Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 797: Jian Wushuangs Second Challenge

Though there were other paths after becoming a grand True God, this particular level was already mighty enough in Insane Court. In fact, even minor and intermediate True Gods were awesome beings.

Ultimately, Insane Court had fallen. Just having a god was amazing enough for any power. As for having an ascender or a True God? They wouldnt dare to think of such a thing.

But now, Li Qiye was considering this level as trash? This cavalier comment shocked the entire crowd for there was not another person in the entire system who would repeat this. It required both power and courage.

Everyone was slack-jawed, feeling that his aggressive attitude was second to none.

It didnt matter whether he could take on the seven gods right now – his style alone was worthy of admiration.

Of course, the seven gods werent taking this comment as well as the crowd. Though Li Qiye was answering Mighty Mountain, he had offended them all.

As the strongest ancestors in the system with the power of declaring death, no juniors would dare to be disrespectful before them. Today, this had gone beyond that to the level of a verbal slap.

“Junior, I shall rid the system of a vermin like you by cutting you to pieces.” Mighty Mountain was primed to kill. His chilling tone could freeze to the bones.

The spectators shuddered and retreated even more from the battlefield in order to avoid any needless casualty.

“You seven are qualified to represent the system? Thats more of my role, ridding the system of vermin.” Li Qiye couldnt help but laugh.

“Well see if you can keep on blabbering after a decapitation.” Thunderstorm interjected with a shout accompanied by thunderous detonations.

Li Qiye waved his sleeve dismissively in response: “Alright, stop wasting my time since everyone is here now. Come together, Ill kill you fast so that I can get on with important businesses.”

The seven gods turned unsightly while the crowd was speechless. The firmaments of this world werent enough to contain his haughty arrogance.

“The young generation will surpass us in time, huh? Well see how many moves you can last against the seven of us!” Thunderstorm laughed from being too angry.

The seven took positions and surrounded Li Qiye while exerting pressure on him.

All eyes were fixated tightly on this scene; their heart hanging on a thread. People felt that Li Qiye alone couldnt compete against seven gods. His destruction was imminent. Some grew impatient, too eager to see whats next.

“Boom!” An explosion interrupted the tense atmosphere; the ground shook as well.

It didnt come from Li Qiye or the seven gods but rather the abyss. A flood of bloody serum rushed out of the abyss – three times in total – akin to a volcanic eruption without lava.

This serum was red with a tinge of black within. Its particular shade and uncomfortable stench certainly scared the crowd.

The seven gods also turned around, glaring at the billowing serum.

Everyone forgot about the conflict due to this sudden development. This looked like an ominous sign.

“Back then…” An old ancestor was alarmed while thinking about the troubled past of Insane Court. People didnt want to talk about it later on so the future generation remained unaware.

A heavy banging came about; something below the serum wanted to fly up.

“Thats it!” The seven gods lost interest in Li Qiye as their eyes flashed brightly.

“Splash!” Something finally floated above the serum – a skeletal hand. Each finger was as big as a pillar. However, the most interesting thing was the weapon it ’s holding.

A completely golden spear, seemingly cast from gold, was emitting an invincible aura. It was capable of suppressing everything – including slaying gods and emperors. Even a True Emperor or an Eternal wouldnt escape death before its fullest might.

A primordial aura engulfed the area – one of a progenitor. Everyone felt the urge to kneel.

The hand finally left the serum completely, revealing that it was severed from the shoulder. Nevertheless, it was still grasping the spear tightly.

As time passed, only bones were left but the weapon maintained its oppressive cold touch and invincible presence.

“Progenitor!” Someone in the crowd got on the ground and began kowtowing.

They didnt know what it was but that aura was unmistakable. Many younger disciples didnt dare to get up.

The seven gods immediately jumped into the abyss in order to reach the spear.

“What is that thing?” One disciple murmured.

“A primordial treasure – Insane Spear!” Han Feng revealed to the crowd while feeling quite emotional.

Of course, jaws dropped to the ground after hearing this.

“A primordial treasure?! One from our system?” The disciple said in astonishment.

Just having an imperial treasure was amazing enough, but a primordial treasure was on a whole different level.

No power in the system was known to be in possession of one. Its appearance today would cause mass hysteria.

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