Chapter 109: Yun Feng Arrived (1)

Once Leng Siaose left, Tuoba Gang immediately chased after him.
“Leng Siaose, wait for me.
If we’re brothers, you should share with me!”

Gazing at the backs of Tuoba Gang and Leng Siaose who left one after another, the Commander of the Waning Moon Group and the Raging Fire Group looked at each other.
Even though they were second echelons, they weren’t weak.
If there were truly ultimate ores, but they were divided up by those two people, wouldn’t the two of them get the short end of the stick? They would rather believe that it was true than not!

The two of them had made a decision in their minds.
If they were to share the ores, the four of them must share them together.
It would only be fair like this!

The Shiny Plains began to become a bit messy and the territory of the Red Maple Mercenary Team became a little chaotic.
The provocations and attacks they suffered increased drastically every day.
At first, the members of the Red Maple Mercenary Team didn’t know the reason and were all slightly frustrated.
And yet, after they heard the news, Wang Ming was a bit dumbfounded.
Ultimate ores? The Red Maple Mercenary Team had found ultimate ores? Which swindler spread this rumor?

After the news spread like crazy, together with Yun Feng’s weird insistence on staying in the Red Maple Mercenary Team, the unreliable news gradually became the truth.
In the end, the Red Maple Mercenary Team had truly mined ultimate ores!

It had no effect anymore even after Wang Ming explained.
With the crazy greed and long-time jealousy in people’s minds, nobody listened to his explanation.
There was one conclusive idea in everyone’s mind.
The Red Maple Mercenary Team had discovered ultimate ores.
There were ultimate ores in their area!

The entire three-star area was stirred.
Countless mercenary groups started attacking the Red Maple Mercenary Team.
As more and more mercenary groups joined in, Zhao Mingqi also rushed over and all level-5 masters of the Red Maple Mercenary Team had come to the Shiny Plains quickly.
After a fight, Zhao Mingqi didn’t know whether to cry or to laugh.
He also knew that it was useless no matter what he said.
If more masters of the Red Maple Mercenary Team were injured during this battle…

There were sounds of fighting in the territory of the Red Maple Mercenary Team every day.
The three-star mercenary groups were all jealous.
They claimed that they wanted to fight for this land as well.
However, not all three-star groups were dumb.
They were holding their breath and waiting for someone to make a move.
They all wanted to be the people who took advantage of the fight.

People kept provoking the Red Maple Mercenary Team and the Red Maple Mercenary Team kept repelling their attacks.
Wang Ming and Zhao Mingqi guarded their territory firmly.
Right now, the false rumor had become true.
They couldn’t refute the truth anymore.
The few level-5 masters hung on for a period of time with difficulty, but as time passed, more and more mercenary groups couldn’t sit still anymore.
A few mercenary groups even discussed working together to take that land!

The four-star mercenary groups certainly received the news as well, but they dared not make any rash moves.
After all, if they crossed the area, things wouldn’t develop in a good way.
The four-star mercenary groups might not be able to make a move, but it didn’t mean that there was truly nothing they could do, letting those three-star groups get such a huge benefit.
The four-star groups instantly controlled the three-star groups they supported indirectly.
If there were truly ultimate ores, they would also drool and want to have a bite.

“Commander Ye, what do you think about this?” In the tent of a four-star mercenary group, four people were sitting together.
These four people were from four outstanding mercenary groups among all the four-star groups, which were also forces supported by the four five-star groups.
In the Mercenary Union, the relationship network between levels was extremely close.
It was a very normal phenomenon that a higher-level group supported a lower-level group.
The lower-level groups those five-star groups supported were also the reason why they were so powerful and occupied the most resources, apart from their own strength.

Commander Ye was sitting in the main seat.
His four-star group was supported by the Cold Star Mercenary Group.
Ever since the news came, Leng Siaose had been asking Commander Ye to keep an eye on any movement in the three-star area and report to him immediately when something happened!

The three-star area on the Shiny Plains had already been stirred right now.
More and more three-star mercenary groups were jealous and were all drooling all over the place, like a pack of hungry wolves looking at a piece of tender meat.

“Guys, those masters must have made it clear about this matter, right? We can’t let those three-star groups take this fat lamb.”

“You’re right.
Those three-star groups should stop dreaming.
If there are truly ultimate ores, how would it be their turn to take them?”

The remaining few people also burst into laughter after hearing that.
The leader among them, Commander Ye asked with a soft voice, “So, are we going to hold still right now? Several three-star groups seem to have formed an alliance secretly.”

Commander Ye sat there without saying a word as he frowned gently.
They certainly had a three-star group under them as well, but even a mighty dragon couldn’t beat a snake in its territory.
Among the hundred three-star groups, only a few were supported by higher-level groups, while the remaining ones all fought their way up with their own power.
If dozens of groups without support formed an alliance, even if these few groups with support formed a team, the difference between both parties would still be too large.

Mercenary groups with and without support had always disliked and despised one another, and the conflict between them was huge.
The news this time shook the entire Shiny Plains and everyone wanted to have a share.
In the three-star area, the conflict between these two parties also escalated quickly as the news spread.

“Our Master still hasn’t given me any directions.
This matter isn’t easy to deal with… After all, we can’t cross the area.
If not…” The few Commanders were also anxious after hearing this.
The ultimate ores that might have appeared happened to be in the three-star area, which was the area of the lowest level.
This made the four-star groups very anxious.
Those who had a three-star group under them certainly weren’t nervous, but those who didn’t have one were completely jealous.
Due to the steel-like rules of the Mercenary Union, they dared not be reckless.
If not, the Shiny Plains would truly be in chaos.

“The masters are here!” Commander Ye seemed to have sensed something, so did the others.
They couldn’t help but become slightly excited.
What could bring the four Commanders of the five-star groups together? Only the discovery of ultimate ores, other than the mage that showed up once in a century.

Right after he spoke, the curtain of the tent moved without wind.
Four fierce and tall middle-aged men entered, while the four Commanders of the four-star groups immediately got up from their seats, standing aside respectfully.

These four Commanders all stood on the side as they lowered their eyebrows with obedience in their eyes, while the four Commanders of the five-star groups sat in the seats, looking fierce.
The fighting energy of the four level-9 warriors faintly floated in the area.
The others couldn’t even breathe smoothly.
The four Commanders of the four-star groups remained silent, waiting for the four big shots to speak.

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