Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 720: Controlling The Black Dragon

The other survivors stared at World with reverence after being spared from becoming dried corpses. World had sacrificed his clans benefits in order to save them. This was showing kindness – a debt as heavy as a mountain.

“Buzz.” The wills were all absorbed by the three maelstroms. Of course, lighting them up completely would need even more wills.

“Lets go.” World was ready to leave. The three races have lost all momentum; it was meaningless to linger around.

Darkness and the others were waiting for this, wanting nothing more than to leave. They came with absolute confidence in the beginning and left with despair. So many emperors have lost their lives today.

They had the number advantage while the academy had its own problem. In their mind, killing the Dark Crow was not out of the question.

Alas, as time went on, they realized that their plans seemed so silly and naive before him. They schemed against him, but he had also prepared for this a long time ago, waiting for them to jump in.

Plus, his real prey wasnt them; they were only side characters. The plan they tried so hard to come up with was not worth mentioning against the grand situation he concocted years ago.

They had no complaints since the plan stemmed from greed. Alas, their strategies and vision were inferior to the Dark Crow so they could only blame themselves for losing.

“Geezer, dont forget our deal. Remember to bring me the copy.” Having said that, he waved his hand as a goodbye gesture towards World.

World had a cold expression and left with the rest, not bothering to respond. In the end, so many died here including more than ten emperors. This was several times more devastating than Emperor Hunt, an unprecedented loss.

No one commented since they were still stupefied. The three races have been so arrogant, especially before Emperor Hunt. After this, the hundred races rose up but they still werent on the same level.

Alas, the three races would need a long recovery period after the battle today. Of course, the hundred races also lost more than ten monarchs. However, many believed that they deserved that outcome.

“Ah!” A scream interrupted the pensive crowd. Everyone looked over and saw Virtuous being pinned down by South Emperor.

It wasnt easy to kill another emperor but South Emperor had four Primary Wills – a clear advantage on display here.

South Emperor destroyed the guys wills as he screamed in despair and unwillingness. He had only just become a monarch – no chance to have awesome contributions and magnificent deeds.

In fact, this particular fight was brilliant and moving. Both sides used incredible techniques but it was overshadowed by the contest between the Dark Crow and the emperors. No one paid attention to their fight.

In another direction, Liu Jinshengs hands were stained with blood with Nine-swords corpse next to him.

Both were eleven-totem High Gods but Jinsheng was considerably stronger. This outcome wasnt surprising at all.

“Buzz.” A while later, everyone suddenly felt the power of passing time so they changed their focus once more.

“No!” Immortal Emperor Yin Yang inside the temporal domain couldnt find his own path. He failed to withstand the endless time and turned to ashes.

Magu recalled her domain and floated downward just like a fairy. Even the beautiful Yu Qianxuan was inadequate in comparison.

“Boom!” The thunderous detonation of the Heavenly Executions in the sky came about once more. Li Qiye seemed to be controlling them the entire time, not letting them disperse.

He aimed this power straight for Study Room to the astonishment of the crowd.

“Boom!” This terrible execution struck a small peak there. Even an emperor would go down from this strike, let alone a pitiful landscape.

Alas, this peak remained standing, albeit with cracks. Muds and pebbles continued to fall down, leaving only a big boulder resembling a wall of sorts.

As the bolts assaulted it, luminous light lit up and the currents flowed through the wall. Strangely enough, the execution seemed to be wanting to activate the runes on the surface.

Everyone found it unbelievable that this wall could withstand the execution. What the hell was it made of?

In fact, the ancestors of the academy themselves had no idea about this wall. Only the prince knew a little bit because his father and grandfather had researched it.

The bolts gently draped down like a stream on the surface of the cliff. Of course, it still required more times before it could light up the entire thing.

The emperors were staying the hell away. Being too close might invoke the wrath of the execution – a suicidal attempt.

“Alright, gentlemen, the fun is over. Go back now.” Li Qiye clapped his hands and laughed.

All existences didnt dare to refuse him. Even World Emperor had lost, there was no point for them to act cool or tough before the Dark Crow. They retreated in such a prudent manner, not daring to cause any noise.

“Dont forget, its better to play it safe in this world, no need to run your mouth.” Li Qiye said flatly.

It didnt sound like a threat due to the tone, but it was more intimidating than anything. Even the top characters felt suffocated.

They have heard about the legends of the Dark Crow and his forbidden rules. Talking about this event was out of the question now.

In the past, they assumed that the storytellers tried to be mysterious with exaggerations. This was no longer the case – an existence indeed existed, one that should never be talked about!

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