lot’s, cute eyes, and a doll-like round face with solid features.

Not as pretty as Lancelot, but she was comparable to him.

“You are so pretty.”

It was not Anita’s admiration.

The girl spoke with sparkling eyes to her.

“You really are pretty.
The prettiest girl I’ve ever seen.”


Not you?

“Yes, what’s your name?”


I couldn’t open my mouth.

At some point, Anita became afraid to reveal her name.
Exactly since she experienced the incident a week ago.

What if this girl calls me a mongrel?

What if I can’t say anything again and get stiff like a fool?

“Hurry up!”

“A-Anita Völlen.”

The girl smiled and said with a confident face, “I am Claunia Hausse, the niece of Uncle Edenbair.”

“Uncle Edenbair’s niece?”

So what does it mean?

“It means she is my cousin,” said Lancelot.

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He clicked his tongue lightly and raised his head.

“Don’t hang out with that fool or you will become even dumber.”

Who is the fool?

‘Maybe, me?’

Anita was deeply shocked.

It was the first time in my life that I have been called a fool.
My nanny complimented me every day that if I was taught one thing, I would understand two things.
Was it all a lie?

Anita later came to her senses and cleared her throat.

“Hello, Lancelot Edenbair.”

The boy glanced at her and turned to the book he was reading again.


“I brought it here.
And this……”

Taking a long breath, she held out the box of cookies she had brought to Lancelot.

“Thank you for lending me the book.”

“Leave it there.”

Won’t you eat it?

Of course, you don’t have to eat it right away, but…… Anita put down the box with regret.

“Do you know how to speak? I thought you were mute.”

Claunia, who had suddenly appeared again, sneered at Lancelot.

When he didn’t respond, she got flustered and patted him on the shoulder.

“I’m kidding.
That means you didn’t open your mouth too much.
You ignored what I said nine out of ten times.”

“Don’t make noise in my bedroom and get lost.”

At Lancelot’s complaint, I raised my head slightly and looked around the room.

‘It was a room attached to Lancelot’s bedroom.’

It was a room as warm and comfortable as mine.

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“Look at that.
All he can say is get lost, get lost, it’s noisy!”

“Hin Arlowe.”

“What did you just say?”

“It means to get lost.
Get lost.”

“Speak in your mother tongue! Are you mocking me because I’m a fool?”

“You know yourself very well.”

Claunia, who was arguing, grabbed Anita’s hand and pulled her to sit on the sofa next to her.

As if she had found a worthy ally, she embraced Anita’s arm with her eyes full of enthusiasm.

“It’s okay, Anita.
Don’t listen to him.
We can be ignorant.
My grandma said pretty kids can be ignorant.”

It was the first time a child of her age hugged her arm, so her upper body froze with tension.

“As long as we have a good heart and make good friends, we will be happy even if we are ignorant.
Lancelot will be unhappy because he has a dirty heart and has no friends.”

Is it okay to say that to her relatives? Contrary to Anita’s concerns, it seemed like Lancelot wasn’t even listening at all.

“Anita, you are pretty and I can tell that you are kind just by looking at you, so you must have a lot of friends, right?”


“Your father is a mongrel without dignity, honor, and fundamentals.
It is clear that the daughter of a mongrel is also a mongrel, so it’s right to keep a distance from someone like you so as not to be tainted.
Do you understand now?”

Why did the girl’s voice come to mind?

Anita’s eyes began to turn red.


Claunia, who was surprised, stood up and made a fuss.

“What, what, what, what did I do wrong?”

No, you did nothing wrong with me.

Oh no.
My mouth couldn’t open, so I shook my head, holding back the tears that were about to come out with all my might.

“I don’t know what the problem is, but I’m really, really, really sorry! I won’t do that again!”

No, I shouldn’t have made her apologize.

Anita struggled to open her tightly closed lips.

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