Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 811: Ruthless Abandon

Wang Hans coronation signaled the end of this political contest. As long as she could consolidate her influence, a revitalization might be on the horizon.

“Chu Qingling.” Li Qiye called out.

She didnt expect to hear her name but still came forward and kneeled: “Your disciple is here.”

“Insane Spear shall be returned to the system. Today, I bestow it to you so that you can reach the apex and sweep through Three Immortals.” Li Qiye said.

Though the spear was in her hands, she still lost her wits since it came too sudden. It wasnt on the same level as Furious Immortal, but it was still prestigious enough. Few in history have been qualified to personally wield this spear.

Today, this bestowment certainly established her status in the system and showed his high hope in her.

“Thank you, Young Noble.” She dropped to the ground and bowed, completely won over by him.

No one in the crowd was unhappy about his choices and felt that it couldnt be better. Li Qian was a dao source protector so he should have the sword to protect the realm.

Wang Han became the emperor so her current influence was solidified, allowing her to have the foundation to revitalize the system. Chu Qingling was the number one genius right now, so her spear symbolized Li Qiyes hope that she would become a True Emperor. If Wang Han could have full reign and Qingling could only focus on cultivation, it would be a good start for the future. Having a True Emperor would leave the system with a good backing.

Insane Ancestor was an amazing progenitor since Insane Court used to be an immortal lineage. He was definitely the best among the best. The weapons left behind by him were far stronger and more precious than those left behind by progenitors of myriad lineages.

Nevertheless, Li Qiye wasnt greedy about Insane Spear or Furious Immortal. Remember, Furious Immortal was stored in the progenitors private treasury, he didnt leave it for future descendants.

In the current situation, no one would say anything even if he were to keep both of them. Alas, he still gave them back to the system. This was him doing a good thing in Insane Ancestors sake.

This old man has done many crazy things later on but he still had love for Insane Court, evident by the great effort he spent on it.

Li Qiye could sympathize with his worries so he left these two primordial weapons behind. The system was definitely on a path towards demise, perhaps in the next few eras if nothing was done about it.

“Alright, return from whence you came.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve and told the crowd.

Everyone regained their wits and bowed one last time. Some disciples were still wanting to stay. After all, it wasnt easy for them to meet a real forefather.

Suddenly, Li Qiyes eyes became serious before flashing into disappearance before the surprised crowd. No one knew where he went.

He crossed through the deeper region of Ivory Gap, straight to the dao foundation. As he walked underground, there was a constant buzzing noise.

Golden runes appeared around him, resembling liquid gold. They continued to weave and grow larger, seemingly creating a prison down here. It didnt take long before he trekked through half of Ivory Gap and saw a tiny room made out of rocks and pebbles.

It was hidden by an extremely heaven-defying law. It wasnt from a progenitor or a master but from nature itself.

“Boom!” A blood mist stopped him from entering the room. This was the ten-million-year-old blood ginseng, originally only as big as a fist but it continued to grow with the ambition of turning into a sky-blotting tree. Its roots scattered all around as it emitted an aura comparable to a True God.

It was ready to fight to the death in order to stop Li Qiye from entering the room.

He couldnt help but smile while shaking his head: “Youre only the bait, its useless.”

Having said that, he took out his yang gourd. With a bright and thunderous detonation, the large ginseng got sucked into the gourd, unable to stop it at all.

This was the amazing thing about the gourd; it acted as the nemesis of all plants and medicines – capable of sucking them in right away. Furthermore, it had its own world in order to gestate these materials. Li Qiye certainly had his reasons for working so hard to make one.

He entered the room, finding it to be quite ancient. Perhaps it had existed right at the start of the world.

At the dark end of the room was a tiny tree. Old and incomplete it was, seemingly damaged with only a portion of the trunk holding everything up. There were a couple of newer branches growing from it. Judging by the difference between the barks of the trunk and the branches, these injuries must have been quite old. Furthermore, no roots could be found.

It immediately jumped after seeing Li Qiye, like a cultivating man being disturbed. It turned just like a real human and looked ready to run.

“Buzz.” Alas, the golden runes instantly changed the shade of the room and sealed the walls into an impregnable prison.

“Its not easy to find you at all, too prudent.” Li Qiye looked at the incomplete tree and said.

The tree stared intensely at him with no way out due to the seals.

Li Qiye stared at the damage parts and murmured: “This is my first time seeing a plant of this level after the Longevity Grass.”

Others would be startled to hear this comment if they were present since the Longevity Grass was one of the nine heavenly treasures.

“Immortality is not allowed.” Li Qiye said.

As Li Qiye was observing the tree, it was also doing the same in order to find some clues.

“No wonder why everyone tries to find you, including emperors and progenitors, excavating every inch of the land. You do have some secrets about immortality.” He went on.

The old tree didnt speak, only maintaining the cautious stare.

After a while, his focus turned towards the stone walls. They were full of runes, also formed in a natural manner, not engraved.

Not many could understand them, but Li Qiye was one of the few. He took his time and eventually said: “That old ghosts pill refinement process actually came from here, I see. Unfortunately, it is still incomplete.”

Back in Ancient Sky City, the ghost there once asked for Li Qiyes assistance in a pill cauldron. It was a unique type of pill, virtually impossible to finish.

No one knew the background of the formula but Li Qiye had figured it out today after seeing these runes. The mysteries were still quite deep. The old ghost only saw tiny bits of it.

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