Eternal outlaw

Chapter 2 Meet the outlaw

Jiminy Christmas , just what have she left herself in for ? Angel Ica new land Newland turned uncertainly to climb back onto the city bus , but it was already raining away down the busy expressway in a haze of exhaust fumes .

” think of this interview as an adventure , ” she muttered to herself , looking at the imposing black marble and glass sky scraper looming before her . ” You know you don have what it takes to get this job as a fancy executive assistant ” Angie looked again at the address . Yes this was the right building : 666 Logan parkway .666 without thinking , she crossed herself , then felt foolish. She had never been religious , but old habit died hard , and she knew her late grandmother would have warned her not to consider a job In a building with that address .

The Oklahoma breeze blew wisps of her dark blonde hair out of her French twist . She probably looked a sight , but nothing much could improve her plain looks anyway, she thought. Angie squinted at the magazine in her hand .A darkly handsome man dressed In a tuxedo with a leading Hollywood beauty on his arm stared back from the cover of the Bussines international monthly. The headline splashed across the cover read :John LOGAN VI: THE MYSTERIOUS OUTLAW OF WALL STREET, CONTROLS HIS EMPIRE FROM CATTLE COUNTRY WHILE LIVING THE ELUSIVE LIFE OF AN INTERNATIONAL PLAYBOY.

” I might as well get this over with , ” Angie thought aloud , swallowing her misgivings as she put the magazine in her purse and marched through the heavy brass and glass doors , blinking pale blue eyes temporarily blinded by the bright sun outside. The building was as rich and foreboding inside as it was on the outside . It made her feel frumpy and plump , nothing at all like the elegant women she saw crossing the rich marble halls , hurrying to beautifully decorated offices .

She searched out the directory by the elevators . ”Executive offices :66th floor . ” Angie took a deep breath and straightened her navy blue dress , wishing it wasn so plain as she stepped into the elevator to be whizzed up at dizzying speed . Shed felt drawn by some unseen force to apply for this job, but now she regretted the impulse . She pulled out the magazine again .

It was his eyes , she decided . John Logan VI s dark eyes seemed weary and sad , belying his reputation as a cutthroat Bussines exec.

Jiminy Christmas , hes used to beauties . He won hire me . ” Angie stuffed the magazine back into her purse . Shed already read it twice . According to the article , for six generation his family had built its sprawling empire , beginning with railroads and gold mines and , later , cattle and oil . The outlaw of Wall Street, they called him . John Logan VI had a reputation of being hard and ruthless and very , very successful.

” just a Dream boss , ” she mutters to herself as the elevator stopped ” Angie, you are an idiot! ”

She got off on the sixth-sixth floor . The corridors surrounding the elevator were full of hurrying people . Angie paused at a central desk where nervous young man with thinning red hair tied to deal with three phones that all seemed to be ringing at ounce. The mane plate on his desk read: ALBERT RENQUIST.

The jiffy girl empowerment agency sent me .

The man juggled one phone at his ear while reaching for another , his expression dubious . He ignored her for a long moment while he dealt with the phones and a fax machine that clicked at the end of his desk . She was only too painfully aware of his disapproving scrutiny as she waited . So what if she was ten kinds overweight? Well, okay, fifteen pounds . She was going to start a new diet this week to see if she could take it off.

Finally, he gave her his attention . ” Jiffy girl sent you ? ” He sounded incredulous .

She stuck out her chin defiantly. ”I said as much . Is he in? ” He blinked ,evidently not used to a woman who stood her ground. ”No one eve knows whether Logans in or not ; sometimes we go for months without seeing him. Let me check . ” He Dailed , and immediately his time became subservient.

”Renquist here sir . ” He asked a few overly polite questions, then hung up . ” Mr . Logan is expecting you . He sneered and gestures toward a faint pair of walnut doors at the end of the hall. ”Ill buzz you through , although you don look like executive assistant material to me. ”

Thank you. Ill tell Mr . Logan you said so . ” Angie turned and stride towards the doors . ”

”Please don do that , ” he called after her . ” Hes — hes a difficult man to work for . ”

Angie pauses , looking back over her shoulder. The balding twerp seemed reasonably cowed . John Logan must be a real SOB . ”I won rattle on you , ” she assured him and stride toward the big walnut doors , seeing her reflection in the gleaming brass and glass of the walls as she walked. More than a little conscious of that extra weight. It had always been a problem no matter how little she ate . ”if I were only foot nine , long -legged and gorgeous, ” she murmured with a sigh, ”I might have a chance at this job . ”

But did she really want it ? Even more , she regretted her impulse in asking jiffy girl for this interview .but Angie has been getting had barely starts and already it dint look as if shed had be getting enough substitute teaching jobs to live on .she had to take some drastic steps or she would soon be flat broke .

” hold that thought , ” she reminded herself, taking a deep breath for courage before she grasped the brass knob and Wales through the heaven my doors .

She was in a small, richly decorated office with fine walnut desk and a sweeping view of downtown Oklahoma City .The big doors closing behind her cut off the frantic noise of Bussines and hurrying feet into sudden silence . The office was empty , and Angie realized she was facing another door off to her left that was slightly ajar . From there she could hear a slight murmur if conversation.

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