Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 2

Sister Sha thinks she is a sand sculpture, the largest one.

The reason was that she saw Lian Qing was eating too well, so she couldn’t help stretching her hand to the chicken wings.
Even if her assistant warned her against it with a cough from afar, she did not hear it.
As a result, she ate two pairs of fried chicken wings and one piece of fried chicken that had been counted by Lian.
After eating, she received a WeChat message from her assistant asking her to go back and increase her exercise.

A little guilty, she pretended not to see.
Looking at Lian Qing, she asked, “Have you had enough?”

Lian Qing had only one piece of fried chicken left in his hand.
Hearing this, he shook his head subconsciously: “I think I can eat two more hamburgers.”

Sister Sha: “… You have two hamburgers and two pieces of fried chicken and a pair of chicken wings.
You’re still not full?”

Lian Qing hesitated and stopped his hand movement slowly: “I… I’m still growing…”

Sister Sha: “I know why your master let you come down the mountain.
It must be that you can eat too much!”

Lian Qing bowed his head aggrieved and drank his cola.
It was not impossible.
The combined food intake of the master and junior brother on the mountain was not as large as his…

Seeing the man’s aggrieved appearance, Sister Sha couldn’t bear it and asked for two pairs of chicken wings and two hamburgers.
Well, under the assistant’s death ray, she ate another pair of chicken wings.
Not to mention, she thought that ordinary things are especially delicious when she ate them with Lian Qing.

The staff soon reminded her that there was not much time left.
Sister Sha had to ask Lian Qing, “Can you eat while walking?”

Lian Qing shook his head.
He still had half of his hamburger left.
He hurriedly said, “Wait for me for a minute!”

With that, he went down and half of the hamburger was gone.
Less than half a minute later, he took another bite, and the hamburger was gone.
Then he picked up the cola and opened the lid and drank it up.

Sister Sha was dumbstruck and watched him take a paper towel and wipe his mouth with great arrogance.
Then he smiled and said to her, “I’m ready.”

Um… Why is the contrast so big? Is it really good?

Lian Qing saw her staring at him in a daze.
He raised his hand in front of her and said, “Sister Sha, what’s wrong with you?”

The voice was soft and the ending was long.
With some obvious worries on his handsome face, he is really a little milk dog! There was no arrogance in eating hamburgers and drinking cola before.
There is no sense of cold distance and loneliness from when she first saw him.

Sister Sha thought that she finally understood what contrastive cuteness was.

She shook her head and said to Lian Qing, “Let’s go.
I don’t know what tasks are waiting for us later!”

Lian Qing, who was full and in a good mood, responded cheerfully and carried his backpack behind her.
He was so lucky to meet such a nice person as Sister Sha as soon as he came down the mountain! He must help Sister Sha well later!

The group soon came to the front of a square, where many people gathered and were busy.
Sister Sha directly led Lian Qing to a middle-aged man and smiled: “Director, this is my helper, Lian Qing.”

When the director saw Lian Qing, his eyes lit up and he smiled: “The young man is very handsome.
Come on later!”

Lian Qing smiled politely as if he had become the cold boy from when she first saw him.

Soon, several other guests in the program also came back with their helpers to talk and laugh with Sister Sha.
Lian Qing took advantage of their inattention and hid in the corner, so happy that no one spoke to him.

When the program group finished talking about the rules of the next round of tasks, Sister Sha remembered the little monk she had found.
After scanning around, she found the little young man with expressionless and empty eyes.

She waved to Lian Qing: “Little monk, come here.”

Lian Qing obediently came over, and Sister Sha asked, “Did you hear what the director said just now?”

Lian Qing nodded, “I heard it.”

He was saying so,but his eyes were clearly dazed and blank .
Sister Sha hurriedly asked, “Do you understand?”

Lian Qing shook his head and said, “I don’t understand.”

Sister Sha: “…” There was an expected feeling.

She sighed: “You don’t need to understand how, as long as you know that when we are competing with others, we will tear the belts of those opponents invited by the program team.
But it doesn’t matter if we can’t pull them off.
Let’s do as we can.
Don’t get hurt! It doesn’t matter if we lose.
One game doesn’t affect anything.”

Lian Qing nodded thoughtfully, “Don’t worry, Sister Sha, I won’t let you lose!” Sister Sha is a good person.
She won’t lose face!

Sister Sha: ???

Soon, the program team padded an area in the middle of the square with sponges.
Sister Sha drew the number at the bottom of the lot, so she took Lian Qing aside to watch her companions being teased and abused by professional taekwondo players, chatting like a melon eater.

This competition system adopts the form of 2VS1.
The guests and the ordinary people they invited to join hands to fight against the Taekwondo players invited by the program group.
Guests can use various strategies to win if they get the other party’s belt within the specified time.
Taekwondo players can resist during this period, but they must not really hurt the guests and ordinary people, that is until the point is reached.

After watching the half-round match, Lian Qing asked in a low voice: “What’s the meaning of this game?”

