It was very difficult for Anita to get along with Lancelot.

He treated her as a stranger even if they were together in the same space, and all he did was reluctantly answer, showing signs of annoyance.

cough cough.

When I had a bad cold, I couldn’t even move comfortably unless it was during the time I slept deeply.

My father explained that if my body is weak, I have no choice but to be sensitive, and I was fully understood.

However, there was a particularly long period of pain.

Looks like it happened to Lancelot this winter.

Even though it wasn’t her who was sick, Anita, who felt uncomfortable in every corner, went to Lancelot with a stew she cooked herself, even though no one had ever ordered it.
It was a stew made by paying attention to the kitchen maids.

“Hey, if you’re not feeling well, would you like to try some of this stew? It’s a stew that my father used to make.
It has ginger in it……”

“I’m not going to eat it.”

As expected, it was a firm rejection.

At some point, she got used to that cold rejection.
Anita casually placed the stew bowl on the table.

“It tastes better than I thought.
There is not much to chew, so it will be easy to swallow.”

However, Lancelot did not turn his head once and kept his eyes fixed on the book.

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“Just in case you’re hungry later…… I’ll leave it here.”

I think about 30 minutes have passed.

While enjoying the puzzle with Claunia in the next room, a maid’s voice was heard.

“Did you call, Young Master?”

“Put away that stew.
It smells.”

At that moment, I was a little, a little surprised.
My hand stiffened as I picked out the scattered puzzle.

But I quickly made up my mind.

‘When you’re really sick, you have no appetite, and your stomach is not good.
I might have made him feel pressured for no reason.’

Let’s not take it too seriously.
Good intentions don’t expect anything in return.
Maybe, Lancelot hates ginger.

As always, only Claunia made a complaint on her behalf.

I told you so.
He won’t eat it.
He just hates loud noises, small noises, and even smells.”

Anita looked at her close friend and smiled awkwardly.

“He must be feeling worse today.
He may not be used to such food.”

“Does he think he’s an amazing prince? Of course……although his status is second to that of a prince, he is not a prince though!”

Claunia gritted her teeth for a long time.

knock knock.
Someone knocked on the door.


Anita stood up more hastily than Claunia, whose name was called.
It was a visit by the Duke of Edenbair.

“Claunia, Anita.
The grandmother has come.
Come out and say hello.”


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Claunia’s expression, as she slowly got up and patted her knees, showed no visibly happy or uncomfortable sign.

“The grandmother is my mother’s mother and my uncle’s mother.
I always call her the grandmother.”

Claunia’s mother’s mother and Claunia’s uncle’s mother……

‘It means the Duke of Edenbair’s mother.’

If so, Anita, who is staying here, was also a person who should say hello.

The two headed to the parlor where the adults were waiting.

The grandmother had a very aristocratic impression on the good side, and on the bad side, quite demanding.

Even though we hadn’t even had a conversation, I suddenly remembered a bad memory when the children called me a mongrel.

‘No, it’s okay.
It’s rude to think negatively about someone you meet for the first time.
I just have to be careful.’

Claunia greeted the grandmother bravely,

“Hello, grandmother!”

A soft smile was drawn on the cold grandmother’s face.

“You’ve grown a lot, Claunia.
You are no longer lacking in being a mature lady.”

After all, first impressions are just first impressions.
Thanks to the grandmother’s friendly response, I gained a little courage that I had never had before.

“Thank you! This is my friend.
Say hello, Anita.”

I’m Anita Völlen……”

It was not intended.
Nevertheless, Anita could not finish her greeting.

She didn’t even glance at her.

As if the grandmother had neither seen nor heard Anita, she naturally passed by her.

She was completely ignored.

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