Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 81: Mortal Kings Might 1

In a flash, the world became quiet. Both sea demons and charming spirits were completely speechless and horrified. A casual attack was enough to defeat the Seashield Prince — this was both a blow to them and a cause for respect.

“Ahhh!” The Seashield Prince suddenly howled with a fierce expression. No, it was more accurate to describe it as hideous since he was caught in a state of madness.

This was too great of a blow to him. Until now, he has pridefully considered himself to be extraordinary. In fact, he was indeed extraordinary with few rivals among the younger generation.

He could definitely sweep through all of the other geniuses outside of the Era Evaders. Who would have thought that Li Qiye would make short work out of him so easily? How could he handle this humiliation?

“Rumble!” In the blink of an eye, his body erupted with bright lights. It seemed as if he was being divided. Another Seashield Prince came out from his original body.

This number eventually grew to nine as exactly nine identical princes stood in front of Li Qiye. Their blood energies were surging, the world quaked because of them.

The nine princes exerted the same power and couldnt be distinguished from one another. They had the same cultivation and strength as the original body.

“Are these avatars?” People couldnt tell the real one from the fakes. Normally, avatars would be weaker than the real body. However, this wasnt the case, so the crowd couldnt tell them apart.

“Theyre not avatars.” A sea demon paragon murmured: “This is the Nine Images Physique Art created by the Roaring Conch Sea God based on the Immortal Physique Law.”

“Die!” The nine princes howl could shatter the sky vault. They all jumped at the same time and attacked together with heaven-shattering punches. Alongside this attack, a great ocean emerged behind them.

At this moment, each of them looked like a sea god. Nine sea gods attacking together with their destructive oceans were flying towards Li Qiye. They carried the power of the entire Dragon Demon Sea. Nine of them meant nine Demon Dragon Seas, each with unparalleled power. A single punch could kill a God-Monarch.

“Thats a real ace technique, what incredible power!” Many were aghast after seeing this heaven-defying technique. Even though they knew the prince was not a match for Li Qiye, this great technique gave them a sliver of hope. The sea demons especially desired a miracle for the prince to reverse the tide. Even if he couldnt defeat Li Qiye, at least he should give his opponent some injuries.

Li Qiye simply disappeared in the face of this blow. A loud blast came from where he was standing. Suddenly, another nine Seashield Princes jumped up at the same time and unleashed identical attacks.

“Rumble!” The direct confrontation affected the sky above. The stars were screaming and seemed as if they could fall down at any moment.

Eighteen princes began their combat in the sky. Nine of them were created from the princes Nine Images Physique Art while the rest came from where Li Qiye stood earlier.

“Die!” The Seashield Prince was a bit stunned to see nine more identical people. He shouted and placed his palms together. The void turned into a crescent slash that aimed straight for his enemies.

The other nine also shouted and did the same. They used their palms to form a sword and unleashed the same spatial slash towards the first nine.

“Rumble!” At this time, the eighteen princes were ravaging the sky with amazing momentum.

Both sides used the same techniques with the same power. No one could do anything to the other. It was as if the prince was desperately fighting against himself.

“What is going on?” The spectators became silly while watching this. They didnt know where the other nine princes came from.

“Is this another of Li Qiyes demonic arts?” This was the sentiment that echoed across the crowd after Li Qiye disappeared and turned into the nine identical princes.

They had never seen this method before. It was one thing for him to turn into the nine princes, but it was impossible to copy all of the princes techniques. Moreover, these techniques were completely alike and had the same power.

Symmetrical Dimension — this was another wondrous spatial technique. The Space Scripture had four major arts, and Parallelism was one of them. Symmetrical Dimension was part of Parallelism.

When he utilized this art, it would create a parallel space that mirrors his combatants exactly in techniques, merit laws, and power. Under its effect, his enemies would have to fight against themselves. Outside of death or escape, there was no other way of dispelling this space.

The prince crazily rose to his strongest state. However, the other nine did the same. They continued to shatter the sky and fought until blood was spilled. This was the prince injuring himself.

Everyone was at a loss for words while watching this. No one had an answer for this type of demonic art.

“Not interesting at all.” After enough blood was spilled, Li Qiye suddenly appeared and spoke while shaking his head.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” In a split second, his Soaring Immortal and Hell Suppressing Physiques erupted at the same time. He directly lunged forward without using any techniques or weapons.

The eighteen princes were originally at a tie where no side had the advantage, so when Li Qiye suddenly attacked, the prince was obviously not his match. Eight of them instantly shattered; the symmetrical versions shattered as well.

The princes real body was slammed flying outside with blood spurting everywhere. He was seriously injured.

Li Qiye withdrew the parallel space and grabbed the flying prince.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” The prince was slammed side to side, causing the earth to tremble. Li Qiye showed no mercy as he swung his opponent to the ground continuously. The prince was covered in blood and on the verge of death.

“Too weak.” Li Qiye casually threw the nearly unconscious prince to the ground and clapped his palms clean.

This scene suffocated all the spectators. The peerless and beloved son, the Seashield Prince, was thrown to the ground like a dead dog by Li Qiye. This was even more shocking than if Li Qiye had just killed him.

Li Qiye glanced at the dying prince on the ground and said: “Someone like you still claims to be the heavens son? Then wouldnt I be the high heavens father?!”

Although these words were disrespectful, no one dared to say anything at this moment since Li Qiye was fully qualified to utter such an overbearing statement.

When Li Qiye approached, the prince howled and created a monstrous explosion. In this split second, his body exploded completely into a bloody mist like dozens of suns exploding at the same time. This force was directed straight towards Li Qiye.

Li Qiye didnt bat an eye in the face of this explosion. He placed his palms together. The incoming blood mist was completely compressed by the surrounding space before collapsing and disappearing without a trace. Meanwhile, after he detonated his own body, the princes true fate used this chance to escape into the horizon.

The crowd shuddered after seeing the princes method. He was quite resolute indeed, destroying his own body at the moment of life and death so that his fate could escape.

“Youre not chasing him?” Yujian couldnt help but ask after seeing Li Qiye not wanting to do anything.

“Let him live for now.” Li Qiye answered freely: “A monk can run, but not his temple.”

Having said that, he looked at Su Yonghuang and said: “His life will be yours for the taking later.”

Yonghuang coldly uttered: “Ill personally take him down next time.”

If it wasnt for the suppression of Godhalt, she wouldnt be afraid of Seashield at all. It would be impossible for him to defeat her. It was because of the powerful suppression here that allowed him to ambush her successfully.

Li Qiye looked at her situation and said: “Your injuries are serious, well go back for now.”

As the group was leaving, no one dared to block their path.

[1] Seashield Prince is Seashield Heavenly Prince in the raw, but I shortened it to be less wordy. The name actually means the heavens son, or the emperor in ancient China or a prince. It just means the chosen one.

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