Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 715: The Deal


“Boom!” Darkness ravaged the area. Brilliants body was opening a space leading to an ominous world.

Even the thirteen continents were affected by the opening of this dark portal and a feeling of despair. Monsters seemed to be ready to crawl out of the ground at any second in this atmosphere.

“Buzz.” All the darkness combined into a pair of real wings growing from his back. These black wings flapped and unleashed a sky-destroying wave.

“Now its interesting!” Immortal Monarch Yi Ye and Mortal Reversion Ancient God became fanatical after seeing the new boost of power in their foe.

Their wills and totems turned bright as they used their supreme grand dao and crushed everything in their path. The monarchs bloodline and the gods Cosmic Immortal Carapace were also exerting the highest level of divinity.

The first exchange could be felt everywhere in the thirteen continents. Ordinary living beings were prostrating on the ground, unaware of the circumstances, and trembled in fear. If a strike of this magnitude was aiming for the thirteen continents, it might pierce through the very core all the way to the other side.

Ultimately, this torrential being of darkness was still unable to break through the god and emperor to reach Li Qiye.

On the other side, the Death Scriptures pages were flipping. Death energy was now an ocean trying to soak the coffin completely. These death strands were making their way inside.

The emperor and god prevented Brilliant from controlling the coffin while Li Qiye wanted to refine it for total control.

Not to mention the ancient world, the thirteen continent themselves were having earthquakes everywhere. Furthermore, nefarious energy was now present to the dismay of the inhabitants.

Outside of the ancient world came a dao portal – one as black as ink. The world behind this portal was actually even darker. No one could see through what was inside. It was a black hole that would swallow any curious spectator.

“Ba!” Pairs of eyes suddenly opened. People could actually see these eyes inside the dark world, because they were, unbelievably, darker than that world. They were the origin of darkness for this epoch, capable of destroying it in entirety.

Surprisingly enough, they didnt look that invincible nor had an incredible aura. Nevertheless, people felt as if there was an invisible hand gripping their neck. People opened their mouth but no sounds would come out; they all felt suffocated, including the emperors.

These were ancient and terrorizing forces.

“Is the darkness descending? Or are they just here to watch?” An apprehensive emperor saw everything.

However, there was actually someone standing before this dao portal with a smile on his face.

“Its the Dark Crow! Another one!” The emperor didnt know where this second Li Qiye came from.

Of course, this was his copy from the World Seal.

The eyes focused on him. Anyone else would feel their hair standing on ends, but Li Qiye remained nonchalant.

“If you all just want to watch your brother lose to me, then feel free to do so. But wishing to interfere? Go back from whence you came before I force all of you into submission!” Li Qiye smiled and said.

The eyes glistened with dark rays on the verge of materializing into physical essences.

“No one ever dared to talk to us like this.” A deep voice came from the dark.

“Thats other people, not me.” Li Qiye smiled: “Its one thing when Im in a good mood, but when Im mad, Ill stomp all of you to death.” Having said that, he casually played with an item, throwing it up and down.

It was a crystal pillar. If he wasnt careful enough, it could actually fall to the ground.

The eyes in the shadow narrowed as they followed the pillar, seemingly worried about it touching the ground.

“If I throw this crap into your dark world, you think itll destroy all of you?” Li Qiye mocked them.

“You know the consequences!” The voice replied.

Li Qiye said: “Of course I do, itll be game over. No need for all of you to hide in the dog pens any longer. Everyone will be done for at that point, no point in waiting for the destruction of this world.”

The darkness was silent. Ultimately, they feared the item yet also wanted it desperately.

“Good boys.” Li Qiye put away the crystal pillar and laughed: “Alright, just sit here and watch. Well see how capable your brother is.”

The top emperors keeping an eye on this were speechless. They naturally knew about the beings behind the darkness due to the ancient rumors.

They couldnt help but admire the Dark Crow for being so calm in all situations. This was his best characteristic; even a twelve-will emperor might not be as calm.

“Do you all have something as nice as the Death Coffin still? Take it out to broaden everyones horizon, show the emperors that youre the real masters of this world.” Li Qiye continued chatting happily with the dark beings as if he was close with them.

No one responded.

“All of you have lived for a very long time, but this is the world of young people like us now.” Li Qiye killed more time: “Look, your brother is strong enough to be one of the top dogs among your group, but now, he cant even break through our Immortal Monarch and Ancient God. Lets be honest, if those two went all out, theyll make a stool out of your brothers skull.”

He finally got snorts and scowls from these existences after saying this.

“Buzz.” The Death Scriptures last page finally flipped. The coffin was filled with runes from the entire scripture now.

Brilliant continued to try and break through but the monarch and god stopped several attempts.

“You deserve death!” Brilliant was furious because he could sense his control over the coffin eroding away. This was definitely a nightmare because the coffin was one of his ace cards.

He finally unleashed a slash with an apocalyptic presence.

“Crack!” The entire ancient world crumbled even more. It wouldnt be able to handle another strike of this magnitude.

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