Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 721: Allpine Treefathers Turn

Apocalyptic signs engulfed the thirteen continents and frightened the living beings. Alas, they didnt know what was going on, including some High Gods. The emperors that didnt come to watch had guesses but only time will tell.

After a long period, news finally came. After all, no walls could truly block all winds and flames.

Messages about the disaster at the academy and the attack of the three races came about. More than ten Immortal Monarchs lusted after the treasures there and joined the ranks of the attackers too.

However, the academy was powerful and had help from monarchs like Lifepeach and other High Gods of the hundred races. Eventually, Immortal Monarch Yi Ye and Mortal Reversion Ancient God came in person to stop the experts from the other side. Furthermore, beings in the darkness also stretched out their claws for the treasury.

The end result was the academy and its allies triumphing over the three races and taking down more than ten Grand Emperors. The three races would need a long time to recover from this.

Li Qiye was not mentioned in these news at all, neither did the Dark Crow. It was he who killed the emperors and defeated the dark overlord, but the message excluded him completely. Yi Ye and Mortal Reversion became the main fighting force of the hundred races. Of course, these two also played a pivotal role.

This version made Yi Ye and Mortal Reversion even hotter in the thirteen continents, especially when people found out that Yi Ye had a True Immortal Armament. He became the prime rival against World Emperor.

The hundred races were elated while the opposite was true for the three races. This battle could be considered the most glorious for the former.

House arrest was placed on the young disciples for many lineages of the three races. Some even closed their doors completely.

In fact, numerous imperial lineages of the hundred races also did the same. Moreover, these orders were from the monarchs themselves.

It was understandable why the three races would act with such caution, but the hundred races were the winners. They should be utilizing this momentum in order to expand if the three races chose to be reclusive.

Thus, people didnt understand the choices. There would have been a backlash if it wasnt for the fact that the emperors wished for this. This was mainly because they didnt know of an even more terrifying existence behind Yi Ye and Mortal Reversion.

Some time had passed yet people continued on talking about this battle. The tales got out of touch with reality. Eventually, it finally had a name – Emperor Demise.

The academy didnt return to Arrogance yet from the ancient world. The emperors started to leave. Li Qiye personally sent Yi Ye and Mortal Reversion away. He said: “You two are the pillars in the future, your decisions will change everything.”

“There are many more dark overlords, an alliance will be necessary between you and the other emperors.” Li Qiye stated.

“Dont worry, well discuss this with them.” Mortal Reversion said seriously.

The two were aware that there were hope and endless possibilities in the future, but the darkness was too big of a threat. Those beings were too powerful.

Li Qiye chuckled and said: “I believe. The thirteen continents are very powerful too. There will be hope with solidarity, but do not show mercy to those who choose the darkness.”

“Well keep that in mind, Teacher.” The two bowed again before leaving.

The other Immortal Emperors were setting off as well so Li Qiye told Ren Xian and Tun Ri: “Soaring Immortal Sect is destroyed.”

Tun Ri smiled wryly before sighing: “The descendants have their own fate; I can only say that they have picked the wrong path.”

He was aware that there was only one reason behind its destruction – involvement with the Ancient Ming! Li Qiye wouldnt have done it for any other reason. He himself had spent a lot of effort in building that power.

“Its my fault.” Ren Xian spoke with regrets: “I couldnt keep a closer eye on my wife, Im too ashamed to see the ancestors.”

Having said that, he deeply bowed towards Tun Ri. Before leaving the nine worlds, he had warned his wife and children before since he couldnt personally put her down.

“Forget it.” Tun Ri gently waved his hand and lifted Ren Xian up: “No lineages last forever, it was only a matter of time as well for Soaring Immortal. Its existence doesnt matter.”

The lineages didnt matter as much at their level.

Li Qiye said: “Celestial Academy is still here. Its fine to not have Soaring Immortal, but when the academy is gone, that will be the withering day of our human race. Once the thirteen continents are done for, so will the nine worlds. It wont be hard for someone who can take down the thirteen continents to do the same for the nine.”

The two realized that this potential day wasnt that far away. Li Qiyes intent was not to scare them.

“The future requires your protection.” Li Qiye continued on.

“Well try our best.” The two bowed at him.

“Go now.” Li Qiye nodded: “Maybe I wont be able to see you two on the battlefield again.”

“Teacher?” The two shuddered.

Li Qiye stared at the horizon with a future-piercing gaze before turning back at the two: “There is an even bigger danger than the dark overlords! Thus, they are your responsibilities, I have other things I must do.”

The two were aware of Li Qiyes goal but they couldn ’t help him since they need to stay and protect this world. They left after another deep bow.

Li Qiye then called for Golden Dragon and Tyrant Tiger: “How does it feel to be back home?”

The two beasts were originally from the thirteen continents. They had a divine bloodline, not true divine beasts, but were still quite powerful.

“Feeling pretty old.” The dragon said sentimentally.

These two have been mortal enemies and fought each other during their entire lives. Alas, the two fell into the nine worlds by chance and couldnt return.

“Not too bad.” The tiger was much more optimistic: “Theres time to teach some disobedient children a lesson, nothing else to do.”

One could only imagine how many juniors in his race were about to pee their pants from the punishments.

Li Qiye looked at the two and said seriously: “I have promised you two something, it is time for me to carry it out.”

The two beasts became spirited and sat straight up with flashing excitement in their eyes.

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