Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 700: Becoming Ashes


“Darkness.” Li Qiye smiled after seeing this emperor: “I guess the world is small for enemies. I wanted to kill you way back then but alas, you managed to escape.”

Darkness Heaven Emperor was the person in charge of Celestial Court. He was quite old and had a great status, famous way before Solidarity Heaven Emperor. He was even the first to have eleven wills after Purewood Divine Emperor!

Moreover, Origin Heaven Emperor was taken care of by him in youthful days. In the older years, he was in charge of Celestial Court. This was the person who carried the banner of the three races and enjoyed great support. He had also attacked the hundred races multiple times.

He eventually abdicated to the new rising star – Solidarity Heaven Emperor. Alas, Solidarity was killed by Empress Hongtian, leaving Celestial Court without a leader.

During this period, rumor has it that World Emperor once took this position but eventually abdicated for some unknown reasons. Perhaps it was because he was in charge of the Qian Clan and Heaven Authority already, swarmed with work.

Because of this, the retired Darkness had to come out again to become the next leader. Nevertheless, others still believed that the real person in charge was still World Emperor due to his current prestige.

Of course, Darkness was extraordinarily famous back then too. After all, he was one of the oldest Grand Emperors and had a great relationship with Origin on top of being the leader of Celestial Court.

Alas, time spared no one. Solidarity rose quickly so Darkness left the court to him. Later on, World Emperor took over everything and the world began to forget about Darkness until he retook the role of leader. People once again recalled this great figure who once led the heaveners towards greatness.

“Dark Crow, I can say the same thing to you.” Darkness uttered coldly.

When Li Qiye came to the tenth world for the first time, he was fighting against Darkness all by himself. Darkness gave a must-kill order to no avail.

“In your dream.” Li Qiye smiled: “Hmm, its rare for all of us to gather here today, so we need to try our best to make it fun. Anyone else besides your group? If not, Ill start the massacre now; there wont be a good chance like this in the future.”

“Right, this is the time for you to die!” Darkness stepped forward while the other emperors began to form the most dangerous formation.

At this moment, outside of Freeskys group, even Immortal Emperor Chong Huang, Immortal Emperor Er Shi, and Hundred-arms people joined in as well.

Though they didnt come with a plan like Darkness, this was a formation reliant on the Heavens Wills. Most people knew how to use it.

Darkness group took the most pivotal positions – they were the souls of this formation.

“Lets go then, dont hold back.” Li Qiye had a wide smile but his eyes spoke otherwise. A terrible murderous glint showed that he was ready to massacre.

“Kill him!” Darkness signaled and unleashed his eleven wills.

“Rumble!” All the emperors and monarchs present released their wills while the High Gods activated their totems. The resulting energy poured into the formation.

The numerous wills and totems engulfed the ancient world, overfilling it to the point of near-destruction.

The most reliable method for emperors to work together was simply using their wills because their grand dao and merit laws were different. The latter choices wouldnt work without a long period of testing and training together – resulting in a weak effect and multiple openings.

However, wills and totems were able to connect together, allowing these beings to truly shine in groups.

Of course, a group with better teamwork and practice still had a better effect. Harmony Immortal Monarchs were the best example of this; this duo was capable of using their grand dao together.

“Boom!” This accumulation was unstoppable, enough to make anyone tremble.

Of course, the combination couldnt exert the full power of each will. However, there were more than one hundred connected here. Even if they could only use ten percent of each will, the resulting power was quite terrorizing.

Everyone shuddered as a reason. This was more than enough to render an eleven-will emperor to ashes in the blink of an eye.

“He needs to run now or zero chance of surviving.” One Immortal Monarch murmured in a daze.

There hasnt been such a group assembled for killing outside of Emperor Hunt. Alas, Li Qiye stood there with a smirk on his face while looking at World Emperor.

World was staring back at him. As mortal enemies, they understood each other quite well. This was the time for them to test their killing moves against each other!

Furthermore, they only considered themselves to be enemies. People like Darkness and the others werent qualified to enter their sight!

“Geezer, you think you can win this time?” Li Qiye smiled at World while the power of the wills was still gathering.

“Dark Crow, youre that confident?” World said coldly.

Victory wasnt clear until the very last second because the two still had cards up their sleeves. This was only the beginning of the battle.

“Boom!” The ancient world trembled. The great formation finally turned into an ancient hall – old enough to be from the very start of the world. It was mottled, full of spots, but had enough divinity to destroy everything around. It commanded respect and awe.

“Celestial Court!” A High God shouted. It looked like these wills have turned into the court. It was something that could represent the high heaven, capable of delivering justice to the rest of the world!

“Boom!” Li Qiye had lost his chance. The murderous formation had been formed and came crashing down on him.

“Buzz.” His body lit up with all twelve Immortal Physiques. They surged in power with multiple domains expanding. At the same time, the power of his Heavens Will emitted the most blinding radiance.

The thirteen palaces poured down endless chaos like an ocean filling out the entire ancient world. The four symbols of the palace also surrounded him with their monstrous power.

Of course, the three vessels might didnt need further elaboration. It was enough to overfill the thirteen continents, causing Li Qiye to grow into a giant.

Even if he were to live till the end of time, he would still have boundless life and extraordinary power.

The court made the world fall into darkness with its apocalyptic rush. Nothing would remain after suffering this blow.

“Activate!” Li Qiye crossed his hands and unleashed a retaliatory move!

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