Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 762: Xian Clans Alchemy Ancestor

Peng Weijin had no choice but to unwillingly back off. He didnt dare to do anything despite being quite annoyed because of Arrogance Enterprise.

More people tried after him but the old man remained motionless

“A bit interesting.” Li Qiye chuckled and led the group forward.

“Its you!” Peng Weijin immediately recognized Li Qiye and his expression soured. Nevertheless, he wasnt angry and only snorted: “You think you can move him? Stop daydreaming.”

In fact, that one girl was the only successful one so far.

Li Qiye ignored the youth and stood before the old man. Everyone was ready to watch Li Qiye for fun despite the previous attempts. Maybe this guy could come up with a better idea.

Li Qiye wasnt in a rush to talk and simply stared at the old man. After a while, he chuckled and said: “A meeting is a type of fate.”

The old man slowly looked up and took a careful look at Li Qiye, seemingly wanting to understand the guy completely.

Everyone was surprised to see this little action from the old man because he has been ignoring everyone prior.

In just a short time, they watched eagerly with bated breath.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “If it is fate, then a greeting gift is necessary in order to show our goodwill, right? The gift can be meager as long as the sentiment is there.”

“Who do you think you are, the heaven? Wanting a greeting gift…” Weijin said with disdain.

It was indeed a little ridiculous, demanding a gift from the old man for this occasion.

Everyone felt that was impossible, especially with his latter comment. The three treasures were all precious yet they became “meager gifts?”. This was their first time seeing someone so arrogant.

Contrary to everyones expectation, the old man coolly agreed: “Thats fine, you can pick any of them!”

The crowds mouth became agape from disbelief, big enough to fit a goose egg.

Weijin had to swallow his words, not able to finish his entire train of thoughts.

“How…” Everyone felt that the world had lost its logic. A meeting is fate? Demanding a greeting treasure right away? The guy actually got it? How could anyone be so lucky?

Even Li Qiyes people found this unbelievable. Sijing felt that she was only dreaming.

He casually picked one treasure and threw it to Shengping: “A treasure for your long service.”

Shengping was stunned after catching the incredible treasure. This was indeed amazing, only king and queen level of existence in their system could have something like this.

But now, Li Qiye handed him one so easily. This wasnt a dream, it was really happening.

He immediately got on the ground and said: “Thank you for your gift, Young Noble.”

He bowed his head three times – the treasure deserved this level of ceremony.

Afterward, he also bowed at the old man. Of course, the old mans eyes were fixated on Li Qiye.

“It must be nice having a master like that.” The nonchalant exchange of gift as if the item couldnt be more ordinary made the crowd envious.

Weijin was turning red. Two Longevity Pills from his werent enough to grab this treasure yet this nobody gave it to Shengping without any hesitation? It was a fierce slap on his face.

“Anything else you want to say?” The old man was the one initiating the conversation this time.

The crowd gasped. Numerous have tried to talk to him – begging and flattering were all done before. But now, this old man was hoping for Li Qiye to talk?

Li Qiye said: “I actually have a lot to say, but these ugly treasures cant get into my sight.”

The crowd took an audible, deep breath. These treasures were incredible, but now, they were “ugly”?

“Thats too much.” Someone murmured.

However, they thought about it and this guy earlier indeed gave one to a servant. His action matched his words.

“What do you want?” The old man asked.

The crowd was astonished once more, thinking that they had misheard. This old man was going along with the guy?

Li Qiye pointed at Zhu Sijing standing behind him and smiled: “Look at the little girl, I need one or two things nice to give to her, what do you think?”

Sijing has never been in the spotlight like this so she turned red, not daring to look at anyone else.

“A Mutebane!” Someone finally noticed the runes on her neck.

Some were frightened and took one step back because there were some rumors about this particular race.

Their reaction made her lower her head. Ultimately, she was very self-conscious about her background. There were people who treated her race like ferocious animals.

The old man stared at her and took out a treasure then placed it on the ground: “How about this?”

It was a necklace with patterns quite similar to the runes on her neck, as if it was personally crafted for her or her race.

It was made from some unknown metal with engraved gems. One wouldnt be surprised if these dazzling gems were stars taken down from the sky and added to the necklace. Only a goddess was qualified to wear such a necklace; even a fool knew that it was an amazing treasure.

“This is a necklace from a goddess?” Nobody could recognize the item or where it came from, but they certainly knew that it was much more valuable than the two items on the ground. Thus, people naturally started to salivate.

“Hmph, not bad, but might as well give me another one. Good things come in pair.” Li Qiye looked at the necklace and nodded approvingly.

People didnt know how big of a deal it was for Li Qiye to praise an item.

The crowd was stunned to hear his response: “Isnt this too greedy, he wants more after getting one priceless treasure already?”

Some wanted to rush up and steal the necklace. It was too unreasonable for this guy to continue haggling.

The old man wasnt angry at all. He took out another treasure and put it on the ground: “What about this one?”

This was a red dress with pulsing radiance and auspicious energy. Others felt as if they were in a paradise with its emergence. It was majestic enough to be made from red mists. This was definitely something belonging on an immortal. Wearing it could make one comfortable enough to instantly ascend.

“No, just that one is enough.” One person swallowed their saliva like crazy and murmured after seeing it.

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