Chapter 1

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When asked to choose the most popular game right now, it would be “Two Choices”.
At the same time, even if you were asked to choose the game that was being criticised the most, it was also “Two Choices”.

“Two Choices” is an RPG game created by “Raity”, one of the nation’s top three game companies in Korea, and was a hunter-themed game commonly seen in fantasy.
The story of a sudden gate opening and a system that restricts human behavior, and the main character fighting against it, was common.
However, like the name of the game of two choices, the composition that gave users the right to choose between watching the story from the main character’s side or watching the story from the enemy’s side was unique, drawing attention even before the release.

After its release, it was praised not only for its unique composition but also for its colorful effects, various game characters and illustrations, and natural motion, and quickly topped the app store.
Gamers who were suffering from famine in abundance stuck to “Two Choices” and were enthusiastic.
At first.

The problems of “Two Choices,” which had been rolling and rolling by gathering a large number of users in an instant, popped up within less than two months after its opening.
This is because it turned out that the game’s billing inducement was no joke while playing.

Even the package products that are released with every update showed that fact explicitly.
The resources given by the event gradually decreased, and the proportion of Gacha increased as the character grew.
Nevertheless, because it was a waste to throw away the character that they had already raised and because the story was fun, more and more people were swearing because they couldn’t let go.
That’s why the Two-Choice communities are always burning.

It’s been a year since it was released….
‘Two Choices’ has become a notorious game on the Internet.



Does anyone still have that stingy screw head?

ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ That’s me ㅅㅂ

I was going to pay no bills, but it’s already empty


Oh, can’t we blow up our guild?

I’m on the trail…

I’m charging for my damn responsibility, but I wish I could just leave


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It is rational to quit without thinking about opportunity costs.

But I am an irrational person.


Raity, you b*stards

What did you make?

Does it make sense to give only one 3 star item if you succeed in 3 consecutive games?

Aren’t you guys crazy?



Other gamers have come to the point where they point fingers at the Two Choices players, saying that the game company does not change because they continue to play such games.
Nevertheless, I was one of the people who kept playing this game.

At first, it was a problem that I started recklessly just because my younger brother and Seo Go-gyeol participated in the planning stage of this game.
It was not intended to maintain the ranking by strengthening my guild like others.
I was a story-oriented person, and I was just a person who didn’t get angry when I couldn’t get through all the routes.
In particular, it would not be an exaggeration to say that I have seen almost all the stories related to ‘Baek Woo-jin’, the older brother of the main character ‘Baek So-hyuk.’

‘It means that the main character’s family is a real villain.’

The main character Baek So-hyuk and the villain Baek Woo-jin were not related by blood, but they became brothers due to their parents’ remarriage.

The relationship between the two, which was not bad for brothers in a remarried family, began to grow apart in earnest after losing their parents due to an unfortunate incident.

Maybe it’s because of their affection together, but even if Baek Woo-jin commits an evil deed in the early story, Baek So-hyuk couldn’t handle it.
However, as the episodes continue, Baek Woo-jin’s derailment becomes more serious.
He caused the monster that Baek So-hyuk disposed of, to escape and cause human casualties.
After doing so, he eventually dies at the hands of Baek So-hyuk.

I’ve tried this and that to save Baek Woo-jin, but it’s impossible no matter which route I take.
It only came to the conclusion that it was impossible.

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‘Honestly, the character setting itself is unsightly.
His appearance was a mess, only the face was worth seeing, so he lost all his popularity in the beginning and got cursed at.’

He entered the guild against Baek So-hyuk due to his entitlement of his stepbrother, and he dared to join Baek So-hyuk’s enemy camp at a large event.
In the end, he rose to the position of leader of the opponent’s camp for a short time, but in reality, he was only a scarecrow controlled by his subordinates.
In other words, he was not

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