interview this week and this is only Thursday morning.

Im very tired of filling out applications only to loose a job to some thin, ditsy blonde with long legs and big silicon boobs. ”

She struggled with the doorknob a moment, then realized he probably controlled it from his desk for security reasons.

” please open the damned door and Ill do us both a Favour and go interview that dentist out in Moore. ”

” I said the interview isn over until I say it is, so come back here. ”

Angie turned to confront him, determined she wound not cry.

He would enjoy that triumph too much. Does everyone jump when you say frog? ”

” most of the time. ” He drummed his fingers on the desk and stared back at her, a slight smile playing around his hard mouth. ” money does that for a person. ”

”I don think she have enough money to hire me, Mer Logan. ” She stood by the door and flared back at him.

” you are a feisty thing, aren you? ”

Feisty? She hadn heard that works since shed sat through twenty reruns of Gone with the wind . ” Mr Logan, I am going to report you to the management of jiffy girl. ”

He shrugged. ” Be my quest. I think jiffy girl was swallowed up by Logan Enterprise in a stick acquisition last summer.

Now why don and well finish this interview. ”

He must be determined to humiliate her, but she would not let him no matter how much money the SOB had. Angie marches back over and took a chair across from him.

He had picked up her papers again and was reading them.

” oh, yes, here it is. Angelica Newland security update . ” He continued to study the application, but his hard, hostile face was so inscrutable, she couldn read his expression. now he looked at her for a long moment. My inside information tells me you
e divorced but also widowed, have no blood relatives and survived a bad car wreck several years ago that killed your mother and younger sister. ”

She nodded, not wanting to relieve those memories, they had told her she had momentarily, and only fasts paramedic had brought her back to life. ” I don see what has to do with the applying — ”

In my position Mrs. Newland , I have to be cautious. I check out everyone whom I might hire clear back to grade school. ” He looked at the paper again . ”Hmm. Graduate of Oklahoma state university, high grades, training in CPR and first aid? ”

” I thought as a teacher l, I might need in a playground athletic field emergency. ”

” very commendable. ” However, his time made it sound

More sarcastic than anything ” father a retired officer, ” John Logan read slid , but hes dead , too Angie nodded. ” I told you I was an Airfircevbeat. But my folks were divorce when I was small . ”

” why did you come back to Oklahoma? ” His dark eyes bored into her.

Angie hesitated. Hed think her silly if she shared the idea that shed felt drawn …no , compelled by some inner force to return to the city. It want something she could explain .

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