such a weapon appeared in the hands of a level-6 warrior! How could this not make people crazy?

“They’re indeed generous…” Seeing this scene, Kai’s expression changed.
His heart felt a bit warm with excitement when he looked at that weapon with six holes and six crystals.
The powerful secondary profession of mages, Inserter… This ability that made countless people heartbroken and crazy… A weapon with six crystals appearing in the hand of a warrior from a three-star group showed the direct effect of the mage!

Kai’s brain spinned quickly.
If this mage could join the army of the royal family, if each soldier in the Royal Army could have such a weapon, the strength of the army would leap more than just a level!

What was more overwhelming was that the potential of this mage was so enormous that it gave people goosebumps! Kai imagined the bright future of the Karan Royal Family and the enthusiasm in his heart was ignited quietly.
He looked at that little girl down by the ring with scorching heat in his eyes.
He must get this girl.
The Karan Royal Family must get this girl!

“Boo! The Red Maple Mercenary Team really got a great advantage!” The four Commanders of the five-star groups mumbled.
Looking at the weapon in Wang Ming’s hand, they all felt furious… A sky-high price was required to make a six-crystals weapon.
How would such an expensive weapon appear in the hands of a mercenary of a three-star group? That was even a level-6 warrior.
How would the four of them not be jealous?

“That’s really like pennies from heaven! When I find ultimate ores in that mineral vein, don’t you try to take them from me.
That little baby is mine!” Tuoba Gang said fiercely.
The other three Commanders immediately looked sullen after hearing that.
Apparently, the three of them had the same thought in their minds as well.

“Tuoba, the four of us are now at the same starting line.
We can only rely on ourselves.” Leng Siaose snickered.
Facing Tuoba Gang’s grumpy temper, he wasn’t afraid at all.

Leng Siaose stared at Yun Feng firmly.
If he really found the ultimate ores, he would be able to offer what the Red Maple Mercenary Team could.
By then, how would he still have to worry about Yun Feng rejecting him?

The level-6 warrior of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group on the ring was completely dumbfounded.
He looked at the weapon in Wang Ming’s hand foolishly, while Wang Ming burst into laughter and made an honest and irritating remark.
“I’m really sorry.
I have two more crystals than you do.”

The audience watching the scene almost spurted out blood.
How irritating! It was so irritating that someone could be killed! He said that with such an attitude, such a relaxed and calm tone!

“You… Hm! Even if you have six crystals, so what? Your Magic Beast Crystals are probably junk! How can they compare to my four level-3 crystals?”

Everyone was shocked again when they heard what the level-6 warrior of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group said.
Four level-3 crystals? They truly spent… a sky-high price! The level-3 Magic Beast Crystals circulating in the market were already regarded as high-quality products.
Normal people wouldn’t be able to afford their price, but he had four of them.
This, this, this…

Wang Ming looked a little strange after hearing that.
Seeing Wang Ming’s expression, the warrior of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group on the opposite side was more certain about the thought in his mind.
Even if the Red Maple Mercenary Team had a mage to help them insert crystals, so what? Even if they inserted six Magic Beast Crystals into the weapon, it wouldn’t be powerful with six level-1 junk!

Thinking of this, the four crystals on the giant hammer of the level-6 warrior suddenly shone and light burst out.
Fighting energy was slowly infused into the weapon, and the level-6 warrior swung his arm and raised the giant hammer, creating the sound of wind!

“The Red Maple Mercenary Team ends here!”

The giant hammer broke the air and went straight towards Wang Ming.
The long sword in Wang Ming’s hand then buzzed all of a sudden.
The infusion of fighting energy made the blade shake violently, while the six crystals let out dazzling light!

“What…” The brightness of the six crystals hurt the eyes of the warrior of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group.
He only felt an energy spreading from the surface of the long sword in Wang Ming’s hand abruptly, which even… suppressed the power of his giant hammer!

“Clang!” The giant hammer and the long sword clashed against each other.
The two weapons infused with level-6 fighting energy made a loud noise.
The six crystals on Wang Ming’s long sword were extremely dazzling and the brightness completely covered the luster of the giant hammer of the level-6 warrior from the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group!

The warrior of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group was terrified when he saw the scene in front of his eyes! Six level-1 junk? How would those be junk… Those… Those were crystals that had a higher level than the ones he had!

“Hah!” Wang Ming shouted as he stomped his foot hard.
His long sword suddenly lifted using the power of the clash of the two weapons.
He wanted to make another attack at first, but that level-6 warrior was already knocked away!

“Argh!” The level-6 warrior screamed.
His body crashed into the ground outside the ring like a meteorite and rubbles splashed everywhere.
The other warriors of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group couldn’t help but dodge quickly.

“He…” The warrior of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group fell on the ground as his giant hammer rolled to the side.
He wanted to say something, but his vital energy and blood surged and he immediately passed out.

The judge looked at the scene in front of his eyes and was slightly stunned.
After a few seconds, he immediately raised his arms.
“First round, the Red Maple Mercenary Team wins!”

One attack, Wang Ming took down his opponent with one attack? It was even a level-6 warrior with a weapon that had four crystals!

There was a burst of enthusiastic cheers from the audience again and their voices shook the sky! The Red Maple Mercenary Team, a mercenary group full of miracles that made people excited.
Many things that people found hard to believe happened one after another!

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