Sister Sha shook her head: “Not everything is meaningful.
The program team said it well to let the audience know about Taekwondo.
But the main purpose is just because the audience likes to watch guests being abused.”

Lian Qing looked at the badly abused guests on the stage and at the plain people who had given up.
He is an audience now, but he doesn’t feel like watching it.
After looking for a while, he found it boring.
He simply zoned out.

After the first four rounds, only two groups got scores.
At last, Sister Sha was the only one left.
She took Lian Qing’s hand and walked onto the stage neatly.
At this time, one of the contestants stood out, a tall and strong boy.

Sister Sha screamed: “It’s not fair! Director, I apply for a replacement! Look at me and my helper, one is a weak woman, and the other is a weak teenager.
How can we fight against this strong man who is at least one meter nine?”

Before the director could speak, Lian Qing interrupted her and defended himself, “Sister Sha, I am neither weak nor a teenager.” He is a young man.

Sister Sha’s sad cry was choked in her throat and she couldn’t swallow it and she couldn’t spit it out.
However, many people around heard the voice and secretly laughed, they thought this good-looking young man was interesting.

The director also suppressed a smile and said, “Sister Sha, look I have to call you Sister, where can you be weak?”

Lian Qing nodded approvingly on the side.
On the day he went down the mountain, he saw many women on the street, but only Sister Sha felt the healthiest and could say anything in front of the staff.

Sister Sha, who was stunned by the serial attack turned to Lian Qing and said hatefully, “Little monk, do you want me to invite you to dinner again?”

“Yes!” he replied without waiting a second.
Thinking he had understood Sister Sha’s unfinished words he said with a straight face: “Don’t worry, Sister Sha, the victory belongs to us!”

Sister Sha thought that her face must be full of big characters at this time.
The left face was “absolute”, the right face was “hope”, and the horizontal inscription on her forehead was “Mourning”.

The director did not continue to attack the female guests whom they had a hard time inviting to their program, shouted “start”, and pressed the stopwatch.

As soon as she heard the beginning, Sister Sha and the contestant quickly stuck up a pose.
But before she could move, she felt a gust of wind blowing around her.
The next second, she only saw that the little monk had rushed to his opponent and was about to pull his belt.

The other side was also a taekwondo expert, how could he let him win so easily?! The contestant punched fiercely, and his fist brushed against Lian Qing’s handsome face, like a powerful tiger.

Sister Sha could not help exclaiming.
She was very worried about the little monk.
However, the next second, she saw that the little monk suddenly grabbed the other’s arm, turned around, and gave the other side a shoulder fall.


Sister Sha and all the people present watched the thin, handsome young man press his chest with one hand and press his leg with his knee and calf.
Immediately, he grabbed the other party’s red belt with his empty hand, and pulled it off, winding it around his own hand.

After pulling, he saw that there was a layer of black belt underneath, and he wanted to pull it again.
But he heard the strong man who was suppressed to death shaking his voice and shouting: “Brother, please be merciful! Don’t pull it! That’s not the belt representing victory!”

Lian Qing paused and looked up at Sister Sha.
He raised his red belt and asked, “Sister Sha, did we win?”

Sister Sha seemed to have aphasia suddenly.
Her mouth opened and closed for a while, but she just nodded after all.
She uttered a sentence intermittently: “Stop pulling… If you pull again, his pants will fall off.”

“This is not a belt!” The strong man cried out with a broken face, but his hand was still holding the black belt, afraid of having it pulled away by Lian Qing.

Lian Qing was relieved.
He stood up with his red belt and held out a hand to the strong man lying on the ground to pull him up.

However, the other side did not appreciate it.
Instead, he was terrified and he drew back on his hands and knees before standing up and covering his chest as he trotted back to his team.

Lian looked at the other side being surrounded by a group of teammates and couldn’t help but comfort him.
He suddenly doubted the other person’s gender – at this moment, he felt that he was especially like the heinous lewd thief in the martial arts novels he read in junior high school, and the boy who was much taller than him and stronger than him was a girl of good family who was almost tainted by him

This association made him suddenly feel guilty and felt that he had done something wrong.
Unconsciously, he stood with one hand and shouted the Buddha’s name in that direction: “Amitabha, benefactor!”

The scene was suddenly silent.

Finally, the director murmured, “Sister Sha, which Buddha are you inviting here?”

One of the guests also came to his senses and said, “I thought he was just a bronze, but who knows he was a king!”

Another guest with funny attributes shook his head: “No, no, no, he must be a Buddha! I can see the Buddha nature from him… I didn’t think it was against him when he shouted the Buddha name!”

Sister Sha twitched at the corners of her mouth and then said, “He said he was a little monk…”

The little monk handed the red belt representing victory to Sister Sha, and never forgot to emphasize: “It’s a little monk who has returned to the secular world.” He can eat meat!

The author has something to say:


Little monk whose professional habits are hard to change: Amitabha, I want to eat meat~

Thank the following little angels:

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TL: MC’s priorities: Buddha and Food(meat).
He’s adorable

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