Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 731: Li Qiyes Preparations

After the addition of the four matrons, Long Jingxian and Jian Wushuang were ready with their resplendent arrows. They werent just about physical destructiveness; this was something that could destroy the grand dao as well.

When these two worked together, they were able to utilize the grand formation to boost their archery to the limit by adding their domain with the rest. Anyone who entered this formation would fall under the onslaught of their arrows – the main fighting force of the formation. There was no escaping this prison of arrows.

“Clank.” Zi Cuining raised her Immortals Blood. It intimidated the spectators with a sanguine glow – she was ready to crucify any imperial existence.

At the same time, Bai Jianzhen and Sima Yujian unsheathed their sword. Jianzhen had a majestic sword dao with an all-moving momentum. One slash could ravage the myriad eras with its extraordinary sharpness. This bloodthirst became the defining attitude of the formation.

Yujians dao was different. Her sword dao was invisible – everywhere yet nowhere – just like her own existence.

The two of them were two polar opposites of the same dao, resulting in an incredible fusion. In addition to Zi Cuining, they became the offensive force of the formation, creating gales of blades and edges.

“Pop!” Finally, Lan Yunzhu disappeared as her dao joined the formation with pulsing radiance, something akin to the reincarnation cycle.

What was the purpose of this? The girl was able to fix time, space, and dao; any mistake or failure in the formation could be reverted.

“Boom!” With everyone in position, the formation finally exuded its final aura of massacre. Even an emperor would need to put on a serious expression when facing this formation.

“How is our formation?!” Long Jingxian gloated: “It is perfect! The fruit of our arduous effort!”

She was rightfully pleased with herself. Due to her great talents, she contributed greatly to honing this formation.

The changes didnt mean that Li Qiyes first version was weak. However, his version was suitable for just about anyone while the latter version was better fitted for the girls, allowing them to utilize it to the fullest potential!

“Perfect indeed.” Li Qiye carefully judged and nodded: “The core is strong and able to accept even more power and members without difficulties. Most importantly, as long as the core is there, the formation wont completely collapse.”

The power of a formation relied on the toughness of the core so the girls focused on this aspect. More importantly, since they practiced and refined it together, their teamwork was impeccable.

“Haha, so youre saying we can kill emperors now?!” She laughed and said.

“If all of you become emperors or High Gods, the formation will be stronger.” Li Qiye chuckled.

Li Qiye didnt deny this because it wasnt an impossibility.

Li Shuangyan commented: “If Miss Mei and Senior Magu were to join us, well be even more exceptional with a new variation.”

“Thats possible.” Li Qiye agreed: “It is another way to make the formation more flexible. However, all of you must take another step forward before adding the temporal affinity. The formation derived right now is very strong, but it is still far from the one controlled by Immortal Emperor Zhen Ji back then. If you reach that level on top of having Magu and Suyao, then your formation can have unlimited variations; no one would be able to break it. Thus, your cultivation needs to be stronger as well on top of adding more positions.” Li Qiye assessed the current formation and said. [1]

The current version was already immensely powerful, but he held them to an even higher standard.

If Shuangyan could control a formation to the same level as Immortal Emperor Zhen Ji, then she could be responsible for an entire domain by herself. Remember, this emperor used formations to prove his dao and was considered the greatest formation master in the nine worlds.

“Hmph, come try and see it then.” Jingxian challenged.

“Alright, Ill play along and train you all a bit.” Li Qiye laughed and entered the formation in a domineering manner: “Defeat me and you can dominate the myriad ages!”

He believed that as long as these girls could take another step forward, the future would be quite promising!

“Boom!” His vitality erupted with the four Immortal Physiques crushing everything. His Heavens Will floated above, granting him absolute tyranny.

“Lets go!” The girls felt an unprecedented urge to fight. They have polished this formation all along just to test its power today!

“Rumble!” The earth and sky trembled with rambunctious detonations as Li Qiye took the formation on by himself.


In the next several days, Li Qiye either trained the girls on the formation or taught the older men the cultivation methods of the thirteen continents.

They were the elites of the nine worlds and could shoulder great responsibilities in the future so he took the time to train them. Moreover, he meditated for better focus, waiting for the right time to climb.

On one day, he suddenly opened his eyes, interrupting the meditation session. They became profound as he gazed across the world.

He did a swift calculation and became surprised: “Strange, why is it so early, theres no way.”

He began to ponder about all types of possibilities. In the end, he ordered: “Tell South Emperor to go greet the new emperor from the nine worlds. Also, send out an order – anyone who dares to interfere? Kill without mercy!”

Allpine instantly went to give the message.

“Another emperor is coming?” People glanced at each other after hearing this.

“Times passing so fast, another one is coming.” The godfiend said with a tinge of sentiment.

“No, this is very sudden.” Li Qiye shook his head: “Its too early; though I came to the tenth world before the appointed time, this generation of emperor is still early.”

Li Qiye didnt stay in the nine worlds so the worldly energy returned quickly. If an emperor didnt immediately go to the tenth world, the next generation would be delayed.

Remember, the nine worlds couldnt compare to the tenth. An emperor staying would require an immense amount of energy and grand dao power. Because of this, the recovery was slower when one was present.

This wasnt the case for Li Qiye. He left right away so the next Heavens Will would come early. But according to his calculation, this was still too hasty.

1. I dont know this emperor, but the name means Formation [to the] Extreme

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