No one will dare to harm the daughter after the father… especially if she’s under me.”

Then I’ll get you a ticket at nine o’clock.”

“Instead, send more people on the 3 p.m.
Put some words on it as a precaution.”


Jill exited his bedroom, leaving Lancelot, who confirmed without a response, behind.

‘I advised you to be honest.
But no, you must prioritize your commitment to the Countess above any other woman.’

Jill was not incapable of comprehending Lancelow’s statements.
No, his very reasoned and logical assessment had already had an impact.

But there was something rather regretful about this.

‘I thought Miss Anita was special to him.’

Jill thought that there was definitely something going on between them… something special.


Even that looks to have been deliberately arranged.

According to popular belief, human nature does not alter after death.

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Initially, hoping for genuine love from him may have been an unrealistic expectation.

It was a revelation of futility.


The southwestern plains, Budort.

As soon as Budort entered history, it lived up to its reputation as a cattle-herding center, with verdant meadows and clear sky.

Anita traveled down a gravel road with a past that was uncomfortable enough to be embarrassing in comparison to Chavalon.

It took twenty hours to arrive.
As she turned into the lengthy section and stretched, she felt as if her airway had been closed.

‘I dimly recall.
I believe I came here.’

Faced with the serene landscape around Budort Station, lost childhood memories appeared to resurface.

‘I recall that the Volloni villa was located far away from here.’

Thank goodness she brought the cash.

The servant inquired as she stood in front of the station and glanced about blankly.

“Is anybody awaiting your arrival?”

“Oh, no.
I am aware of the address, but I am unsure of how to get there.
I must first await the arrival of the carriage.”

Therefore, they waited anxiously for the carriage.

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10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes… After more than an hour of waiting, Anita noticed something was off.

‘Why doesn’t the carriage arrive in this manner? Are there not several coachmen here?’

Anita didn’t even desire a steam vehicle, knowing that it was rural.
However, in over an hour, just three private wagons went past.
Solely carts carrying only animal feed and excrement are permitted.

After ascertaining that even the fourth vehicle was a cart, Anita chose a different course of action.

‘Let’s approach that wagon.’

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Anita hurried towards the guy who resembled a farmer.

“If it’s alright with you, may I borrow a carriage and ride it? No matter how long I wait, I am unable to borrow a cart.”

The farmer who saw her from beginning to end expressed modest appreciation.

“Are you a city-dwelling couple? I wish I had a beautiful spouse like you.
However, what about this… A few days ago, some lunatic set fire to all the wagons in this region, making it difficult to locate.”

It’s a case of wagon arson.
It would be difficult to have worse luck than this.

“We have brought sufficient funds to hire a cart.
How is it that there is no means to reach this address?”

The farmer’s demeanor was unclear when he inspected the location Anita provided, but it was stern when he said that he had prepared the money.

It has been some time since I last settled down… Even if you give me the address, I will not recognize it.”

There was a period when Anita believed that she was being overwhelmed.
The attendant standing next to her and pointing to the hill in the west stated,

“That’s the way.”

“Oh? Then we’re going the same way.
We can go ahead now.
Giddy up.”

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‘Ah, I’m relieved.’

Anita and her servant crept inside the wagon’s empty milk bottle-filled rear seat.

“Because of you, I can now move.
Additionally, have you ever visited Budort? I was stunned that you know the address”

The servant shook his head with a cheeky expression.

My granny lived close by.
I am returning after a lengthy absence.”

It’s a remarkable coincidence.

The coincidence that the carriage caught fire was unfortunate, although the servant’s friendship with Budort was rather pleasant.

After about 20 minutes of riding, they dismounted the wagon and continued on foot.

Due to the fact that the attendant understood the general location of the estate, they arrived without incident.

“Looks like you are here.”

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