‘How much time has passed?’

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After covering Lancelot’s shoulders with a blanket, Anita departed the bedroom silently.


She was so anxious that her forehead and hands were drenched with cold perspiration.
She turned with an exhausted stride.

Lancelot’s health seemed to be deteriorating with each passing day.
The quantity of painkiller he ingested increased, yet it seemed to have no impact.

Claunia said that while physicians from across the continent treated Lancelot, they were unable to disclose the disease’s precise name.
Anita was unable to comprehend her statements.

‘Where on earth can an illness exist that physicians cannot treat?’

And what about Lancelot?

Must he be sick for the rest of his life? Like he was dying? That’s so pathetic and a hard pill to swallow.

Anita wishes that she could feel even a fraction of Lancelot’s suffering.
She knew that she could manage very little.

“However, what were those eyes?”

There was a hint of brightness in Lancelot’s eyes.
A bright radiance that was not human.

As Anita remembered the memories, she had chills.
If not for Lancelot, she would have likely fled.


The fact that Lancelot was sleeping was fortunate.

‘I was very delighted.’


Lancelot seems to have forgotten all that transpired last night.

He had recovered an incredible amount of energy, and now he left the bedroom without hesitation.

“What are you staring at? Do your own job.”

It was the first time that Lancelot’s consistent, unpleasant tone of voice was so welcomed.

That day, Anita did not inform Claunia and Lancelot about her wounds.
She came to believe that it would be preferable to forget such traumatic experiences for the rest of their life.

Instead, she reported the evening’s events to the Duke of Edenbahir.

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Duke Edenbahir did not waste his time listening to Anita.
Instead, he regarded her with more seriousness than ever before and listened.

“Were you with Lancelot throughout that time?


Duke Edenbahir who made this statement had very complex eyes.

Multiple times, lips that resembled Lancelot’s opened and closed to express something.

Nonetheless, he stayed mute till the end and combed Anita’s hair in silence.

“Thank you, Anita.”

Was it because the praise was unexpected? Anita bowed in humiliation.

“Do not reveal what occurred today to anybody.
You must never, particularly, inform his grandmother.”

“He dislikes interacting with me.
Therefore, I cannot tell him even if I wanted to.”

Duke Edenbahir, who had been quiet for some time, bowed gently before Anita.

Then, he asked, maintaining eye contact with her for some time.

Are you aware of it?”

The eyes of the Duke of Edenbahir were so friendly and warm that they were incomparable to those of Lancelot.

“At the start of winter, the staff of the duchy’s residence became loud.
Everyone seemed content as they considered what kind of cake to bake for you and what type of bedding to provide.”


“Aren’t delicious pastries prepared daily? But nobody in Edenbahir enjoys sweets.
It is a landscape that is difficult to see outside of winter.
It is created just for you.”


‘I… I didn’t know.’

Did Anita detect a faint whisper? Duke Edenbahir’s face was adorned with a lovely grin.

“You are more popular than you believe.”

‘So, do not squander your compassion on impolite individuals.’

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Anita heard an adult’s reassurance for the first time.

It was not an excellent narrative.
The words of Duke Edenbahir bestowed a powerful spell upon Anita.

The grandmother’s repulsive glare no longer stings, and her disparaging remarks and phrases no longer cause her pain.

Don’t squander my generosity on impolite individuals.
Except for Lancelot, Lancelot is just… Simply put, he is somewhat more sensitive than others.

Those statements are accurate.

‘Not enough time exists for me to simply reward someone who loves me.
I cannot spend it sad and alone.

‘During that period, I had more fun with Claunia, and… Because I knew that Lancelot was suffering more than I had realized’

Even smelling and hearing were kind of hard for Lancelot.

Anita knew that she must work harder.

“Hi Lancelot.
Good morning~”

Anita will say her hellos more vigorously.

“Lancelot, what’s that book you’re currently reading?”

Anita will work hard to strike a more compelling conversation.

“Lancelot! Look at these strawberries that Claunia picked… they were extremely red!”

“It’s loud, so keep your mouth shut and go.”

“I’ll go as soon as you see this.”

Even if she gets chastised for being boisterous, she will work harder.

“It’s a pleasure to be with you, Lancelot.
Oh, please look after me as well this next winter.”

More, harder.

“Hello, Lancelot.
Excellent morning.
Did you see the morning’s snowfall?”


“Saw it.”

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Do they acknowledge Anita’s efforts?

‘Did I misunderstand?’

The words and deeds that were as icy as ice in the heart of winter started to thaw little by little.

“Hello, Lancelot.
How long has it been? How are you doing these days? You were quite tall.”

A gathering that occurs every late winter has become a routine.

Lancelot’s harsh voice, emanating from Anita’s ever-expanding range of view, slid down the back of her ear like a spring blossom.

“You have not matured.”

That day, Anita was so delighted that her heart plummeted to the soles of her feet.

‘You responded to my greetings!’

‘Claunia, Lancelot has answered! He replied to my meaningless greeting!’

She fiercely clasped her in a bear hug as she grinned and rubbed her on the back, her eyes tightly closed with happiness.

“It’s quite amusing.
He must have turned into a human.”

The conversations between them also increased.

The look of Lancelot’s forehead that narrows habitually as he speaks has also diminished greatly.
He attempted to answer all questions succinctly and was not frightened.

Claunia’s summary of Lancelot’s unexpected shift was succinct.

“Because you’re so good.”

Claunia, Anita’s buddy, elder sister, and younger sister, smiled mischievously while whispering.

“Even a devil like Lancelot lacks the energy to be cruel due to your generosity.”

The sensation of observing Lancelot.

It seems that at this time, the sensation of establishing eye contact with him and hearing his voice differed from the one she had with Claunia.

How many seasons have gone by like this?

“Anita! What we ought to do! I’ll be studying abroad in de Roland!”

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Claunia traveled across the ocean to study abroad in a foreign nation.

“It makes no difference how beautiful your grandma is if she is incapable of communicating!”

“If your maternal grandma says this, it indicates that you’re not a human person.”

“You’re so loud… Lancelot… where is de Roland anyways? Is it a country, or the name of the school?”

It was a three-year farewell.

She went towards the Kingdom of De Roland with watery eyes while embracing Anita and wiping away all of her tears.

Anita believed that she would no longer be able to visit Edenbahir that year.

Since Claunia is no longer there, is there no longer any need to visit?

But Lancelot said,

“Until next year.”

The first time he touched Anita’s hair, he pledged to see her again on a cold day the following year.

Tears began to form.

‘Thank you for saying that we will meet again.’

Anita likes the hand that tenderly held her so, so, so much despite its brutal appearance.

Oh right.

‘I like him.’

Anita cherished Lancelot.
The warmth of his cheeks, which get heated when she sees him, as well as the thumping of her heart, which beats with each attempt.

All the feelings and emotions she experienced because of Lancelot’s presence were priceless.

The next three years went swiftly.

Everything was in order.

Although Lancelot recognized that he had no affection for her, she continued to pursue him.
So that was quite unfortunate.

‘I believed that my life was absolutely cinematic.’

Until her father disappeared and the family fell apart.

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