se that word since her dear grandmother died. She pulled out the grasp. ” stop tormenting me. Just lie and tell me the position is already filled, and maybe offer me a file clerks job. ”

” I don need a file clerk; I need someone to handle all these damned appointments and meetings Im suppose to show up at , and all that blizzard of paperwork. Ill admit Im a hard man to work for, ”

” Difficult, ” Angelica thought aloud. ” The agency said difficult. ”

He laughed, and ur had the sound of a man who dint laugh much. ” I haven had anyone been honest with me in a so long , Ive forgotten what it like. I was just about to have some coffee. Would you like some? ”

Angie hesitated. This was the strangest job interview shed ever been on. He was toying with her for his own bored amusement, not realizing or caring that shed used up her unemployment benefit and the rent on her furnished room to start selling off her father antique coin collection ,the only thing the pretty trophy wife hadn gotten in the will. Thank you. I—I didn have time for a cup this morning. ” She wouldn tell him she didn have an extra dollar for coffee in her purse.

”Good. Ill see if I can figure out how this damned contraption works. ” He left his desk and went over to a sideboard, then began to fiddle with an automatic coffee pot . He obviously didn have any idea what to do with the thing.

” Here, let me, ” Angie said without thinking. Putting her purse down, she went over, took the coffee pot from his hand,and filled it at the bar sink , then set it up.

”I keep a chef on payroll, but I fired him, too, ” Logan grumbled, stepping back and letting her do it . ” He kept making some damned slip called cappuccino, and I like the regular stuff. They tell me I don dare ask a secretary to make coffee anymore . ”

I don have any problem with making coffee for a boss , ” Angie said as she reached for cups. ” what do you like in yours m? ”

” I like it strong and with three spoon of sugar, ” he said and returned to sit down in the expensive leather chair behind the big desk .

” Didn your mother ever tell you that sugar world rot your teeth? ” Angie asked.

” leave my mother out of this , ”he snapped In a bitter tone.

” That was presumptuous of me ; Im sorry . ”

Don be. She — never mind. ” His expression was closed and hostile. The silence seemed to hang heavy at the coffee began to brew and the scent drifted through the room . He seemed bored, and she fidgeted and tried to think of some bright . Interesting but of conversation, but flirty small talk wasn Angie style.

She out there spoonful of sugar in his coffee and brought it to him. Then she got herself a cup, put some cream in it , and took it back to her chair . ” I know Im not sleek and sophisticated, ” Angie began apologetically, ” but Im a hard worker. ”

” You look fine to me , ” he said. ” I dint know what is is with you damned women , wanting to look scrawny . ”He watched her and sipped his coffee. ” most of the women I know pick at their food like sparrows. Now, Lillian Russell could not put away a slab of steak better than any man— ”

”Who? ”

” she was a broadway star of the turn of the century , ” Logan said and paused , ” or so Ive heard. ”

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