Eternal outlaw

Chapter one

Jiminy Christmas , just what have she left herself in for ? Angel Ica new land Newland turned uncertainly to climb back onto the city bus , but it was already raining away down the busy expressway in a haze of exhaust fumes .

” think of this interview as an adventure , ” she muttered to herself , looking at the imposing black marble and glass sky scraper looming before her . ” You know you don have what it takes to get this job as a fancy executive assistant ” Angie looked again at the address . Yes this was the right building : 666 Logan parkway .666 without thinking , she crossed herself , then felt foolish. She had never been religious , but old habit died hard , and she knew her late grandmother would have warned her not to consider a job In a building with that address .

The Oklahoma breeze blew wisps of her dark blonde hair out of her French twist . She probably looked a sight , but nothing much could improve her plain looks anyway, she thought. Angie squinted at the magazine in her hand .A darkly handsome man dressed In a tuxedo with a leading Hollywood beauty on his arm stared back from the cover of the Bussines international monthly. The headline splashed across the cover read :John LOGAN VI: THE MYSTERIOUS OUTLAW OF WALL STREET, CONTROLS HIS EMPIRE FROM CATTLE COUNTRY WHILE LIVING THE ELUSIVE LIFE OF AN INTERNATIONAL PLAYBOY.

” I might as well get this over with , ” Angie thought aloud , swallowing her misgivings as she put the magazine in her purse and marched through the heavy brass and glass doors , blinking pale blue eyes temporarily blinded by the bright sun outside. The building was as rich and foreboding inside as it was on the outside . It made her feel frumpy and plump , nothing at all like the elegant women she saw crossing the rich marble halls , hurrying to beautifully decorated offices .

She searched out the directory by the elevators . ”Executive offices :66th floor . ” Angie took a deep breath and straightened her navy blue dress , wishing it wasn so plain as she stepped into the elevator to be whizzed up at dizzying speed . Shed felt drawn by some unseen force to apply for this job, but now she regretted the impulse . She pulled out the magazine again .

It was his eyes , she decided . John Logan VI s dark eyes seemed weary and sad , belying his reputation as a cutthroat Bussines exec.

Jiminy Christmas , hes used to beauties . He won hire me . ” Angie stuffed the magazine back into her purse . Shed already read it twice . According to the article , for six generation his family had built its sprawling empire , beginning with railroads and gold mines and , later , cattle and oil . The outlaw of Wall Street, they called him . John Logan VI had a reputation of being hard and ruthless and very , very successful.

” just a Dream boss , ” she mutters to herself as the elevator stopped ” Angie, you are an idiot! ”

She got off on the sixth-sixth floor . The corridors surrounding the elevator were full

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