Mu had no intention of opposing it.
In his mind, it was just like a dream, and waking up from the dream was the real beginning for him.

    [ What are you planning with Gu Qin?]

    There are many surprises for today’s system.
Qin Mu put down the coffee and pulled up the corner of his mouth in a lazy smirk: “Don’t worry, I will abide by our agreement and won’t sleep with him.”

    […You kissed him.

    Qin Mu: “You just said no to bedding others, but you didn’t say no kissing.”


    “Besides, I’m doing so to complete the task as soon as possible.”


    “Ok, well I’m going to sleep now, Xiao Bai.

    The system was completely silent.


    The next day was the weekend and Qin Mu slept until he naturally woke up without an alarm.
Too lazy to cook he decided to call for take-out.
Halfway through the freshly delivered food, Gu Qin called, “I’m outside your house.”

    Hearing this, Qin Mu walked to the window and opened the curtains to peek down.
Under the bright sunshine, Gu Qin’s white shirt was luminous.
He looked like a noble prince, full of glowing nobility and a hint of warmth.
The young mans’ long and narrow phoenix eyes were radiant.

   Seeming to be aware of Qin Mu’s attention on him, the young man raised his head.
His steady gaze met Qin Mu’s, who was shaken by this display of beauty outside his window.
The young man opened his lips slightly, and his clear voice was poured into his ears through the phone.
“Open the door.”

    Qin Mu didn’t expect Gu Qin to work so efficiently and move in so quickly.
He didn’t care about his sloppy appearance after just getting out of bed, pulling his slippers on he went to open the door.
After the driver unloaded his luggage, Gu Qin asked him to go back.
Entering the house he smelled the scent of rice floating in the air, and a hungry stomach’s loud gurgling was heard not too long after.

    Glancing at the young man’s stomach, Qin Mu twitched his mouth unceremoniously, “Have you eaten yet?”


    “Would you like to join me for a meal?”

    Gu Qin: “Okay.”

    Even in his last life, he was used to pampering himself, so even in this world Qin Mu teated himself well.
In total he had ordered four or five dishes just for himself, it was more than enough for two people.
Gu Qin didn’t say anything after seeing the take-out boxes, he just sat down opposite Qin Mu and took the offered disposable chopsticks.
They unpacked the food and started eating together.

    Qin Mu explained as he ate, “If you are too lazy to cook, take-out is a good option.”

   “I’ll cook later.”

     “You can cook?” Qin Mu was surprised.

     Gu Qin glanced at him, “Yeah.”

    Qin Mu can also cook, it’s just he is relatively lazy and doesn’t like to do housework.
At this moment, listening to Gu Qin’s initiative to cook, he is happy and relaxed.
With a smile on his face: “After that, you will be working hard.”

     Gu Qin: “I don’t like washing dishes.”

    “…I’ll do it.” Qin Mu continued to smile.

    In the end, Qin Mu still didn’t clean the bowls.
The reason was that Gu Qin felt that the bowls he had cleaned were not clean enough, so he asked for a part-time housekeep.
Then the housekeeper said that he was not used to having others present while he worked.
In the end, that worker was reassigned elsewhere and Gu Qin took care of the housework alone. 


    It didn’t take long for the new limited-edition sports car that Gu Qin ordered to arrive.
The car’s streamlined body contours and bright red paint job matched up perfectly to Qin Mu’s preferences.
His was dazzling red and Gu Qin was a complementary black looked just like a pair of couples cars. 

    Originally, Gu Qin thought the red made the car too conspicuous and only let the driver use it once.
Later seeing how much Qin Mu liked the red more he started to use it more often when driving them to and from work.
Feeling much like he was loving the house and its crow.
(t/n; loving a person and the things they love because it’s theirs) 

    Since Gu Qin generously gave Qin Mu a luxury car.
With this new toy, Qin Mu of course wanted to show off in his circle of friends with Su Hanyu.
Not wanting to peacock too much he decided to only post a selfie of him with the expensive sports car… and added the two words “New Flame” of course.

    Several of the friends he shared with Su Hanyu sent him private messages to tease him that night, no one thought that the car was Qin Mu’s, while Su Hanyu remained silent as before.
Since the two broke up, Su Hanyu has not posted any news.


     Although Qin Mu and Gu Qin lived together, their intimate contact was limited to kissing.
It is normal for men and men in this world to get married, and no one will look at them with side-eyes.
Qin Mu had originally wracked his brain trying to come up with what excuses he could use to refuse to sleep with Gu Qin.
Instead, Gu Qin just talked to Mu Qin on the first day he moved in and explained that he can only go to bed on the day of his wedding.

     What an old-fashioned tradition.

   Qin Mu thinks Gu Qin is very interesting, so he likes to flirt and see how far he can push things.
Kissing and touching is a daily compulsory course.
Gu Qin also changed from being shy and resisting at the beginning to acquiescence, and sometimes even took advantage of Qin Mu being unprepared to attack himself.
Life was quite fun.

    As for Qin Mu, although he has not met Su Hanyu, Su Hanyu’s pain value is still slowly increasing.
When Su Hanyu’s pain value reached 95%, the system reminded him that Su Hanyu’s pain value is saturated and Qin Mu needs to give one last blow to finish Su Hanyu and the mission. 

    Qin Mu had been having a good time with Gu Qin during this period.
Once Su Hanyu’s pain reached 100%, it also meant that his relationship with Gu Qin would end soon.
Qin Mu didn’t feel too reluctant, but it was rare to meet someone who had an appetite like him.
Wouldn’t it be so pitiful if he had to stop playing around before he had eaten his fill?

    [Reluctant to part? ]

     Qin Mu said lightly: “No, I was thinking of how to end this relationship.”

     [When you successfully complete the mission, I will give you a week to deal with your affairs.

     “Thanks.” Qin Mu flicked his cigarette, “By the way, don’t forget the reward you promised me earlier.” It’s rare to encounter a superb product like Gu Qin, and Qin Mu feels very sorry for not being able to have a spring night with Gu Qin.


The author has something to say:
Xiao Shou is a scum (1), so you can run away if you play, and there are two chapters of little angels to watch tomorrow morning.

(Author is saying to remember that our Shou is a scum.
If xiao is behind something it is usually a nickname for little Xiao Shou = Little Shou/Uke/Bottom)

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