Chapter 17

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There were no flaws in Lancelot’s reasoning.
It was true that Anita’s condition was precarious when her family disintegrated and her father disappeared.


‘In any way, I need to find the villa somehow.’

Since she cannot disclose today’s event immediately, the villa’s location would also remain hidden somehow.

As her answer got delayed, Lancelot’s eyes grew colder.

“I don’t know what your problem is, but don’t think that this is a bother.
Don’t also think that it’s being over protective.”

“Of course.”

Lancelot seemed to be quite dissatisfied with Anita, who responded with a squeaky voice, but he did not demand additional confirmation.

The talk between the two abruptly ended as Lancelot’s eyes shifted to the window.

Silence descended, and the much-delayed situation with Lancelot slowly rose to the surface of forgetfulness.

‘Come to think of it, he never once mentioned anything about marriage.’

‘It seems rather sturdy.
Did you alter your opinion in a single day? If so, I’m pleased’

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Soon, Lancelot’s lips, which had been tightly closed, began to gently part.

“Speak up if you have anything to say.”


“You possess a face with intent.”

Anita’s emotions grew odd.

Not because of the wedding, but due to Lancelot’s statements.

“The guy echoed similar sentiments.”

The attention, which had been freely fixated on the passing landscape, returned to Anita.
As previously, he gave her his whole attention, including his upper body, rather than only a quick look.

“Whenever I tell a lie, I merely grin with my lips and not my eyes.
What do you think?”


It was a denial that lacked even fleeting concern.

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“Really? Then maybe only in front of strangers—”

“You don’t have that kind of manners.”

Lancelot abruptly stopped speaking and gave out a small sneer.
It was aimed toward someone other than Anita.

“Someone else is looking for your mannerisms which even I couldn’t find? That’s nonsense.”

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Then he stared out the window again indifferently.
Anita eventually recognized the implication and regretted herself.

‘I was duped by that individual.’

The guy had not seen Anita’s tendency of displaying when she lied.
He was only contemplating it.

The more I consider it, the more dubious I am of the magician.
For the time being, avoid the amusement park at all costs.

‘But why did Lancelot send a child to fetch me?’

Although he does not regret incurring this cost for a task.
He could have yelled my name from a great distance.


At the conclusion of the brief but lengthy inquiry, Anita immediately realized something.

Lancelot recognized the guy.


The following morning at dawn

As soon as Anita opened her eyes, she prepared to leave and proceeded to the duke Edenbair’s bedroom.

She flexed her legs swiftly but silently, then turned at the fork in front of the stairs and proceeded down the other hallway.

I don’t know what kind of wind was blowing, but I wanted to see a certain image.


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She stopped and gazed upward at the wall.
I cannot recall how long it has been since I last saw this artwork directly.

Anita avoided her priority task and stared at the [Nuaja’s teaching of the Wise Men].

Because every time she stood in this location, she was reminded of his grandmother’s disdainful glare.

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‘Is it due in the interval of two years? It seems somehow okay now.’

Anita stared up into Nuaja’s eyes, which glistened with the sun’s golden light.

“Lancelot’s eyes were precisely this hue.”

I often recall that day.

Using Lancelot’s assistance, I escaped his grandmother ten years ago.
The day Lancelot sprang out of bed and wailed in anguish as he had hundreds of seizures.

But I’m delighted Lancelot is well again after that incident.

Lancelot was so ill at birth that he was unable to leave the bedroom.
Such a Lancelot no longer exists, though.

Since that occurred ten years ago, he’s been notably healthier.

On that day, though, when Lancelot’s eyes glowed gold, Anita’s body received an indelible wound.

Surprisingly, the wounds seldom caused discomfort.
Anita had an odd dream every night.
Having a dream of a massive golden dragon devouring itself.

Why did Lancelot’s eyes seem golden?

Even his pupils are shorter than those of reptiles.

Edenbair descends from the golden dragon Nuaja.

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I am faintly aware that they are connected to Nuaja.
I have no means of knowing their actual relationship.
Considering it in this manner just exacerbates the question.

Anita shook off her thoughts and proceeded to the bedroom of Duke Edenbair.
Thankfully, the duke’s physician was there for the morning interview.

Please send this message to Lancelot.
Today, at three o’clock.”

The doctor regarded the letter Anita had sent with unease.

“This… So, is this letter strange?”

“No… certainly not.
However, please give this to him at 3 in the afternoon.”

I contemplated it all night, but I did not want to fool Lancelot.

Anita opted to depart the Chavalon before informing Lancelot of the following train’s departure time.

Thankfully, the doctor agreed to Anita’s request.

As ordered by Lancelot, she went to the job finding office with the attendant that was assigned to her.

“Gosh! Who are they? Aren’t you Miss Anita? Why have you come here? Yes?”

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Immediately, Anita snapped and asked the director who tried to turn visitors away.

“Lend me some cash and a firearm.
It will be returned in two days.”

A flicker of humiliation came over the face of the servant.

“Miss Anita.
The firearm is—”

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“Ahaha, firearm.
No problem! How much money?” 

“One ticket… no, two tickets.
I’ll repay you twice this week.”

The director snorted with a heated expression.

You need not even pay that much! Consider it your money and spend it lavishly!”

After casually opening the wallet, she requested further money.
With enough money to not have to worry about food.

“Now then, please tell Lancelot well, yes?”


The revolver was the kind of firearm that the director had lent.
With money and a handgun, Anita set her sights on the past.

After buying two tickets to Budort at 9 a.m, the concerned servant inquired in an agitated tone.

What are your intentions?”

“I don’t want to do much, but I do want to visit a property in Budort.”

“Did you tell Master Lancelot—”

“I left a letter.
Not to worry, I’ll be back in a moment.”

“Why then the gun—?”

“It’s because I’ll go out without knowing what will happen… don’t worry, I can take care of myself.”

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Actually, my father had given me a revolver with my name engraved on it, but I did not bring it with me.
Because I was afraid of losing it.

Anita told the attendant twice, but she was unaware that the servant’s worried stare would be withdrawn.

Prior to boarding the train.
Anita presented the staff with a letter bearing her name.

“Hello… I’m this person.
Please send this to Edenbair saying I departed to Budort at 9 o’clock.”

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The lady scanned the information printed on the paper with little effort and nodded forcefully.

“It is.”

10 minutes later.

The train to Budort has left the station.

It had been exactly two hours when Lancelot learned of Anita’s lengthy disappearance.



The focus shifted from the book to Jill.

Daily, Lancelot gets hundreds of phone calls.
Since it has been called for over two years, it is now conceivable to approximate Jill’s intent based on his voice alone.

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His senses were now informed.

Currently, the situation is probably… It seemed to contain some rather tiresome news.

“A note was left by Miss Anita.”

That was the case.

Lancelot inquired in a bitter tone as he violently closed the book and flung it onto the bed.

“She went out?”

Jill, who had a worried expression, swallowed dry saliva before responding.

“Yes… she left… or maybe run away?”


“It’s the same… but it said that she’ll return in two days.”

Two days? What are these two days?

Something was unusual.
Anita was the most innocent one.

Anita, whom Lancelot knew, was very sensible and lacked an impulsive disposition.
Therefore, today’s excursion was scheduled at least one day in advance.

Unsurprisingly, Jill delivered something to Lancelot.

“Here is a message from Miss Anita, sent to you by Mr.

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