Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 837: Legend Of The Dark Hand Behind The Curtain

Chapter 2224: Fire-seed Star

Wu Bingning was shocked to see this massive star. No one would worry about not finding the right fire seed when this thing was around.

The fire seeds were very important during a refinement process for alchemists. The good ones were exceedingly rare.

This star ahead had virtually all of them. The only problem was not thinking of the right one instead of not being able to find it.

If an alchemist could come here, they would become ecstatic, being able to get any fire seed they want.

“Ribbit.” The Myriad Cauldron came out of nowhere and jumped into the star. It opened its mouth and began to devour all the fire seeds.

This was a glutton dealing with an endless feast before him and instantly went all out. Two hands werent enough in this case.

Li Qiye smiled and reached forward, creating a flame in his palm. This resonated with the star right away. Numerous seeds became excited and jumped up to the sky with silver strings right behind them.

Upon careful inspection, one would find that these were the strings Li Qiye got underground a while ago. They scattered away but who would have thought that all were here right now.

The flame jumping on his palm became excited, seemingly summoning all of its friends.

The fires from the seeds and the silver strings rushed for his palm. They condensed together to form a larger one. It seemed to have an irresistible temptation, leading the flames from the seeds towards Li Qiyes palm.

The silver flame became bigger and bigger. After fusing in the thousands of seeds, its color started to change, sometimes as resplendent as crystal, or red like dragonfire, or pure like chillfire…

The shape and form were changing as well – flowing like water or spinning around like a spirit, or as mad as a storm…

Once this flame was strong enough, the seeds stopped sending their fire. All of them calmed down and returned to their initial position. The star itself looked as if nothing had happened here.

Wu Bingning stared at his flame and asked: “Are you collecting the flames from the different types of seeds?”

There was no doubt that his flame encompassed virtually all types of fire affinities now. It could change to whatever it wanted.

“Right and wrong.” Li Qiye smiled: “It does contain the essences of fire, capable of changing into any type, but its not here to collect. In fact, it is also a type of fire seed, existing in all of its brethren. Im simply reverting it back to its original form.”

“Existing in all the seeds?” She was surprised, unaware of this particular seed.

“It is called Myriad Flame, quite ancient and rare, hiding in all the other seeds. In order to grasp it, one must gather them together in this place. Otherwise, it would only be in an incomplete form.” Li Qiye chuckled.

This was all new to her. An ancient type of flame that could change to any other type – the dream of many alchemists, truly a priceless treasure.

“Come.” Li Qiye gestured at the cauldron.

It bellowed and begrudgingly flew back into his palm. Nevertheless, it still turned back one last time for another gulp, sucking in more flames till its mouth was completely full.

Bingning didnt know whether to laugh or cry after seeing this greedy frog.

Before leaving, she still looked up at the star one last time and realized something: “So, the supreme treasure of this land is this star.”

“Thats right.” Li Qiye smiled: “This is it. Coming here would allow one to find whatever fire type they want. Of course, they would need to be strong enough to do so first and understand the prerequisite mysteries. All fire seeds are part of this star. One can take away some seeds but never the star itself.”

She quietly listened and understood. So it turned out that Alchemy Immortal understood the place well enough, It was just that this supreme treasure couldnt be taken away.

Li Qiye led her back to the land of the fire source. She sighed after taking in her adventure just now to a different world.

“Where are you going now?” She asked.

“Taking a trip to Longevity Valley.” He stared towards the horizon.

“Oh? I heard there are beauties everywhere there. Dont tell me thats what youre salivating for?” She glared at him with this guess.

“Youre completely right, beauties left and right, thats how to enjoy life.”

“Go die!” She stomped his foot and that wasnt enough, so she stomped it again while gritting her teeth.

“Our martial goddess is definitely jealous.” He teased: “Still as pretty as ever while jealous, my heart is beating so fast right now.”

“No one is getting jealous because of you, stop daydreaming.” She rushed ahead to hide the redness on her cheeks.

Li Qiye chuckled and took his time following her.

They didnt get far before hearing loud commotions. A cavalry flew and stopped before them.

Their aura was fierce, clearly a powerful group. The word, “martial”, carved on their banners was especially intimidating. Anyone who recognized this symbol would certainly back off.

“Vermillion.” Some bystanders recognized this and understood the meaning behind a cavalry like this – an ancestor from that system was here.

Some believed this famous sect was much more powerful than Coiling Dragon and should be similar to Yang Radiance, placing it in the top three in Myriad Lineage.

Thus, its ancestor being here was quite a frightening matter. However, they saw it stopping in front of Wu Bingning and felt much better because she was the successor who could lead a battalion. It wasnt strange for more troops to be here with her.

Otherwise, it would be quite a big deal for soldiers and disciples to come here in Longevity Valley.

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