Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 808: The Sly Ox King

The disciples in the system wanted Li Qiye to be the real thing now more than ever. Only such a being would be able to defeat the three gods ahead.

“Treacherous brat, daring to call yourself our ancestor!” The cruel god snorted.

Li Qiye ignored the three and only smiled: “A bunch of fools, wanting something for nothing. Insane Ancestor left you a supreme grand dao but instead of working hard, you chose the heretical path and threw away your ancestors face. With descendants like you all, it makes perfect sense why Insane Court has declined.”

The three gods turned fierce. The ferocious one said: “No laws are better than others, only the most suitable.”

“That depends on what it is.” Li Qiye said flatly: “Your Heretical Blood Devour is definitely an unqualified and evil path. Being proud of drinking blood to increase your cultivation? Foolish. All you will become are parasitic maggots, never being able to reach the apex of the grand dao! Existences like you are shameful!”

“Bold words!” The three gods were naturally angry after being shown such disdain. They viewed Virtue True God as their hero, so this infuriated them even more.

“Junior, come fight me then!” The evil god shouted.

Li Qiye simply glanced at them: “You alone is not enough to be an appetite. All three together now.”

Their expression turned unsightly. At the very least, they were still ninth-level True Gods who werent afraid of a True Emperor., let alone an unknown junior like Li Qiye.

“Good, good, Ill see how strong a fake like you are.” The ferocious god stepped up, furious. The other two followed him as well.

“Boom!” A blood ocean filled out the sky. They turned into three beings made out of blood. Even space was being melted into this liquid form.

Everyone could hear the sanguine stench, not just at the tip of the nose but permeated deep into their very soul, causing them to shudder uncontrollably!

Breathing became difficult as the air felt sticky, no longer air but thick, nauseating blood now.

“Clank!” Li Qiye retaliated by becoming resplendent.

“Boom!” The one hundred thousand miles of Ivory Gap turned into a sword. Numerous dao laws rushed out of the sky like waterfalls and wove together into one supreme sword. It seemed as if the entire world was under his control. This sword technique contained the massive dao energy of Insane Court – capable of slaying gods and devils.

So many people felt the urge to prostrate. Some younger disciples got down on their knees and shouted: “Ancestor!”

The three gods were alarmed because this wasnt Li Qiyes power, but rather the power of the dao source and their progenitor – Insane.

When this power turned into a sword, it was incomparably sharp and could kill anything.

“Rumble!” The three of them worked together. The ocean of blood gathered into a massive ugly palm. This seemed to be a hand coming from hell itself, causing the timid members of the crowd to shake.

The hand grabbed the skeletal one that was gripping Insane Spear. All three shouted: “Go!”

It actually fused with the skeletal hand. All the blood disappeared while the latter became red as if it had been soaked in a pool of blood. Under the control of the three gods, it raised the spear.

The crowd became breathless. Earlier, the seven gods from the two great powers tried to do so to no avail. But now, these Insane Blood Gods were able to do so with this method and thrust the spear straight at Li Qiye.

This weapon exuded a boundless ancestral might, rampaging all four directions. Everyone felt insignificant before its presence and lost their stance. They could see Insane Ancestors awesome style once more when he used this spear to sweep through the world.

“Youre doomed!” They shouted as the spear crushed through the void, time, and laws – heading straight for Li Qiyes throat.

In this split second, members of the crowd felt a sting by their neck even though the spear wasnt aimed at them. Their soul nearly left their body in horror.

This invincible thrust was as simple as can be, devoid of variation and form. Nevertheless, it wielded the ferocity of Insane Ancestor.

“Bam!” The laws from Insane Court in the form of the sword couldnt stop the spear. After all, this was a primordial treasure, a force of destruction.

“No, that spear is too strong!” A few ancestors lost their mind and shouted.

Li Qiyes wondrous sword was still defeated, incapable of stopping the thrust. But out of nowhere, he swung his hand and a large sword was in his grasp. He slammed it into the spear.

The two weapons collided causing sparks to go flying. The immense impact destroyed several peaks nearby and caused the spectating experts to go flying while spewing blood.

Another ancestral aura appeared with the emergence of this sword. No one could move an inch from its suppressive pressure while having trouble breathing. They looked over and saw the supreme sword pulsing with an immortal glow.

The aura coming from this sword was even more intense than Insane Spear. This was an immortal-and-emperor-slaying blade.

“Furious Immortal Sword!” Li Qians eyes blared in disbelief as he cried out: “Insane Ancestors favorite true treasure!”

The older ancestors gasped in astonishment. They couldnt believe their own eyes at the sight of that sword.

This was Insane Ancestors strongest true treasure, his favorite as well. It had disappeared with him; some believed that it was buried alongside him and no one ever saw it again.

Li Qian, of course, had never seen it, only knowing of its appearance from an ancient scroll. He didnt expect for someone to actually possess this mythical sword from their progenitor. Remember, it was much more powerful and tyrannical than Insane Spear.

“…” The three Insane Blood Gods were astounded and staggered backward.

“Where, where did you get this sword?!” The ferocious god pointed at the sword, paled.

The weapon was too terrifying, representing Insane Ancestor and had a paramount status in the system.

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