Chapter 102: Poaching Her with Their Lives (2)

“Masters, what you said is too much.
What kind of people can’t the world have? Our Young Lady was born a peerless genius.
If you don’t believe it, you don’t have to say something to slander her either!” Wang Ming was a bit upset.
Although these three big shots were superior and they weren’t someone he, a small Captain of a mercenary team, could compare with, he was very upset that Yun Feng was being doubted by someone.
He witnessed it with his own eyes and Old Deng and the other dozens of people in that cabin were witnesses!

“You have no right to speak here.
Get out!” The Commander with a piercing suddenly became furious and fighting energy abruptly burst out of his body.
Wang Ming’s heart immediately tightened.
He mobilized his fighting energy with a wry smile, knowing that he would definitely not be able to resist the attack with his power.
However, he couldn’t let them insult Yun Feng!

Powerful and fierce fighting energy struck Wang Ming.
The Vice President and the other Commander both weren’t planning to stop that Commander.
When Zhao Mingqi saw this, he couldn’t help but panic.
That Commander of the five-star mercenary group was a level-9 master! When the fighting energy of a level-9 master hit a level-5 warrior, the warrior would be seriously injured, even if he didn’t die! If another level-5 warrior lost his combat strength during such a difficult time for the Red Maple Mercenary Team, it would undoubtedly add insult to injury!

For the Commander of the five-star group, he was just giving someone a lesson by waving his hand, but for the Red Maple Mercenary Team, this would indeed be a fatal blow!

All the mercenaries of the Red Maple Mercenary Team dared not speak even though they were angry.
How would they have the power to step up and stop a level-9 powerhouse? They could only watch the fighting energy hurt Wang Ming and watch the strength of the Red Maple Mercenary Team drop again!

“Bang! Bang!” Two dull sounds sounded in the air.
Wang Ming bent his body in pain and knelt on one knee on the ground.
Some blood oozed out of the corners of his mouth and he looked at Yun Feng with excitement and gratitude in his eyes.
“Thank you, my Lady.”

Yun Feng slowly retrieved her mental strength.
The inside of her body also suffered from quite a powerful impact.
The moment Yun Feng clashed with the level-9 fighting energy, she only felt agonizing pain in her body, as if the fighting energy was trying to tear her mental strength apart forcibly! Even though she had removed most of the strength of the fighting energy, part of it still hit Wang Ming.
Luckily, he just got a minor injury.

The others didn’t quite understand the reason behind this change, but the three men with powerful backgrounds knew clearly in their minds.
That man with an earring narrowed his eyes fiercely and sized up the little girl in front of him again.
The other two men also looked the same.
They sized up Yun Feng several times from head to toe like a scanner.
They still needed time to ease the astonishment in their minds.

Yun Feng was still standing there without moving.
She barely took the level-9 fighting energy, which had already made her a little overwhelmed.
There was indeed a huge difference between the strength of level 6 and level 9.
If the vitality in the black jade pendant didn’t flow into her body in time, she would probably have been severely injured and fallen on the ground.

Indeed, there couldn’t be too large of a difference in strength… Yun Feng gritted her teeth secretly.
It looked like her strength had to be improved even further!

“The world is so big and there are wonders everywhere.
I’ve widened my knowledge today.
Yun Feng, please excuse me for what happened!” The Commander who attacked Yun Feng just then burst into laughter with a flattering expression.
Yun Feng stood there without saying anything.

“Yun Feng, I’m the Commander of the five-star mercenary group, Cold Star Group, Leng Siaose, and that person, who’s wearing an earring and acts recklessly, is the Commander of the five-star mercenary group, Fierce Tiger Group, Tuoba Gang, while this one here is the Vice President of the Mercenary Union, Mr.
Zheng Ran.” Leng Siaose made an introduction, while Tuoba Gang looked unpleasant.
He was afraid that what he did just then would ruin his image.
He was trying to exert his full strength to poach this treasure!

“Commander Leng, Commander Tuoba, Mr.
Zheng Ran, my name is Yun Feng, Yun Feng from the Red Maple Mercenary Team.”

After hearing this, the minds of all the mercenaries of the Red Maple Mercenary Team shook.
They couldn’t help but stand several times straighter.
Even Zhao Yan, who was at the stairs on the second floor, smiled slightly.

This hit the heart of every mercenary of the Red Maple Mercenary Team.
Regardless of the strength of the Red Maple Mercenary Team, they were all under this mercenary group.
Nobody could poach their Yun Feng, their Young Lady, away!

All the mercenaries of the Red Maple Mercenary Team couldn’t help giving Yun Feng a title, the Young Lady who belonged to them.

The expressions of Leng Siaose and Tuoba Gang changed after hearing this.
The two of them came with the thought of poaching Yun Feng over to their groups.
It wouldn’t be a big deal if Yun Feng was a level-5 warrior.
There were a handful of level-5 warriors in the Mercenary Union, but a level-5 mage was rare… although a level-5 mage was kind of worthless for a five-star group.
After all, there were a lot of masters in a five-star group and they didn’t need a level-5 mage to maintain the front.
And yet, the point was to train the mage! If they could train a level-5 mage to an even higher level, they would gain even more! After all, another identity of a mage was an Inserter!

There had never been a mage in the Mercenary Union in the past, so Inserters wouldn’t exist in the Mercenary Union either.
What could mercenaries above level 7 do if they wanted to increase their level in a short period of time? Weapons!

Engraving holes in weapons was too ordinary for mercenaries, but none of them could do the inserting work! 90% of the mages gathered at Masang School of Magic and the few loners also had a weird personality.
These senior personnel of the mercenary groups had to spend a large sum of money to insert a crystal every time.
They suffered a great loss every time they did an insertion.
Besides, how would it be so easy to find a high-level mage? The price would be even more expensive!

So, up till now, the weapons in the hands of the Commanders of the five-star mercenary groups all had one thing in common.
Their weapons had nine perfectly engraved holes, but only six crystals were inserted on them at most.

They didn’t want to put such weapons aside, but they couldn’t take them out to use either.
If they could recruit a mage for their group, the power of the entire group wouldn’t just double, it would increase several times!

If the strength of this mage increased even more, the power she had in the future would be endless…

There had never been a mage here before, but one finally came.
Yun Feng’s appearance could be said to be a long-cherished hope these five-star groups had had for a long time.
The important reason why they were enraged was that Yun Feng was already owned before they did anything!

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