Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 64: God of War Formula 2

Under this kind of towering tree were entrenching auspicious beasts. Legendary immortal grasses were everywhere while untouchable deities lived on top of the branches.

It seemed that this tree had turned into three thousand worlds. To have this tree was to have everything.

“This is the oldest bloodline, its too old for any records.” Li Qiye chuckled: “It doesnt matter if everything is dead or have turned to ash. Even if nothing else exists, this bloodline will continue to be passed down.”

He seemed to be enjoying his own masterpiece while looking at the tree and revealed a satisfactory grin: “The old tree has turned into ashes along with its bloodline source. Who would have thought that this bloodline would continue to be passed down? This is simply unbelievable, but I suppose this is something that can surpass common sense in itself.”

There were virtually no records regarding Ye Xiaoxiaos bloodline. Li Qiye only heard some legends about it here and there. However, there were only a few words or phrases, it was impossible to trace. Moreover, the majority of them were false and far from the truth.

In the beginning, he wasnt sure of her bloodline since it had never appeared before. However, as time went on, he became more certain. Despite the questionable legends, it didnt mean that this bloodline didnt exist. After so many years, it had finally appeared in this world again.

This was the treants most unique bloodline, their origin blood that had been there since the olden days.

After a while, the sky-blotting tree disappeared while Ye Xiaoxiao remained seated in a meditative pose inside the maelstrom. This galaxy slowly dimmed. Even the gray color was no longer there.

At this moment, the sky was still quiet like before, it was still a world of death that renders others breathless. She eventually opened her eyes. She was still the fourteen-year-old girl with an innocent pair of eyes; Xiaoxiao was still herself.

The only thing different was the blood energy flowing through her. It was extremely ancient and emitted a simple yet eternal sensation. If one couldnt see the person and only their blood energy, they would take Xiaoxiao for an ancient being that had lived for countless years.

She stood up and the entire galaxy and its stars shattered into powder instantly. The immense galaxy disappeared completely as if it had never existed in the first place.

Xiaoxiao saw this and was stuck in a daze for a bit. It took her some time to regain her wits.

She went back to Li Qiyes side only to let him observe her before smiling: “Congratulations, congratulations, your blood has finally truly awakened. This place was necessary after all.”

“What is the name of this bloodline?” She gently frowned and looked much more mature than before.

“Its an undocumented one.” Li Qiye pondered for a bit before answering: “However, there are some legends and myths about it. You can call it the Nirvana Genesis Tree or Nirvana Genesis Bloodline.”

She murmured: “Nirvana Genesis Bloodline…” She was very unfamiliar with this name even though her bloodline had awakened.

Li Qiye spoke with a smile: “Time to go back, weve been here for a long time now.”

He considered this trip quite fruitful since he obtained everything he wanted. Now, there was only one more worry left. After getting settling this matter, it would be time for him to leave Heaven Spirit with Su Yonghuang.

“Okay.” Xiaoxiao quietly nodded. Even her talkative self was now strangely quiet. The awakening of her bloodline had brought her too many things, and she couldnt digest all of them right away.

Meanwhile, Godhalt had suddenly turned quite lively with cultivators rushing in from everywhere. Even though cultivators would visit Godhalt normally, the sheer amount of visitors that came overnight this time was unprecedented.

It wasnt only because someone like Meng Zhentian had arrived. In just one night, some secret news spread out at an astonishing pace across Heaven Spirit: “An eternal immortal medicine has been found at the Divine Tree Ridge!”

No one knew who spread this information so quickly. In short, many people heard it right away.

An immortal medicine for eternal life! No one would dare to dismiss this rumor. They immediately reported to the ancestors in their sects. This was especially true for the powerful lineages since they valued it more than anything else.

Immortality was the pursuit of many Godkings and even Immortal Emperors. Thus, anyone would be compelled to pay extra attention after hearing this.

Although no one knew where this information came from, many chose to believe it. Everyone knew that the ridge was full of spirit medicines of the highest quality. If such a root for immortality were to exist, it had to be at the divine ridge.

Despite the initial skepticism, many great powers still chose to send their disciples there. Some great characters from the previous generation personally came out as well.

They would rather believe it than to miss the opportunity. Even if it didnt exist, they wouldnt lose anything by visiting Godhalt. However, obtaining the immortality medicine would be the greatest of harvests.

This was the mentality that cultivators held, causing the ridge to be filled with people and become exceptionally lively.

The calm continent was quite rowdy with ships coming and going. Some rode the waves while others crossed the sky.

“Rumble!” As many journeyed towards the continent, a loud explosion detonated along the coasts and lifted a huge tidal wave, shaking the sea.

This sudden explosion shocked many people. They used their fastest speed to run out since they thought a sea monster had appeared.

“Splash!” Peaks suddenly rose from below. A huge continent appeared out of nowhere on the sea. It was enormous with rolling hills and animals. The highest peaks were covered with mists and clouds as waterfalls ran straight down to the bottom.

To the astonishment of the crowd, this particular stretch of land suddenly emerged from the sea. They didnt know where it came from at all.

“Is this a paradise?” The majestic sceneries attracted the gazes of many cultivators.

“No, it isnt.” An old paragon noticed a tablet on a particular mountain of this continent and startlingly exclaimed: “Its the True Martial Island!”

“True Martial Island?!” Many were surprised to hear this name.

Many had heard of this island in Heaven Spirit, but very few were able to see it in person.

In Heaven Spirit, there was a popular phrase — charming spirits have the Celestial Pavilion and the sea demons have the True Martial Island! It was referring to two lineages that have always been very low-key.

The True Martial Island was created by the True Martial Sea God. It was extremely mysterious and rumored to be able to move, so they could appear at any location in Heaven Spirit.

Despite its elusive nature, no one had ever dared to underestimate its power.

When talking about the islands strength, one must start with the sea god. According to the tales, he was from the same era as Immortal Emperor Min Ren. It went on to say that after the emperor ascended to the throne, the True Martial Sea God challenged him.

The battle that ensued was heaven-shattering. The nine worlds trembled because of it. Even though not many were qualified to personally watch it, rumor has it that it was a tie.

Because of this, the sea demons praised True Martial as the only sea god comparable to the Prime Sea God!

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